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  1. Sarcasms OK... Lol imagine being that insensitive in grave situation like this! I would feel that first hand as I Am from EU, if it came to that. Or maybe you don't care about people dying... Try to imagine 3rd degree burns, not sure what yield would be used on a city of 1 million people! If it were also only to force negotiations... I experienced 9/10 pain multiple times, if you knew how it feels haha...
  2. I wasn't telling that to let it of my chest, you don't understand me at all... Just wonder how come no one tells putin some 200 IQ genius, or something... If it was true indeed you wouldn't be laughing (which you don't know)... Also many people can suffer either way...
  3. Nuclear Deterrence is stupid AF... One person can press red button and there is little anyone can do, as Putin has key personnel on his side, there is no chance of overthrowing Putain: except maybe if military person refused to press the button I heard! Besides high alert ICBM, human error during escalation and fog of war... Also modern leaders are uneducated on Nuclear Deterrence, or they forget (I heard) not sure! There are those who know what I Am talking about... I wonder why no one tells them! Roger Penrose should tell Putain, or he will condemn us all to hell of (imagine what those people with 3rd degree burns will have to go through)... Even there is probably no one could EVER do anything, even super intelligent AI... And if you think I Am irrational: you are delusional! Because no one can take pain over a certain threshold... You just don't admit it to yourself, because you would be depressed and tortured every second by immense pain... And that is all good for individuals, because evolution hides truths if they are not necessary for survival and if everyone had depression all the time - that would suck! But this is very possible threat (and even it is not certain, even so it is soo huge of a threat that any superrational thinker would try to change his behavior accordingly and try to counter it by any means necessary) and you are committing to logical fallacy, unless you know every possible permutation of everything and even then possibly... Humanity will probably destroy itself, which sucks for reasons I can't tell - as I don't want to cause depression unnecessarily... Problem is geniuses commit to art to escape (existential boredom, ego and suffering) and don't go to politics, or to get power, so minority psychopaths rule us, while majority of people are no inherently bad - they are brainwashed a lot and desperate - life is tough AF!!! Also geniuses are pushing boundaries and have criminal record and what not, so they couldn't run... Or they are pushed away by insecure people, or abused: so they either retire, or don't get even a chance in their lives (when I saw what geniuses go through in their lives - it is disgusting at best)!!! And elites like you and peer-review cartels are the problem!!! Also nobel prizes are joke, everything is pre-determined, or random probably anyways... You are just stroking your ego, as achievement is illusion... https://quotepark.com/quotes/1729479-arthur-schopenhauer-now-if-plurality-and-difference-belong-only-to-the/ Novel prizes serve only as motivator for people which don't know, not sure if it is good for science itself, probably not... It is not like you chosen your environment, or genes which determines your intelligence. There are still lots of elites in scientific circles slowing down progress... I talked to 160IQ cleared criminal record, after 1000 applications can't get a job... Also our ethics/laws are stupid... So given everything... coincidentally we are fucked! https://academyofideas.com/2013/12/the-ethics-of-schopenhauer/ https://bigthink.com/high-culture/schopenhauer-music-will/ PS: hopefully it won't happen, but Putin is not very likely retreating (fighting to the end) and diplomacy will be probably impossible! Besides his mental state is in question and he is near at his expectancy of life... Also it could escalate to war between NATO and RU and some officials/generals in US were worried in past Putain could use short-range nukes to force negotiations... We will see I guess...
  4. If you ever mature, we can have a proper discourse... I thought things like that stay in high-school but apparently it never gets better... You completely skipped everything I said and never read anything, never engaged anything, BTW that goes for previous posts too! I had +4 rep (from Philosophers which have more idea about these things than you, or others...) and because that one taboo post, you was scared: so defensive mechanisms caused you to behave like this, because you couldn't even consider such a terrible scenario -> I must be wrong... And then one guy started to stalk me to another posts of mine, arrogantly giving hot takes no reading whole discourse LOL... OK you little scientists you have no idea about Philosophy that much is clear, sometimes very smart people can thing they understand things, which they have no clue about: https://qz.com/627989/why-are-so-many-smart-people-such-idiots-about-philosophy/ PS: Smart people realize how much they do not know! You don't understand Logic and Philosophy LUL... I have many studies, but you wouldn't read anything so I won't even bother...
  5. Ok prove it, I dare you, I Am waiting on a prove! LOL projection: how unimaginative! How so? BTW you saw 1 post of me and now you know me and you are are psychoanalyzing me - sure buddy! I have bigger problems than some projection... There is evidence these guys are doing it, I read many posts where they are completely missing a point repeatedly and acting pompous... Never engaging in direct argumentation!!! Did you even read anything of my post BTW? This guy called OP's post: shipost, yet he is responding to every post of sorts, how is that a projection? More like a factual information no? E.g. https://www.scienceforums.net/topic/92709-existential-boredom/#comments
  6. If you were a man you would pick any of my previous topics and go into a discourse with me. And engage with my arguments, you have to give counter-arguments and evidence to disprove my claims, so far you didn't disprove anything! Because you don't care about time obviously, trash-talking all the time and using logical fallacies, that you can do... Go debate me on Free Will, or boredom, or decision-making etc. You are posing all the time and avoiding all discussing LOL, if anyone neutral looks at this, it is like you are almost scared! Or maybe you are just arrogant/ignorant...
