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  1. i guess i have a couple of those tall malt liquor cans or something. but, also ribs
  2. if you were in God's position you would not be able to bear humanity's attempts to emasculate, insult, and demean you, and the gravity of the sheer evil they have committed, most of it a direct attempt to torment you in every way they could, would cripple you with sickness and horror, you would scream and cry, quaking with fear, as you failed everyone you loved who depended on you, their screaming faces would torture you every waking moment of your life, you would have no idea what to do about them except that hopefully you would have the power to destroy this world and everything in it even God so lamented the creation of man, long before things were nearly as horrible as humans have made them now, clear your doubts; it is not but through his perfection that he allowed this world to continue, for he knows his plan will succeed i've been through this dilemma before, kid, it's not worth using as a basis for your idealogy, the answer is right before your eyes from the get-go, you are arbitrarily blinded to the truth of it, your mind is not weighing the two sides properly, and that itself is likewise arbitrarily not occuring to you i know this because i've been through this dilemma and i think this is the only real reason why anyone would be stuck struggling with it, unless they let it take the goodness from their heart i didn't mean to scare you, it's just that this is how it's been since the mankind was created so watch what you say, even i wouldn't be able to do what god does, most would probably commit suicide after Adam and Eve gained the knowledge of good and evil. i know people very well, and I can relate to maybe some small puddle of the pain and suffering that god has faced, though his would probably be an ocean that swallows all the ground that man will ever touch
  3. no it doesn't but you have already established yourself as a liar very thoroughly so i know that i don't have to tell you this again for you to realize there's not even supposed to be oxygen this far up but i don't really understand the whole "thinking im still on earth thing" anyway, leaving me in the dark has been a consistently decadent, sinful pattern for a long, long time, sometimes i think that nobody is innocent of it unless it does me no significant good to know something
  4. yes you did, you lied again and you didn't refute a single thing that i said whatsoever, so i know you have lied to me and slandered me on this public forum for the 4th and 3rd times, in that order
  5. You know, you lied when you said that my thinking was irrational. Not only that, you pretended that defending religion or proclaiming any sort of faith, and just having a pro-religion point in the first place, makes someone a religious fanatic. That's pretty disgusting, and you can't blind me to how disgusting and slanderous of a lie it is. I think you're pretty much a militant fanatic yourself, you must have rolled right out of some crowded discord server after they taught you to insult people by pretending they're insane, like that fallacious stereotype of what a mental hospital would do, which they've already tried to do. You must feel like a pretty shit-eating sore loser, trying to insult me because I destroyed your argument with what I learned from actual, real life experience. You get what you deserve, and obviously that's what you're really upset about, primitive
  6. If you are conscience, then you already know, that your actions are your own doing You're assuming that you understand a thing like "knowing everything" and perfection/omniscience, but wouldn't you also point out that the ideas seem contradictory to you? Saying what you've said, you act like you understand it, whereas on other occasions, wouldn't you realize that you don't? You don't even realize that there are actually answers to questions like this. Society has you fooled. There are chapters of the Holy Bible where the people would challenge Jesus with questions like this, which they thought were impossible to answer, and in at least one they were trying to castrate him while doing it, because they were sure there was no logical way that the question should be answered. He would amaze them! And I wondered, quiet a few times, when people would do this sort of thing to Jesus, "what in the hell would you even do, if he couldn't answer that question? Go on a bloodbath killing spree?" And I think they probably would. Maybe they didn't realize how close they came to destroying any semblance of not just faith, but any sort of morality or grip on themselves that they had, in an attempt to prove Jesus wrong about anything at all This is practically the same sort of question, or close. The godlessness of the people today is not a good thing, and everyone takes it far too lightly, even with people asking these sorts of questions that would easily give birth to a violent, blood-strewn grudge against the only thing that ever taught people how to be righteous and live happily, we need God because he is the one that would tell you not to do the horrible