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  1. Good question, I would say it is still space in between on the Planck level with eventual recognisable energy distribution. Space with the information of 0 is there. Like signing One Planck unit of Space with 0 and everything is measurable in proportion to this fundamental information.
  2. I do not think that you can have a different perspective on space(time) than Reality. As far as I understood it started from Nothing and it’s limit is our current common moment of Now or in other words Time ticks in every spot of space independent from the observers perception.
  3. What I tried to express is that the volume of universal space(time) is the physical null set and the empty box would be a subset of this set. If we move the empty box it will be a different subset of the empty set. I know that I do not have the most sophisticated mathematical knowledge but since you have a much deeper mathematical understanding could you give an other/better example for a physically recognisable null set? From the perspective of spacetime, how future times are available in our current moment of existence? Like a 10 billion years older solar system? Space with an exact age is there in the spark plug gap, which is physically nothing, but mathematically(conceptually) is a measurable space in the moment of observation.
  4. The difference is that without hosts the virus is not airborne, with hosts the virus is few meter airborne. In this case the restrictions to control the movement of the hosts help. Note that global co-operation have been established on the level of information sharing, vaccine distribution, travel controls etc
  5. Hopefully we won’t waist our capabilities to build borders against an airborne global alien threat. If we would react like that instead of global and universal co-operation, we really deserve to parish as a civilisation
  6. As small as a bit of information can be. The first bit of information(dot of space-time) from the laws of nature appeared. How? God, I don’t know! This evolution at the beginning sure looks a bit supernatural but not unnatural to me. An empty dot of space(time) still today maintains the Informational content of t0.
  7. From nothing. God in my reality: the information the first empty dot of space(time) presents: 0 At t0 a simple information is everything in proportion to nothing.
  8. So can we say that it is nothing? I thought my Op is clear. Could point please out which part of it you have difficulties to perceive and I will try to further clarify. Could you help me with some examples from motor mechanics and how nothing quantified very simply in this area of science?
  9. No we must not abandon science. We have to look deeper in it. Physical examinations can not ever answer your questions, but there is hope, that a bit more advanced, future math, might give some resolution…
  10. The space(time) moment of the realisation: there is nothing (not a thing) Space(time) isn’t a physical thing. You can not hand a bucket of it over. If space(time) is Not a Thing, then it is Nothing. Which natural number expresses the lack of everything I.e there is not a thing? In my perception that natural number is: 0
  11. For some thinking about nothing is good for nothing. For some the sense of Nothing is the saint grail of informatics, the starting state of Reality, the information what every point of space(time) minimum maintains, the first natural number. Very interesting differences!
  12. Every word is made up by humans, The word Nothing describe the lack of something. wiki: Nothing", used as a pronoun subject, is the absence of a something or particular thing that one might expect or desire to be present ("We found nothing", "Nothing was there") or the inactivity of a thing or things that are usually or could be active ("Nothing moved", "Nothing happened"). As a predicate or complement "nothing" is the absence of meaning, value, worth, relevance, standing, or significance Note that even we perceive the absolute lack of something, the perception will be recognised in the local part of space(time). Space(time) still will be a thing, it is physically unrecognisable and mathematically expressable. 0.
  13. Agreed Note that ever since anything exists as little as an empty dot of space, Nothing can not exist. Note that any dot of space still today has physically 0 value.
  14. t=time s=space e=energy m=mass Strangely the concept of nothing came to me when I started to account with physics, which had been pointing to (if it can be true), that the Universe started at s0t0. If (s) and (t) is zero than (e) and (m) must be zero as well since the laws of nature must apply on every entity in the system. Or expressing it differently: energy and matter can not exist without space and time. So the starting state of the Universe supposed to be (s0t0e0m0) even we can not directly examine that space time moment. In one hypothesis: “The null hypothesis is that nothing, zero is a physical reality based mathematical conception which we can perceive as an energy, matter, information, space, time free state. Revealing as our common physical, mathematical, philosophical origin, a physical reality based mathematical reference point. I state that in proportion to this physical reality based sense(conception) everything has some kind of mathematically expressible value. Space, time, information, energy, matter. The hypothesis is based on the fact that space expands and time evolves which points that our current moment is bigger and older than the moment before. Following this path backwards on the timeline of the physical reality we arrive at the lowest possible physical state, which I perceive as a space(time), energy, matter, information free state. 0. In proportion to this state everything has value. Everything has mathematically expressible value. Space, time, energy, matter and information. “ Imagine the first phase of the universe is the 4D evolution of empty space(time) without any energy and matter. This would mean that no one ever could physically examine that moments of space(time) but it could be mathematically countable.
  15. It depends how you look at it. That nothing is actually a part of space(time) and I do not think that that space(time) part of the Universe would be possible to move away from the position it possesses. I think you can "glide" the empty box in Space (nothingness). Your box has it´s own space(extend) and time (age, time since it exists) which does not equals the age of the Space(Time) realm develops in 4 dimensions since the beginning and now we observe a part of it. If this box if moving, the original space it have been existing in will remain in position it occupies in proportion to every other space existing throughout the system The box will be in a "new" part of the universe when you moved it with the physical properties (emptiness) it already had have. The box will occupy a different space then before which is a different emptiness(nothing) than in the first position. Space(Time) is the Universe without any kind of Energy and Matter. I think it is Universally true that every point of Space(Time) has a physical value of 0. Maybe its mathematical expression should maybe 0 as well, the 4D matrix(graph) develops since Time begun... So I do not think anyone could change the fundamental fabric of Space(Time) just because we pull something in it. The box will be empty in the new position as well, which I think supposed to be a different empty part of the Universe maintained by the box itself.
  16. I didn’t claim that either. My assumption was an extraterrestrial intelligence which arrived to the solar system but yet did not “officially” contact
  17. Let me reply with a thought experiment. Let’s assume that 5 billion years ago in the milky way galaxy one civilisation have reached technological singularity and able to maintain quantum entanglement through any distances with a probe they can send out with 99.999% of the speed of light. They decide to discover the Universe and they send the entangled probes (communication device) to every area life could be possible. In 5 billion years, since they started the project, they have been able to send a probe to 38% of the known universes territory. With the entangled probes they are able to receive and communicate data instantly and so the space barrier could be solved pointing out that distance isn’t really a barrier.
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