  7. Again avoiding any discourse whatsoever and falling back to joke. Tactics used by insecure high-school teenagers LUL! So mature! EDIT: what are you scared of, if I Am wrong and you are right? HUH? It is almost like you are scared!
  8. Only on reddit? 😂 People decide always based on emotions at the end (except like instincts etc.) did you know that? And they use logic to justify their claims https://bigthink.com/experts-corner/decisions-are-emotional-not-logical-the-neuroscience-behind-decision-making Just first random peoples which viewed it downvoted, because they are dumb... On reddit: you get either massively upvoted, or downvoted usually... Sadly topic is less viewed if first burst are downvotes... Reddit is shithole for posting anything else than interesting news... Why you use this combative talking style and being sarcastic just because he doesn't have a rep? Never mind it was a rhetorical question... It is not very scientific claim something based on assumption... You have literally no idea what he said, so presumptuous as always! You need to first obtain that information, but you know that and instead you was sarcastic instantly... This is perfect example of elitism! Maybe you could try to engage with people arguments in good faith first, before doing this... I grant you that this is not most relevant/constructive post humankind had conceived, but! Maybe he is venting, maybe he wants a second hand opinion. What if both? It doesn't make this topic necessary uninteresting! And this is the lounge: I thought people can talk here about anything they want - with reasonable bounds ofc. Also on reddit if you ask this you get downvoted and no one will answer it... You only respond like this to low rep. people... BTW: why you even bother to comment on this, isn't that a irony? why are you automatically so sarcastic? Like are you insecure, or what? Do you have to prove something? It is not even me and I Am a very rational person (confirmed) can link you myriad of another studies and I engage with peoples arguments... because I was checking other complex topics (especially from Philosophy) note: even one of most brilliant scientists like Stephen Hawking and Bill Nye don't understand Philosophy: https://qz.com/627989/why-are-so-many-smart-people-such-idiots-about-philosophy/ and peoples' topics get totally misinterpreted and other people try to force their opinion on them etc. or not taking their side very seriously! Why can't you just engage with arguments and talk facts, you manage always to avoid talking about anything relevant and instead commit to logical fallacies... You can link sources with hundreds of citations doesn't matter, you just AD hominem or something... Pinnacle of scientific discourse... And this behavior is repeating in course of years from elitists on these forums, I see the same pattern all the time... Again you can engage with anything I said, but you are too scared I think!
  9. Nice I have probably all of these and 20+ more disorders 😂 And I use them for creativity!
  10. Admirable? How can be ambition admirable, if you wasn't responsible for that? That literally was pre-determined, or random. There is no virtue in it! Even if you save 1000 children, that doesn't deserve any praise truthfully! To what part do you refer exactly? I think this was coherent - okay. I tried to write it briefly as possible, but it is hard to put so many ideas to the worlds. Words compress information! And again I can't really write I cannot help it, I tried one time write post like of 1 page, even 8 hours, after rewriting 100 times I gave up! So sorry about that, I can't even write literally! I said: I Am overexaggerating and by that I meant improvements of security by a lot! That's interesting, what exactly this means?