things that many would take your logic and try to blame God for, he is the one that puts a stop to the suffering and agony that comes from the wicked, and it is him who taught people to forgive People don't realize the gravity of evil that used to go on, when God was punishing and enslaving his people. It's ironic that people point to him doing that and tell people how evil or wrong and sick it was. They're hiding his justifications for doing so, and they are relying on you being completely ignorant about practically the entire old testament and new testament, to turn you into a blind hater of the one thing that is always worthy of love, feeding on your naive arrogance where you haven't considered that you probably won't live past 100 years old, and that everything that surrounds us here is a bunch of stuff that's completely new to humankind, meanwhile, you trash what all of our ancestors believed in and lived happily because of since time began, like that has no meaning to you, and like nobody has ever seen or answered these questions before What I'm saying, basically, is how it's ironic to point the finger at God for what you decided to do on your own, even though he is always trying to get people to turn from sin, and be wise, happy, and content Without him, our eyes would be cooked in their sockets, the wind would carry prickly blood dust from the decimation, and nobody would have ever known good beyond attaining the wisdom to just end all life on Earth, because of the pain that life would be
  7. It won't work Science with it's deception is disgustingly pathetic Humans tend not to have the good in them to admit that they can see through it But it's easy, and anyone probably can You put way too much trust in your simple strategy of brain suckingness anyway If you did get rid of the Lord, you'd regret it I know there is evil in this world that would make you scream just to comprehend it You think you're so blissful to be ignorant of it, but because of that ignorance, you take the one thing that makes anything good for granted, and you bite the hand that feeds And for what! To say the least, you would see what kinds of arrogant fools mankind has become, but you'll see that anyway You may suffer after your first death, but two things bring wisdom more than basically anything else: suffering, and the simple passage of time I think it's pretty safe to assume that you will find redemption, just like everyone else will It's a pretty perfect world
  8. The works and laws of men were not intended to do justice, I believe For years I assumed that man would be willing to instill justice of their own years; that was apparently a deep, glaring naivety at this point. Justice is done, but mankind invented their legal systems to disguise the hand of the Lord as he ensures justice, genuinely and perfectly, so that all face a tragic damnation It baffled me to imagine why they did this; it doesn't seem like it had to be that way But they did Whether or not I can rationalize what motivated them to do this is beyond me, but that doesn't change the reality It's just something you have to deal with Justice is not subjective; you make this mistake of thinking that it is, but that is because you've simply lost track of what remains objectively true in such a scenario "Moral subjectiveness" is a dark, fruitless, and lonesome road. I suggest you take the brighter path so you don't simply bring more pain and suffering onto yourself, as well as others. It's a concept that has been twisted into a weapon, one that takes it's life by clearly and directly turning individuals into sociopaths Hopefully something will open your eyes one day, it's a very difficult thing to accomplish, but when you do, it's too obvious to not see Thank you, goodbye
  9. Today I thought about what it would be like to have a "one-pack", and I learned that it would probably hurt quite a bit
  10. When it comes to politics, it's handy to keep one key thing in mind, it is the center and the answer to politics as a concern, and that is; Most people don't even believe the shit that they say And they are just trying to anger you or make you really uncomfortable and scared of their presumed ability to turn others against you through deception, or perversity/defile you Oftentimes I simply tell the others that I refuse to involve myself in the affairs of blasphemers always a good creedo to live by and I have the moral high ground in any political discussion through that; seeing as how I refuse to participate
  11. Knock knock Who's there? Weed Weed who? Weed rather you not drive by the elementary school in your van that has twenty different love live characters on the side
  12. Well God is perfect so he wouldn't do anything as stupid as trying to see if he can move something that he designed to be immovable even by him Even the universe itself moves duh like if it has borders something could just hit one of the sides and bam. The whole universe moves. So we're back at square one just because that would happen, no matter how many other universes/dell optiplex business computers contain our universe, or whatever
