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  1. American children and teenagers have an unhealthy waking schedule when they go to their public schools. It's been scientifically proven that the American public schools have detrimental schedules for teenagers who have different needs than children do because teenagers need more sleep and have a harder time falling asleep than children do because of teenagers' hormones from puberty that made it harder for them to fall asleep before 11:00 P.M. or 23:00 P.M. to get a healthy amount of rest before they wake up at 7:00 A.M. or before that time to get into school buses and start their classes. This has been detrimental to American teenagers' psychological health and their physical health in general. The American public schools also have foods and drinks that are detrimental to the American children and teenagers' psychological health and physical health. The American public schools have a system that values grades, standardised tests, and G.P.A. more than the ability to learn. The anti-bullying clubs in the American public schools are pointless because the American public schools are anti-intellectual indoctrination camps that are designed to bully students' psychological health, physical health, and ability to learn when they are valued based on how poor their parents are, and then they have the grades and G.P.A. before high school that will determine what education opportunities and job opportunities they will have after they graduate from high school because America has a racist, sexist, and classist caste system with elite universities such Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Columbia, Brown, Cornell, Princeton, and Penn that represent white privilege, students from wealthy families that gave them inherited opportunities to be in elite universities in the first place, and a lack of empathy and sympathy for poor families and people who didn't win the genetic lottery. The increasing wealth gap, obesity, drug addiction, alcoholism, poverty, crime, abusive for-profit prison industry, religious extremism that replaces scientific thinking with religious thinking, and heavy government regulation on businesses that let big corporations kill small businesses, especially in American small towns, in America will make it much harder for children in America to win the genetic lottery before they're born and be born into wealthy and psychologically stable families that will let them have many education opportunities and job opportunities. Which proves my point that America has a caste system that is founded on bullying people based on their race, sex, social class that they were born into, grades, and G.P.A. And then, there is American military terrorism. Which war breeds sociopaths, psychopaths, rapists, criminals, and psychologically traumatised people. The European countries don't do this as much. Which is why the Europeans have higher I.Q.s, healthier bodies, wealthier societies, more scientific literacy, more mathematical literacy, less sociopaths, less psychopaths, less rapists, less criminals, and other things than the American society does on average. The rich and powerful people who own America are not interested in making American children behave civilised, decently educated, and down-to-earth. They are interested in making American children become gullible consumers when they become adults that allow the American military to terrorise countries for resources such as oil and the abusive-profit prison industry to abuse and dehumanise prisoners that make the prisoners behave worse before they were thrown into the abusive for-profit prison industry in the first place by making anti-intellectual indoctrination camps disguised as public schools for children. Which is why there were people that considered themselves refugees that lived in America that escaped America because America is falling apart due to moral bankruptcy, decreasing amount of healthy citizens, increasing wealth gap, the abusive for-profit prison industry, the American military terrorism, increasing mass shootings, religious terrorist leaders from the American southern states who are trying to defund American public schools and fund private religious schools to replace scientific thinking with religious thinking in America, sexist double standards that abuse people based on their biological sex in court rooms, and other things. The lack of a social safety net and scientific literacy in America are why there have been people who permanently left America due to this pandemic to live in the European countries because the European countries have Europeans that have more scientific literacy due to being decently educated and social safety nets to protect people during this pandemic for example. The rich and powerful people in America are protected and have wealthy privilege to do what they want to do during this pandemic while the scientifically illiterate Americans who came from poor families, didn't win the genetic lottery, and were oppressed by the rich and powerful people in America were dying from COVID.
  2. Not my fault that people have limited attention spans that make them intellectually challenged. If they don't have time for videos and to look up online information that connect the dots to those videos, then their intelligence is questionable at best.
  3. No, it's slavery because people who don't want to live anymore and are trying to end their lives are being treated like property to the government against their will because they being forced to live instead of quitting their own lives to stop working for the people who made suicide illegal in the government like slaves. Here's the definition of slavery: "Slavery and enslavement are both the state and the condition of being a slave, who is someone forbidden to quit their service for another person." For example, forbidden/illegal to try to commit suicide to end services of working with other people in the government forcefully. It's called slavery and ownership of a person's life as property when a government tries to make it illegal for people to try to willingly commit suicide to end services of working for people in the government because freedom is what allows people to freely end their lives when they can't be satisfied with living anymore without dealing with government authorities trying to stop them, it's slavery from forcing the people who want to die to live against their will because the government is controlling their lives like slaves who could try to sneakily find ways to end their lives to avoid getting caught by government authorities from the government authorities that enforce the idea that attempting suicide is illegal rather than free people who can easily end their lives when they want to without having to hide their suicide attempts from government authorities.
  4. I think it depends on the situation. But, I would say that suicide is freedom to not live anymore when one seeks peace and quiet in a world that prevents peace and quiet. Making suicide attempts illegal is a form of slavery that makes the people who don't want to live anymore that want to free themselves from a world of pain and suffering be hostages. Which will cause some people who think for themselves to be sneaky when they try to commit suicide so government authorities won't stop them from committing suicide. Successfully committing suicide willingly does not happen as often as people wanting to live on Earth. That's what I'll agree on. I would also agree that a person being forced to commit suicide by a bully is morally wrong. And I would say that a person saying that another person should kill themselves is morally wrong, too.