  11. Only thing which is beautiful to me is unknown, Einstein said I Am paraphrasing: "unknown is most beautiful thing men can experience". Lucky? Don't know about that! Can't respond to that, as these informations are Information Hazards - no human being should be forced to know these things! But you know what, BTW I asked mod to delete that thread! "Something bigger than ourselves" - is usually a coping mechanism people come with like: I want to achieve something greater than myself and to think it weren't all for nothing... After I die, I won't have a functioning brain, it becomes irrelevant what I achieved in life! I think only rational/logical thing in life should be maximize pleasure for yourself and for other people, as long as it affects you, however sad it is and I don't like it! I hear that a lot: it is all about perspective... But what if you have already truthful perspective?! I think you mean interpreting truth by using another perspective, which would be than delusion! If it was so easy as changing perspective, do you think I would have still depression and was bored to death? I have ADHD, it is not like: I Am not trying to see things from all perspectives that exist... I tried all perspectives I could find in Philosophy (believe me I tried soo hard) - didn't help at all! ADs, psychotherapy - did literally nothing! I don't know how I would put this, as it is extremely complicated to put this in words! I would have to write an essay about this: for you to get the exact information precisely, as words compress information too much! But it is not like perspective on Free Will would make me feel any better, if I know: I Am a prisoner in space-time and slave and my actions are not of my own! Let me explain: I suffer from extreme existential boredom, nothing entertains me more than watching a wall almost, I Am constantly bored no matter what! I think it is: because I Am "authentic"! I saw over 10k TV Shows and almost every human interaction - not really, but tons! And read over million articles about everything that exists! E.g. there are studies that people watching Sci-fi TV Shows judge relations more realistically! I got huge insight into things! While I Am very reserved, some things are hypotheses, working theories, theories, facts, logical deductions based on empirical observations/facts. I don't claim anything on 100%, which makes it difficult to talk about it! As we can't know anything except: I think therefore I Am - for sure! Philosophers argue we try to escape constantly meaningless, which facilitates as boredom. And you are bored, it is because you see things how they truly are and that life is meaningless etc. as boredom can be also sign of depression, but it is not always caused by depression! It is hard for other people to see truth! But I have ASD, I don't include emotions into my reasoning (I have studies about this) and I Am extremely logical, critical, rational thinker!!! I have lots of empirical proofs for many things! Also claiming like boredom is all because meaninglessness, because it is not, boredom can be from millions of things literally! I have boredom from many reasons, mostly from meaninglessness and Free Will, I Am confident because these things depress me most and I Am think most about them... I have decent Philosophical, evolutionary and Psychological understanding of this! But I don't have definitive proof ofc. that my boredom is from meaninglessness, as I would have to literally pinpoint mechanisms behind it in the brain... Still prominent Philosophers think so. And it is logical! Also statistical studies, which aren't perfect, but precise to a point observe this: like lower ability of critical thinking in religious people. More examples later... This document outlines existential boredom precisely: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/301683980_Existential_Boredom_Re-examined_Boredom_as_Authenticity_and_Life-Affirmation Boredom and depression is more than just perspective, or view. It is emotional reaction based on informations one gathers - I think. There can be only one truth, unless QM makes it so we have both Free Will and not Free Will at the same time But we are not observing such things! More insights about boredom: https://iep.utm.edu/boredom/#H4 I have experienced all kinds of boredom you can find there, literally everything! It is crazy if you think about it! Because I see things truly how they are and I try to escape boredom by fantasizing and other things, which is exactly described here and it fits all so perfectly like puzzles to so many things! You must admit it is crazy, I felt boredom of all reasons literally Philosophers and Psychiatrists talk of... Which would support view, that my existential boredom is caused from seeing things how they truly are and because meaninglessness, society we live in, no objective ethics and plethora of other stuff! I was bored exactly by these things! I Am probably most bored person in the world, not even kidding! Certainly more bored than some prisoners! A lot of prominent philosophers were battling depression and boredom! It is truly one of worst feelings in the world! To give example to better understand this: even if I saved 100 children from painful death, I did nothing, as I don't have Free Will. I couldn't feel any sense of accomplishment, or happiness for that deed! As it is not good thing to do, it is just optimal for survival of human race... I could give like million examples about every emotion and human interaction and analyze it to details. If you truly think about everything that exists... About depression: https://philosophicalsociety.com/Archives/Philosophy And Depression.htm What concerns meaniglessness , let me give you some scenarios: 1. life is pointless 2. there is a point a) for us, but we don't see it b) it is not about us 1. Perspective doesn't change the fact that there is no objective meaning from current understanding! We can still find our own meaning, which is just a subjective coping mechanism, but it is not real! As it is not verified by anything external, it is just subjective emotion! Existentialism doesn't work for me because: Free Will is illusion, so many people suffer for nothing essentially and are trapped in spacetime-like prison, e.g. if someone loves you. If you didn't deserve it and that person was essentially pre-programmed to do so, it feels shitty to me! Or only because you have superior genes than someone else, otherwise that person wouldn't love you! You did nothing to acquire them! Which doesn't carry any virtues, or doesn't deserve any praise! You got better coinflipp than someone else, woah so riveting! It is just absurd! Love is conditional and soo empty... But human beings need social contact like friends and partner, as friends are not a substitute for that! But I could never ever love someone, when I know how it works! It feels so shitty! There are no objective ethics, no good, or evil! Everything just is... Ethics are just rules people make by arguing between themselves for survival, which stems from emotions! It doesn't matter, if you are a good person, or a bad person! It is pointless to help other people and be nice to other people and do anything for other