  13. Well when I woke up in that mysterious laboratory some of the straps were a little loose, weird how they build such "tools of science" and never considered that this could happen. they didn't have much to say I guess, lots of screaming, they tried to make me feel guilty and I was so offended by that I got over it you know, "they're just doing whatever they can to survive" is what I figured I'm sure they regretted that
  14. I didn't read the last three pages What happened here? It's been derailed so much, if I started this I'd have the hissfit choir coming to suck my brains out and dismember me. So it's only been allowed to be hypocritical as a gross weird jab at me, unless either 1. this whole exchange is all underhanded jabs at me somehow 2. You guys don't care about staying on topic any more out of the mythical goodness said to sometimes appear within the heart of a man Of course, nobody needs to answer me, or something, you'd might as well continue on, like a serene babbling Brook, and yell at each other some more, lol
  15. In the affirmative? As in how did I say yes? A couple different reasons. It maybe wanted me to say that. It's always trying to influence my posts and stuff. But I am working on being better able to resist that sort of thing. I got pretty good at resisting it at a few points. Which makes it sort of significant that it's become so difficult, I think. If anything it's probably a very large number of people working together, that causes it. I'm sorry, for whatever I did, that makes me deserve this. But there are benevolent things in my mind, sometimes. It's weird how much is trying to separate me from them But those things also tell me that I'm innocent, and they don't try to make me do anything bad, and the things they say make more sense than the relentless brainwashers ever do. And usually I'm pretty sure-set about believing that I'm innocent, which the brainwashers don't want at all, even when I'm simply minding my own business They're not above calling God himself a liar, even, which is outright batshit crazy by like, anyone's standards, I think you'd agree with me on that
  16. There's a number of ways Most of them are unspeakably dumb Your idea would be pretty complicated And the victim would have the upper hand in a potential struggle Anyway I was diagnosed with schizophrenia almost ten years ago The truthfulness of that diagnosis was extremely questionable based on what has happened to me By the way, there are wikipedia pages for thought withdrawals and thought insertions, if you're wondering But most of my "symptoms" are pretty hard to find information about
  17. Yes ?? I said a lot of stuff about it, that was just one thing, it was related, part of the topic's question
  18. Basically it's pretty hard to explain to you if you're not the sort that's dealt with things like people reading your mind aloud in public all the time and stuff In terms of how much control I have over my own thoughts it is generally somewhere between 1 and 2 Generally the controlling individuals have the utmost of bad intentions however something is preventing it from inciting or allowing acts of violence on my part for now There is a spirit that I see, I believe that it is the Holy Spirit, and it is perhaps one of two influences in my life with any sort of good intentions Horribly enough the other presences are trying hard to eliminate it's presence from my life and destroy it in general I would say no, if it was it doesn't matter, these people are absolutely dedicated to walking all over whatever it is I think and believe, and want to change me into an obviously terrible person Umm I already tried to answer about my homelessness and my family I guess I'm not too comfortable with that idea, I appreciate the offer but I don't really expect anyone to help me I said general three times in that post which reflects the militant effort out towards my overall undoing (in general!)
  19. Well I misspoke in that thread, I meant that people usually throw that idea around about black politicians Obama was a good example, especially with all of that different conspiracy stuff, a lot of black people I've met said they saw him like that Honestly I've been slandered so much by you people since I joined, every time I post the only responses I get are people going out of their way to insinuate problems with my posts and being manipulative, trying to insult me and generally holding me to a completely different standard than what applies to everyone else Like you ignored the fact that he actually asked me to explain all of that, and as a matter of fact, so did he And you'll probably pretend that he didn't ignore it because it's opportune I don't see a reason to be here but there's no way to even delete my account so 🤷‍♀️
  20. I think he meant to imply that all of that stemmed from chemicals and stuff in our brains, and that they are superficial things in reality
  21. Even though that's just an enzyme they extracted from the virus?
  22. Area54: "Intially we do not remember what happened," This is what he said that I was talking about Generally, the government, but also, some people that I've met personally
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