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  1. If Russia invades I want to get a wolf hoodie and a machete and drive around in one of those rugged savannah jeeps, waging a blind guerilla campaign in a hallucination-inspired quest for steaks
  2. A man waits in the doctor's office for some test results. The doctor walks in. "I have bad news sir, it looks like you're going to die." "Oh no! How much time do I have left?" Doctor: "10..." Man: "ten what?" Doctor: "9..." I got that from a meme but I can't find the meme anymore
  3. Well I, for one, take resperidal which causes any sort of mind-blowing thing to arbitrarily blow my mind about fifty times harder But thanks for the welcome
  4. Come on, now. I answered your question. Is that how you'd like to be treated? That's not even a knick to your ego, and there aren't pedestals that go so high. Inow is lying. Have some integrity. How about you give some evidence that faith in humanity has some merit as a concept? That's a really easy thing to do and it's always more worthy of an endeavor than S.T.A.L.K.E.R. sadism
  5. Well I'm pretty sure you don't really think passive aggressiveness is like a super mask of poker masterness, you could just ban me I mean I've been on discord before and this would be exquisitely cordial by comparison *sips tea* I have a little bit of data on some similar concepts when I've described them to others But it's not very ethical to tell your schizo buddy a bunch of heavy duty mind destruction KP Originals ® at the homeless shelter surrounded by the other destitute So I mostly have data on what they do to my own mind and I have actually put quite a bit of dedication into being able to reasonably simulate how other's minds would react I mostly do this because the inner workings of my mind are an enigma and that is a cold and lonely thing and if I could overcome the towering wall that is between me and everyone else ever being able to understand what is going on my mind, I might one day be able to get treatment that will end my unfathomable suffering at the hands of my inescapable madness Actually the main problem tends to be that the likelihood of an individual being able to follow the conversation with something like this as a subject or even process or understand it almost at all. The most consistent thing I've noticed is that most will simply drift off into a sort of daze or stupor or be blocked by a literal sort of wall or barrier that protects them from understanding, they're simply too sane, and I believe that their mind is trying to protect them from understanding those sorts of things. Sometimes it is triggered by someone speaking at length with great verbosity and technical brilliance, instead, or someone trying to tell an extremely sophisticated, hilarious, subtle joke And this has led to a lot of religious development in the past few years I believe, and many people believe that I am the bride of the lord from revelations and that my body sort of contains or is the universe in some way. Of course you'd think that I'm a megalomaniac, but that's one reason why this stuff is important to me, so that I can not only maybe cure my diseases, but also so that I can learn the truth about who I am and be free of the confusion and paranoia that causes me almost unbearable grief in and of itself...
  6. Please be nicer to me I told you I was in trouble for posting this sir I don't use this stuff for guerilla warfare you know
  7. I don't expect them to not make a conscious effort not to do so, or even bring themselves to near ego-death to avoid this, I mean why would they want me to feel as though I've accomplished something, the reasons are obvious and yet I never see them in practice with anything In a private environment with no risk of affirmating that I have anything in common with their kind or some sort of uniqueness I think the ratio of scream/pokerface/laughter would probably be about 30/10/60 But I honestly don't see reason to accuse you of skewing your estimates because you probably think about this a whole lot and would probably severely underestimate the "data" anyway As for like a child it would probably take divine intervention to prevent him from being visibly mind blown I know this because of a wealth of personal experience on the matter I don't want to be an asshole cuz you're basically just trying to welcome me by this point... Or uh, sort of? And I hate being an asshole anyway cuz virtue is the key to happiness and success Also the insanity would only be temporary but like what if a ghost psychologist is next to the kid and he rams him up the backside of one of those massive stars about .3 seconds into it? Or any number of bad things which could happen to his mind that I'd gladly explain if I wasn't presently the stationary target of many bricks to the skull, happened? 😎
  8. Honestly you don't seem get the point I'm trying to make, no offense I know this idea was based off a faulty model of the big bang theory, now that you all told me But comprehending the thing I was describing (albeit wrong) can easily make someone scream in terror and/or horror as their mind is torn asunder and rendered unto insanity (and maybe a migraine too) so I'm sort of in trouble for posting it I'd expect there to be similar things on this forum but this one is probably right there as one of the worst Maybe you should see my take on relativity hahaha
  9. Thanks for being nice to me My point was that what I was trying to describe is a pretty high caliber case of *screaming internally* and I was pretty reckless just joining and posting that as the first thing Imagine, like, some child comes across it And gets lost in big bang dank meme hyperspace horror
  10. Anyway I'm sorry I posted this idea I'm sure you didn't need your mind blown like this and I'm sorry if it hurt you I have so many mental illnesses that I forgot how horrible this concept could be for people If you would delete this account it would probably be good Goodbye
  11. Well this topic died quick I've noticed that many of the threads boggle my mind arbitrarily instead of by virtue of my grasp of the concept failing That's sort of normal maybe? Possibly caused by me being way too young to be here I think I'm not gay, figured I'd let you things know Not sure what the changeling/demon/robot ratio is here so maybe saying things is polite 😇
  12. Well, thanks guys, kind of feeling that my temperament is just a fluke though XD I'll be sure to do my research next time Hopefully I can still come up with some wack theory that blows my mind
  13. Good essay I can imagine Russia falling apart during any sort of long conflict The pressure from most of the world being against them Could inspire a big civil war or something But I guess the main problem is still The nukes
  14. I didn't see the bold part, for some reason. If I'm not mistaken, this is sort of like the basics of string theory, right? Energy being essentially just matter vibrating at an extremely high frequency and all of that Also, has science actually arrived at "an answer" to the question of the origins of the universe?