people beyond threshold, which is necessary for your survival, or survival of civilization, which you need for your own survival to a certain point! E.g. like if 10 people are in group, why would you share food with them and not keep it for yourself logically?! Because if you need them for survival, it is optimal to share... Altruism is selfish, there is higher chance that people help you back, if you help them, because they get moral emotions. But again you do that, because there is chance they will help you back, not because it is a good thing (I mean morally). It is just about survival! And it makes you feel good, which motivates you to do it. E.g. good example is religion, religious people donate more to charity, or try to be moral, because they want to get to heaven. They are doing that for reward essentially, not because they would be good people! Evolution and game theory explains this well and evolution is well understood! Besides there are no other reasons for anyone to help anyone, except for survival! People are selfish and tend to do what makes them happy People are not much better than just wild animals living in a jungle murdering each other Besides it feels so shitty to me, because I know even if I do something for other people, it is not real! 2. a) Well that would be stupid, if there was a point for us to satisfy, but we wouldn't know about it. That would be absurd! Or we would be slaves to it... 2. b) We are here just for the ride, which is kinda depressing itself, because people tend to put themselves to the center. And if you are just collateral in this cruel world, that feels pretty shitty... You are nothing to universe, or to whatever... Honestly I don't think, I would like, even if there would be some firmly set meaning! I hate everything! Because it would be slavery kinda. Who decided that it has to be like this and for it to be fair, or good? Best would be Free Will in meaningless world and people trying to do their best! Than morality would have meaning and our actions, because it would amount to something. But Free Will is impossible! It is not even imaginable, how could that be?! Honestly I don't even care about point, more than about Free Will. At least our actions would mean something and if there were objective ethics! Or we could try to improve ourselves. But even if we had Free Will: other people could force their Free Will on us, so that wouldn't be Free Will paradoxically! Even acknowledging Free Will leads to a paradox! And acknowledging some sort of cause, because if one person prevailed over another, how that was determined? By his will? But what decides his will was greater? When there is a conflict of interest? Which begs the question and implies cause! Which than you need to get behind cause of a cause Ad Infinitum until singularity! Because life is just who from whom and it is predetermined. Life is honestly like some sadists watching gladiators for fun, yes that's really life! It is like throw people into the world and watch them murder each other... I think truth just goes against our biological nature, as we tend seek meaning! And create ethics for survival. What is good for survival feels as pleasure and the opposite as pain. But if you realize, it is not "authentic" that we are just slaves and trying to survive in the cruel world, it is worst feeling in the world! There are studies, that people with positive delusions are more happy, or that religious people are bored less when doing mundane tasks! Problem is people are incredibly biased and delusional - for their own good! There is a theory, if you see things how they truly are, if it is not beneficial for survival, you will not survive! https://bigthink.com/videos/donald-hoffman-reality So evolution possibly hides truths from us, if they are not beneficial for survival! Conclusion: same I Am forced to live and make the world a better place by one hypothesis, I Am not sure, but I Am not gonna risk it! As consequences are unimaginable and just reading about it makes them happen to you, so I can't judge its veracity! And suicide doesn't counter other 2 dreadful hypotheses/theories anyways! So it makes sense from perspective of survival for me: to be as much happy as possible and experience most pleasure as possible and lowest pain and help other people to do the same. Even it is not gonna happen probably, I could be never happy, I don't think! Only to experience pleasure... While I think, people could negotiate better ethics in theory. Like if 2 people gonna be stranded on a boat without food, they don't murder each other, we will die together! But in reality, extreme pain would cause people to kill each other. Because they couldn't take it. Life will be always shitty in some scenarios... So I will have always depression at some level! I posted this initially with intent to share interesting news, but than I remember from 1 thing about another thing and so on... It doesn't matter how you call it, these things are true problems! There is 20% chance humanity will die off til 2100. And it doesn't seem good the way world looks right now! Inequality is increasing, neo-libs and globalists trying to destroy the world, corporations want to enslave us, not enough is done about global warming, people still have long way to go to abolish wars... We have facts: it is not looking good for humanity right now! I just have strong need for speaking truth! That surprises me, it is such a serious matter! I would expect them to go to prison at least! It is also clear failure of giving clearances in the first place and security checks! Given someone did even LSD on the job OMEGALUL!!! I would make strict requirements for people working there: - very stable personality - high IQ and intelligence - logical, critical, rational thinking skills - no family (so they can't be blackmailed) - high treshold for pain - patriotism, responsibility, respect to authority - 24/7 monitoring of all vital functions and brain waves - random lie detector tests - having to report dreams and every thought - living in highly secret bunker never going outside of it, after end of service, memory deletion and surveillance - maybe recognition (otherwise keeping identity in a secret), job recommendations, high pay - service like for 4 year period I Am overexaggerating, but clearly this article uncovers some serious problems in this job! And there is no room for errors with nukes. So getting chance to become officer later, or higher pay, or recognition and making job less stressful and boring seem like reasonable things to improve. This is beyond inadvertently, nuclear secrets posted online to a training app with profile set to "publicly visible"? How that even happens OMEGALUL??? It kinda reaffirms my belief in Quantum Mechanism that every possibility is realized. Everything which is not forbidden by rules will happen! I still don't understand how anyone can be that stupid to do that... Also there was even case officer doing LSD on the job and long history of cheating, because they have to score 100% on monthly tests! Or they lose their job. And their job is boring! Also they don't have high hopes for promotion and not enough recognition for doing such an important job!