  5. I don't think people should lie for the greater good because I don't think lying for the greater good exists. Lying is for people who don't have a completely strong conscience because they're corrupt. Lying is just another form of corruption, not justice. Lying is for selfish and/or opportunistic power, not justice. It's why justice is not common at all. It's why wars, systemic racism, systemic classism, systemic sexism, systemic ableism, other systemic things, social credit systems, re-education camps, concentration camps disguised as public schools for children, anti-intellectual propaganda disguised as political correctness, feminazis disguised as feminists, misogyny, misandry, rape, patriarchal stockholm syndrome, stockholm syndrome in general, sexist double standards that abuse the people in the court rooms because of confirmation bias that treats women and men differently based on their biological sex rather than focusing on hard facts, and other things continue to exist because of lying. Honesty helps people have accurate thinking, but lying is corruption that keeps people in the dark from what is really happening. Lying is what caused the people to be cynical and not trust anyone. A lot of people have a hard time dealing with hard facts and brutal honesty enough as it is. If someone were to say that lying is for the greater good, then I would think that they're a psychopath, sociopath, or a person with a weak conscience. Because if I detected a person lying to me to not hurt my feelings, then I wouldn't trust them with my life at all. I would rather be alone and in pain than live with corrupt delusions in my head because I would rather not have my intelligence be insulted from lying.
  6. The U.S. is an oligarchical republic, not an officially democratic nation. Oligarchical lobbying and bribing have all affected the American government entirely in every state. An increasing amount of people have voted for a better public education system, better public healthcare, better internet providers that have faster internet speeds for modern video gaming, better infrastructure, improved economies in American small towns, and other things to no avail because the rich and powerful people who truly own America are part of a smaller population that control it through oligarchical lobbying and bribing. Elitist big corporations are killing small businesses in America. It's been proven that the American small towns are becoming poorer, less educated, and less economically diverse because of oligarchically bureaucratic strangeholds and elitist big corporations that replace human workers with robots. Retirement benefits, employee benefits, and quality education have all decreased drastically in America after World War 2. Which is why the average Europeans have higher I.Q.s, much more employee benefits, and much more retirement benefits than average Americans do. Because America is the opposite of progressive. Divided States of America was founded by religious terrorists, military terrorists, delusional white supremacists, an elitist mob, sexist pigs, and greedy degeneracy. Nothing has changed. "United" States of America continues to have systemic racism, systemic classism, systemic sexism, systemic ableism, toxic elitism, health disorders, and mental disorders as a result. Democracy and progressivism are jokes in America. Rich and powerful people from corporate America are in bed with the Chinese communists in the market because China controls the Apple company and other companies that import products into America. China is known for brainwashing concentration camps known as re-education camps. China is also known for the brainwashing social credit system. The Chinese government is known for being anti-online privacy. The Chinese people are behaving like The Borg from Star Trek to some extent as a result. The Chinese politicians have banned South Park, too. The rich and powerful people who control the American government continue to be in bed with the Chinese communists despite all of that. That's not democracy. That's an oligarchically totalitarian group of people from America working with another oligarchically totalitarian group of people from China. America and China are controlled by right-leaning terrorists who legalise gag orders, online surveillance, systemic sexism, systemic racism, systemic ableism, systemic classism, concentration camps disguised as public schools for children, etc. Joe Biden is a white, Christian, discreetly heteronormative, discreetly sexist, and discreetly right-leaning terrorist disguised as a democrat. There's not much difference between U.S. presidents because they are mostly white, Christian, heteronormative, sexist, and right-leaning terrorists who have ties to the American military and are from wealthy families. America is least likely to have a female president who is black, atheistic, bisexual, egalitarian, and left-leaning. America is no longer the greatest country in the world. It's actually falling apart. Water pollution, air pollution, decaying small towns, big corporations killing small businesses, increasing wealth gap, decreasing employee benefits, decreasing retirement benefits, misogynistic religions making a lot of money in America, the abusive for-profit prison industry that's causing prisoners to behave worse than they did before they were thrown in the for-profit prison system, the increasing amount of opiate addiction, the increasing obesity, feminazis, snowflakes, tranazis, political correctness, woketivists, emasculated men from transengderism and #MeToo, feminazis that are abusing men in America with sexist double standards, children being neglected by cut-throat career-driven parents, the increasing amount of antisocial sweatshops in America, California's oppressive laws, New York's laws that are decreasing freedoms and decaying its infrastructure, and other things have damaged America. Some former residents have permanently escaped from America because of that. These videos describe the result of what happens when rich and powerful people create an oligarchical society based on systemic classism, systemic sexism, systemic racism, greedy degeneracy, etc.
  7. Yes, but that is because I have a supply of knowledge to understand them.
  8. Hello, you can call me Firebirdy. I decided to join this forum because it's been getting harder for me to socialise online anonymously because of phone number verification protocols on the popular social media platforms. Anti-adblockers have made it harder for me to socialise online anonymously. Websites that require me to put cookies in my computer are annoying. I just want website owners, advertisers, and governments to politely mind their own business instead of spying on my online activities. 2021 has been beyond an Orwellian nightmare from what I experienced. Which is why I deleted all of my accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Yahoo!, and other platforms. At this point, I don't care if I'm losing a lot of people to talk to because I don't want to join the bandwagon of compromising my online anonymity to benefit political terrorists that want to nosily spy on me. So, I'm trying these science forums from this website. Here is my personal information I shared on a wesbite that had powertripping moderator(s) and administrator(s): My personality is outspoken, introverted, curious, questioning authority, and only genuinely nice to people who deserve it. People who are liars selling their souls that only care about money, power, fame, sex appeal, and sex disgust me. Environmentalism, music, human rights, zoology, online privacy, gun rights, freedom of speech, nutrition, intellectual freedom, and finding right people to have conversations with interest me. I'm pro-secular capitalism, especially since I'm an anti-religion atheist that prefers science and scientific proof rather than faith and theocracy. Woketivists, tranazis, feminazis, snowflakes, and political correctness don't impress me.
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