  15. Bill Clinton Everyone liked him when I was younger but then in hindsight I guess most people apparently decided that he was really terrible Oh and the business with the "tropical getaway" didn't fly well with them (that's probably the main reason)
  16. Honestly I've never punched a cat 🤷 shame on me
  17. Maybe they remember? I doubt that EVERYONE'S a demonic changeling, probably because I'm sort of naive. Oh well we're starting to get off topic now so we'd better cut it out
  18. Now there's a neat conspiracy theory, both comforting and disturbing Since I was born the president's have been progressively worse, judging by what the polls seem to say (and the statistics too, for the most part)
  19. I will remember to watch it later, I am busy at the moment Question, if the gravity of some things overcomes the expansion rate, wouldn't that eventually lead to the universe contracting? Or at least; a great deal of matter contracting?
  20. Thank you sir or madam One thing I've doing lately is trying to get back into studying wikipedia articles and stuff I used to do that quite a bit when I was a teenager Sadly everything I learned and even most of my memories were all washed away by the endless struggling with well you probably don't want to know Studying wikipedia articles was much nicer though Oof. How could all of them have been so far off, though? XD life goes on thank you for the welcome, I will try to make good contributions and be a positive addition to your community
  21. Well I'm new here and yes I know this has probably been said but I don't exactly want to read 31 pages before I put my two cents in Obviously Ukraine is doing much better than expected I wouldn't be surprised if the other nations decided to use this opportunity to finally take out Russia for good Which is a likely explanation for China starting to throw weight around if this does escalate I hope we have India on our side since they were gearing up to be super power #4 Other than that my mind is disturbingly led to suspect that the winner is simply whoever launches a decisive nuclear first strike Circumstances seem to me like they're pulling all sorts of ironic trips on mankind, one being how "Violence is not the answer" seems like an invalid phrase, the people of this Earth having tried everything else to little avail maybe it's not time to finally settle things yet, but eventually it will be, that's what it looks like to me Other thoughts: when Donald Trump was lambasted for his comments about this over a phone interview or speech or whatever it was, I thought it was really obvious that he was just being ironic, like he said something like "OH they've got the best peacekeeping force, soldiers, bombs, tanks, so many tanks, MORE TANKS THAN I'VE EVER EVEN SEEN" and he was like "this is such a savvy thing for russia to do, super savvy" which is pretty funny because they made almost the whole world sanction them like a guillotine drop and, you know, this could start a nuclear war yet for some reason I haven't seen anybody point this out So what if they were serious? I would think that maybe a lot of Republicans acted this way because they expected Ukraine to do well and for Russia/Putin to screw up and look like fool(s) idk i'm just a hobo, feel free to weigh in on what i said because that's what you're expected to do anyway? Thanks for reading.
  22. I don't remember it happening "all at once" like you guys are saying For years the system has instilled upon the youth that the big bang resulted from the universe's matter being packed together so densely that it reached a critical mass and exploded, sending all of the matter every which way and eventually resulting with the universe being how it supposedly is now, the universe constantly expanding in the sense that everything's yet still being rocketed outward from the origin So for the record I didn't even hear about the universe beginning like this until just now I thought it was... Dang I came up with the idea I was trying to explain here on my own, which is to say, maybe what I can learn here will actually be of some benefit, so I appreciate the offer, and I must enquire re: what you would ask of me in return I guess deep freeze is so new that I haven't managed to learn almost anything about it; whereas heat death of the universe is a theory that has been ridiculed for some time, which I only offhandedly mentioned as an innocent lil joke To MSC: 1. It is a common phrase, I wonder what sort of life you must lead, perhaps very different from my own? 2. "They" certainly are an enigma, who is it pulling all of these strings? Sometimes I can see the strings, even grasp them, and yet to boil it down to who or whatever operates them strikes me as the kind of surprise that will come later. I tend to feel as though worrying about it doesn't do much good for almost anyone 3. Ah well that is appropriate considering how I was lied to, what I thought was the big bang is taught to be so to many others, not just myself 4. Do you notice a pattern in these kinds of contrasting theories? It's as if the more we know, the less we know XD I didn't mean to start off on the wrong foot with you guys, I want to apologize Obviously I'm an uneducated new guy, I didn't mean to present myself as someone who doesn't live on the streets and squalor in poverty and filth I mean I didn't even know that the whole big bang was completely different from what they teach the public. Given this version is what is on wikipedia I must be flat out ignorant. XC I mean it's ironic as hell
  23. Did you not read what I just said Enjoy The big freeze? What about heat death of the universe? Anyway mind fuck is a slang term for like... Making your head explode trying to comprehend shit. That's kind of what i like scientific discussion for. Not that I got to explain this very thoroughly, I got into a flame war. But I'm glad I noticed your post
  24. The way I'm looking at this is either I'm right or they're just trying to come up with an idea worse than like, the security holograms from dead money, or a touhou yokai, or thunder kiss '65 No offense
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