  12. We are currently 100 seconds to midnight, closer than ever before... https://thebulletin.org/doomsday-clock/current-time/ And yet then things like these happen... News like this makes me question, whether or not I Am even real... Insane, unbelievable: https://www.vice.com/en/article/v7ebmd/us-military-personnel-spilled-nuclear-secrets-in-online-flashcards How anyone with that level of intelligence gets to even work there and bellingcat has to warn NATO about it is beyond me... Took LSD on the job LOL, ok I guess... At this rate they could deploy monkeys to handle their nuclear stockpile and let them press random buttons... What an utter travesty... Also we were close to World War 3 many times, only because 1 officer didn't authorize nuclear strike, we are still here LOL... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_III#Historical_close_calls And we are speeding towards global warning about 1.5 celsius by 2025, chances just doubled to 40% from last year predictions https://gizmodo.com/were-speeding-toward-climate-hell-un-warns-1846982156 Corporations don't care, all they can understand is to make more money, that's literary their only metric for value of anything... Fossil fuels companies spend 10 times more on lobbying than activists... And still not enough is done... It is very complicated and politicians and bureaucracy move slowly... Also natural disasters can exacerbate inequality, as we could see with Covid-19: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/economy/making-sense/how-natural-disasters-can-increase-inequality Life is ultra pointless, we are just going to die and it will be probably sooner, than later... I also don't know why so many politicians in US are religious... They say let go help us all, good luck to you all and just hope and pray LOL... Honestly life is absurd beyond belief... If you don't have depression you are just delusional, or sadomasochist... Like I don't even...
  13. In case anyone with a functioning brain is interested about truth, I compiled 17 page document aiming at briefness with many sources: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qYicHpeS39lhiMPJmUGHRUfZxw4pPtLjsIwOYCHpE8Q/edit?usp=sharing It was meant for correspondence with a Pharmacologist But it will also serve another purpose also, as I said: I will link more sources later! As people here just flame and don't read anything apparently... Feel free to to discuss and criticize anything! HAHAHA BTW I love how it was put to speculations without anyone reading anything... It is fact that etiology of depression remains poorly understood and unproven! I guess someone elitist here got mad that I spoken too much truth and wasn't preaching him...
  14. Sure but you have Chemical imbalance theory based on research from 1960 . Mostly SSRIs are based on this theory... I also found there is a newer hypothesis called: monoamine hypothesis of depression On which are based TRCs and TeCAs antidepressants, if my memory is not failing me. I would think there would be more theories, but didn't bumped into anything else - from extensive reading so far. So I thought it would be easier to ask, so I can check all of them! I would find it myself, but I need it for call with pharmacologist and I don't have time currently and I have chronic pain and feel terrible! It is difficult to read!
  15. HAHAHAHAHAHA that's what I thought. Who cares who is who? This is exact problem in science, it is more about reputation and being popular in scientific circles, than about quality of studies, or ideas. Same: I don't who you are, you didn't read anything: so you have no right call this pseudoscience! Since you don't even know what I posted... I don't understand why you even post then, if you are not gonna check studies, or anything... Also main reason of post: was to ask about all theories of underlying causes of depression! Yea I know that science doesn't deal in proof. It is dealing with studying phenomena by observing and describing them, then testing them by an experiment, using empirical methods. Logic deals with proof, or math.
  16. LOL I guess you have personal gripe with me, so you are just trying dismiss everything, without providing any counter-arguments, or proof! It if it not true, it shouldn't be hard to disprove right? Did you even bothered to read anything? First chemical imbalance theory was never proven! Give me 1 study which says it was proven!!! "In the mid-20th century, researchers theorized that depression was caused by a chemical imbalance in neurotransmitters in the brain, a theory based on observations made in the 1950s of the effects of reserpine and isoniazid in altering monoamine neurotransmitter levels and affecting depressive symptoms."[281] "The chemical imbalance theory has never been proven."[282] Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Major_depressive_disorder#cite_note-281 This study has 560 citations: https://journals.plos.org/plosmedicine/article?id=10.1371/journal.pmed.0020392 Again 679 citations: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-0-230-58944-5_14 For instance: so how come people with MDD have higher serotonin levels, if depression is caused by not enough of serotonin? : https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamapsychiatry/fullarticle/482548 I should have specified that I do not take claim: as fact. But on personal note I think so. A 1960s idea that serotonin concentrations might be lowered in depression1 had been rejected,2 https://www.bmj.com/content/350/bmj.h1771/ I guess BMJ is pseudoscientific trash LOL. In the 2019 Journal Citation Reports, published in 2020, The BMJ's impact factor was 30.223.[21] ranking it fourth among general medical journals. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_BMJ No one knows how antidepressants fully work: https://www.cell.com/cell/fulltext/S0092-8674(21)00077-5?_returnURL=https%3A%2F%2Flinkinghub.elsevier.com%2Fretrieve%2Fpii%2FS0092867421000775%3Fshowall%3Dtrue#secsectitle0010 According to ScienceWatch, the journal was ranked first overall in the category of highest-impact journals (all fields) over 1995–2005 with an average of 161.2 citations per paper. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cell_(journal) Again it is up to you provide counter-arguments, simple dismissal of facts doesn't make them wrong!
