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  1. No. But I can measure and observe any point of it. If space would not be a physical thing I would not be able to observe and measure it. Can you give me a photon? Does a photon still exist even you are not able to hand me one?
  2. Am I needed to the route of the milky way to exist? I think it would be on the same path even there would be noone to observe it. No map is needed for a route to exist.
  3. Noones. Routes in space and Space itself existing without anyones presence. The map is not needed for a route to exist. Why would anyones existence required for a route to exist?
  4. Space is a physical thing. Any route unplanned but existing does not require my existence. Do you think the route of the milkyway is planned? Why would the route of our galaxy require anyones existence and planning? Does the route of the milkyway still exist, even if there would be noone to observer that?
  5. Why the volume of space (which has a geometry) does not count as a physical thing?
  6. I think yes. The Universe has geometry and a number of physical entities countable. (Independent we are aware of them or not).
  7. Nothing. The closest you can come to this sense is empty space(time)...
  8. So you mean you do not exist because you experiencing time. Interesting. Why? Any of you previous memories, atoms or electrons could be recognisable in the next upcoming moment as time changes or you are an absolutely new individual by every passed moment of time? Why?
  9. If there is any physical or mathematical clue about its existence: might.
  10. Physically observable, mathematically expressible.
  11. Liangzhu culture 3400 - 2250 BC https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liangzhu_culture I think it is trying to express the connection between Nature (God) and any Human, behind the the mask. Looks like a 3D Jing-Jang to me.
  12. I try to apply them, maybe you could express why do you think I can or can not. I see this as a technical question yet we can not solve as we can not apply our math at t0. I dont really understand what you mean with this. There is a physical barrier, that we can not reach absolute 0 as you will never be able to observe and measure in space(time) without every energy and matter in it. As soon you have an electron in the system its temp is not absolute 0.
  13. The proper time of the Universe, the current age of the first space(time)point seems to be absolute. Relativ is the co-ordinate time within Space
  14. t0 is the proper time and x0 is the co-ordinate time. I have learned that space and time can not exist without one another.
  15. Because they can not exist without one another as energy and matter can not exist without space and time. Or is there any prove they can?
  16. If there is no time and space there is no energy and matter so I can predict that their mathematically expressible value is 0. t0 is the first information about space and I wonder why we suppose that all currently existing energy and matter is present in that point of space and can absolutely NOT evlolve its amount in the overall universe despite the obvious linear development of space(time).
  17. I understand that, that is why, to determine t 0 we has to rely on (basic) math. We can not observe physically t0 but we can predict its physical state from the Laws of Nature determined function of Time to lineary tick towards the future in every point of space. If there is no space there is no time, if there is no space and time there is no energy and matter. 0. Sorry if not the conventional math you used to but I hope you can perceive what I try to mean: t0=s0=e0=m0 t1=s0,0(3D)=e1=m1 Should be t2=s0,00(3D)=e2=m2 but If I understand we count it as t2=s0,00(3D)=e1=m1
  18. Yes. t0 I agree. Time is relative in every point of space which is not the first space(time) moment of existence. The proper time of the space at t0 has to be absolute (the age of the Universe) and if it is not absolute why and how?
  19. The proper time of the Universe (the age of the first space(time)point seems to be absolute. Why do you think it is not? Relativ is the co-ordinate time within Space
  20. I am very happy you can not permit me to say that, but happy for your semi objection Maybe you could express/reason why You think time is linear or not? Every point of space what the cunami will hit in different co-ordinate times existed before and will exist after the impact.
  21. Would the 2 observers in the different inertial frames would agree that the observed point of space gets older by every upcoming perceived moment independent from the framework of the observers.
  22. Thank you MigL It seems to be true for every pont of Space or the whole realm as One, the reason we can call it space(time).
  23. Hello Community! One moment follows the other in every point of the volume space is. There is no point of space where time could flaw backwards. Can I say that time is Linear since in every point of space it is pointing to the Future?
  24. It is relative, depending how we perceive reality.
  25. To love, to learn, to experience, to know, to do for the better.
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