  17. Object of this post is to ask: what are all existing contemporary theories of underlying causes of depression, not limited to 1 field of science?! I Am looking especially for these, which are currently accepted in scientific circles. So far I found 2 theories. It is important to state that I Am not some anti-medication whacko, I wrote description of theories, so I had to include my claims and sources . I Am currently pressed by time: I can include more sources later, links below contain hundreds of references enjoy! Probably most known - Chemical imbalance theory, which was never accepted in Psychiatric circles in the first place! And is nothing, but a myth! Source for the claim: https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/823368_1 Major source: https://bigthink.com/surprising-science/antidepressants-withdrawal?rebelltitem=1#rebelltitem1 Robert Whitaker investigative journalist (received multiple awards + pulitzer) did extensive research on depression: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8BDC7i8Yyw&t=3s hundreds of sources can be found in his book! Source 2: https://medicatingnormal.com/chemical-imbalance/ Source 3: people with MDD were found with increased serotonin levels: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamapsychiatry/fullarticle/482548 While no one knows how antidepressants work! I find this theory laughable, depression is not some chemical imbalance. It is much more complex!!! We are just starting to study a brain! Depression is: feeling that simply arrives, it is not view, nor a philosophy! It has probably biological causes, after all we are biological, but it is not some disease! It is based on information one gathered and it is simply emotion! One's reaction to the world around him, or his situation in the world! It is true, people with MDD "can" suffer from delusions, but don't have to, it has plethora of causes! “A pessimist is an optimist in full possession of the facts.” — Arthur Schopenhauer A lot of brilliant people suffered from depression, boredom, existential dread! https://philosophicalsociety.com/Archives/Philosophy And Depression.htm 2. Newer hypothesis: monoamine hypothesis of depression, which again is based on chemical imbalance in the brain. Source: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/10775018/ Also I checked list of antidepressants: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_antidepressants And they are all (more, or less) based on inhibiting some receptors and boosting levels of serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine etc. Also there are numbers of hypotheses, from evolutionary approach, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evolutionary_approaches_to_depression Studies were conducted about some of these, like Rank Theory: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0165032718310280 Are there any other contemporary theories of depression? PS: Maybe I should post this into psychology, but I am interested about theories from all fields, not sure. Thank you very much!
  18. Why wouldn't you answer the question and instead say this?! I gave arguments and linked sources, all you did - was to strawman me. Why even answer, if you gonna do this? I don't know what debate tactics you are using! But simply repeating this: "The evidence rather strongly implies otherwise." Ad nauseam doesn't seem to me like pinnacle of a discussion on scientific forums, nor proves anything! If your believes about science would be true, you would want to refute my arguments, instead you are using logical fallacies... I guess because I don't have reputation here allows you to just say 1 word and pretend like everything I said is wrong... Cancel culture much??? I guess you are on level 1 of lower society: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Positive_disintegration De Ropp {https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_S._de_Ropp) about science game: Source: https://archive.org/stream/selfrealization/Robert-S-De-Ropp--The-Master-Game_djvu.txt He says essentially it is a pointless game and it is better to go entrepreneurial! And this is only from 20st. Now it is even 1000 times worse. We already live in post-apocalyptic era, democracy is dead! Globalism rules! Capitalism is ruining professionalism: https://bigthink.com/politics-current-affairs/capitalism-safeguarding?rebelltitem=2#rebelltitem2 Don't get me even started on neolibs... https://www.jstor.org/stable/25746358?seq=1 Today in western societies everything (meant metaphorically - almost everything) aka from large part is about: - money - power - status - individualism - consumerism And this legislative passes, it will allow neolibs to create their own state with its own municipal goverment, sure their 1st priority will be to promote scientific ideals! https://www.marketwatch.com/story/in-nevada-desert-blockchains-llc-aims-to-be-its-own-municipal-government-01613252864 BTW how are your science ideals holding now during COVID pandemic? When every pharma hogging vaccines for themselves. And patenting. BTW top 25 pharmas make more than top 25 IT companies in USA!!! WHO is incompetent, Powerless! As our political leaders! Moonshot is non-profit organization researching COVID vaccines based on pro bono funding and bootstrap grants. They share their research freely with scientific community! It was carried out using FAH https://foldingathome.org/foldinghome. which is platform for shared computing, they achieved more FLOPS than top 5 supercomputers in the world together, yet with lower environmental costs!!! Woah! They asked NIH for funding and they were refused, apparently it was not even worth of their time! Again this could be for various reasons so don't quote me on this... I Am just mentioning this as interestingness. So again science is largely social as like 80% of all jobs! Scientists are still human beings!!! Provide any counter-arguments, or do not answer!
  19. Yet you quote no sources, or you don't give any arguments xDD If evidence strongly implies otherwise, there should be no problem to link strong proof right? Also depends on a definition, if you take what science should be, or like some definition of science: of what generally scientists agree upon that science should be, than yes. But in reality this differs drastically! Like everything: it can be used for power, or status, or politics etc. And scientists are people like everyone else (with emotions, egos etc.) So it will depend on people doing science! And to publish your studies you need verification from scientific circles and reputation, to get resources and move-on in your career. But if someone prominent say you study is bad, it may get ignored by other scientists and you won't accomplish anything... What about this: https://www.forbes.com/sites/startswithabang/2017/09/28/is-the-inflationary-universe-a-scientific-theory-not-anymore/?sh=581a72acb45e Or this: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41599-020-00680-y These literally say the opposite! Many skilled scientists are not getting positions, which they do deserve based on their skills! So that means they are not getting recognition, or don't have connections, aren't popular, perhaps because other scientists dislike them: https://www.grunge.com/95824/geniuses-actually-terrible-people/ What about Isac he didn't come with some idea and stole it and tried to delete Leibnitz (or who it was) from the existence! How is this about objective facts and not about reputation, or status? He literally wanted to ruin another scientist, maybe because envy, or hate... And claim his studies as his own... Next: https://www.forbes.com/sites/startswithabang/2020/10/08/no-roger-penrose-we-see-no-evidence-of-a-universe-before-the-big-bang/#315ae5de7a0f Some no one said Roger Penrose is wasting his time- can't find it anymore. Here you go climate scientist says: way knowledge is established to be deemed as true is not always logical:https://medium.com/@mtobis/who-decides-what-is-true-b6d9057489cd
  20. Wait what? The statement: our lives possibly repeat forever, or all permutations of everything possible! I said, we don't know that for sure. But we also can't refute it! What is emotional on that?! It is the truth. You ignored everything - I was saying and started to strawman me and ignored all proof I posted, I bet you didn't even read it... I even provided sources for my claims LOL, e.g. that people with ASD don't include emotions into their reasoning. You didn't even challenge it and skipped to strawman LOL. Sure I feel emotions and at the end I decide always based on emotions - Elon Musk say Neocortex is trying to accommodate Limbic System most of the time. And scientists say we decide at the end always based on emotions! https://bigthink.com/experts-corner/decisions-are-emotional-not-logical-the-neuroscience-behind-decision-making But I don't include emotions into my reasoning. I give example: I may care about someone, or feel with people. But I can think of them objectively without being biased by emotions. Not many people can do that! I though scienceforums would be different, there can be always dishonest people, but didn't realize even people with many posts would be like that! It is honestly my bad, that I put to much respect towards scientists from watching TV shows! I don't follow any scientists in IRL, or care about scientific circles. I was naive, science is: mainly about reputation, not about objective facts! Some theory is accepted, just because some elite in high scientific circles chosen to believe it... Science is very social - I read. More proof - about elitism in math circles: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41599-020-00680-y I couldn't help myself, more proof - that I Am right... Also do you realize that people are talented in many different areas and because it is beneficial for survival of the race! I don't care who is the person, I will listen to his idea. And judge validity of his statements based on them and not based on a person... In science someone may have a brilliant idea and just, because he is not a celebrity, or doesn't have connections - no one cares... There were brilliant people in medieval age and just because they didn't have status, they worked in fields... Another example: woman in science, man like some boss would usually laugh at their ideas, or not didn't even care... At this point you are giving more proof to support my claims... I mentioned Shoppenhauer only because Einstein was quoting his position on Free Will. And that he sees it same! Yeah, but as other people said. Our existence is just blip on timescale of the Universe. We know nothing! Also I Am troubled by idea, we could be in a simulation! There were even devised practical experiments to test it, they just weren't carried out yet! Because it is not feasible yet! It was on Bigthink, but error 404 for some reason: https://www.indiatimes.com/technology/science-and-future/physicist-hong-qin-ai-algorithm-could-prove-our-reality-is-just-a-simulation-535379.html 2nd link: https://arxiv.org/abs/1703.00058 I honestly don't understand how anyone cannot have depression, it feels to me as logical state of mind. We evolved millions years to survive (not that would be point of evolution, it is random) and to do what is meaningful for our lives! Now we have realized it is all pointless - big joke! I am 99.9% sure Free Will is illusion. And we could be in simulation, or re-live same/different lives over and over! Also there is great deal of suffering and inequality, coronavirus made it only worse! Now corporations want to create their own state, with their own municipal goverment LOL! https://www.marketwatch.com/story/in-nevada-desert-blockchains-llc-aims-to-be-its-own-municipal-government-01613252864 If this will pass, it will be literal corporatocracy!!! In 50 years we will be all slaves to some rich assholes. Well do you still not have depression? When I see what happens in the world and everything is just zero-sum game in the end. Altruism is selfish. Everything annoying me literally every second!
  21. Oh and now I am posting on other forums too? Only account I have on scienceforums - is this account. I registered since 2018 and I don't exactly post much here as you can see... Maybe I asked once/twice on chemicalforums about something and maybe I created account on scienceforums.com. I don't think I ever used it. And site said: account with this name not found! Now who is paranoid? Woah someone else had same thought, it must be one person. Because thought is just wrong. Because I have Phd in physics and you don't therefore everything you say is wrong... Instead trying to have a constructive discussion... I must say you are so arrogant! It is like in high school in here. I posted in other thread and one guy disagreed. So he went to my other thread instantly, while that topic was on top months... And from long discussion, he cherry picks one thing, which wasn't even incorrect. And catches me by my word... Seemed personal... Because science is largely social and about seeming reputation, instead of getting to truth. You find in history many brilliant people, which were arrogant and didn't care about truth! Only about their ego... Like Newton... https://medium.com/@mtobis/who-decides-what-is-true-b6d9057489cd BTW free will is illusion you did nothing... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_Schopenhauer E.g. Inflation was criticized by co-author: https://www.forbes.com/sites/startswithabang/2017/09/28/is-the-inflationary-universe-a-scientific-theory-not-anymore/?sh=581a72acb45e He and other scientists called others uncritical believers! MigL: said: it will be heat death, while it is a most accepted theory. We don't know that on 100% !!! Now who is not logical? Some astrophysicists - Ethan Siegel no-one heard about said: https://www.forbes.com/sites/startswithabang/2020/10/08/no-roger-penrose-we-see-no-evidence-of-a-universe-before-the-big-bang/?sh=34d676bd7a0f About which no one heard about BTW... Why would he even say this? Penrose can do what the heck he wants... And science should be not about mass opinion, but about finding the truth and logic and critical thinking, divergent thinking etc. Same science is not engaging in proof... So why would he have to stick to Inflation? If he thinks, there is a better explanation, or perhaps little variety wouldn't hurt. Who knows... Einstein: I am extremely logical person, while I don't have Phd from physics (never claimed so BTW). I see how things are! That is not to say I know everything, but I never claimed I do! I know enough, that I know: I don't know anything... But we simply don't know, if Eternal Return is true or not... Someone else tells me that fear is behind my claims and it is not logical, while he didn't even read what I was saying... BTW I have Asperger, I don't include emotions into my thinking: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4532317/#:~:text=In typical individuals%2C alexithymia was,fear%2C disgust%2C and anger. As example: You are coping hard right now, perhaps even without realizing it... There are multiple studies, which linked positive illusions to well being and depression to seeing things more clearly. Even while depression can make people see the opposite. Depends on a person and situation! https://aeon.co/essays/the-voice-of-sadness-is-censored-as-sick-what-if-its-sane Also logical fallacy would be, just because I am much less knowledgeable at some areas, then you. Like it would mean, that a fact is not a fact... You are exactly type of people, which try to shun some argument based on something like that. I don't have to know everything about physics and still can be right in this case. Two things aren't exclusive. You don't need to be Einstein in physics, to know something from physics is x way. I bet people from other areas of science found out something from your area, you didn't know about... You see: I don't give crap" about being true, or ego, or anything. Only about finding the truth! I didn't claim anything, except: that Eternal Return may be possible and we don't know that for a fact, that it is possible, or it is not!!! And that's literally it. And see how you acted? You showed your true colors... You don't have to worry, I won't be posting here anyways, since it is just bunch of charlatans here... I don't agree, you bring out random accusations, or say it is fear. Instead of constructive discussion... I don't really even care. But seeing this simply leaves sore feeling in my mouth. And then people say: people with ASD are anti-social. But we see things closer to how they truly are and don't come to definitive conclusions, if we don't know it is true, or not... And because we understand human behavior in a theory and see what people do to each other... Not to say I blame you about every single thing. But part of scientific community is really like that! So maybe listen to your fellow scientists, if they bring out a controversial theory, because at the end of a day, who cares if in scientific circles it is deemed correct/incorrect. Many people, which were slandered, showed to be correct later...
  22. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conformal_cyclic_cosmology https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Bounce ... I did not made that up. Are you kidding? I said, we don't know if it is true, or not. It can be possibly true...
  23. To avoid the Eternal Return! I guess you should read 1st post, but it is very depressive, you probably don't want to!
  24. I wasn't talking changing things on the universal scale. If you could change yourself to energy e.g. which seems not possible. Perphaps you wouldn't have to experience time. Not sure if energy does. I was talking about things of sorts. I realize there is probably like 0.00000...% chance of escape.
  25. I am not blaming you! Why do you think that? You misunderstood me whole time. Since not I am expert in Physics: I asked, if there is anything remotely, which can be done to avoid this. So now you are saying, you don't feel comfortable answering this. I didn't mean su..... I meant, anything except that which can be done. So that mean there is nothing you know of? I am of course glad for answering other questions. Which alone doesn't answer fully my question.
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