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  1. Just react it with some HCl, the Fe will go into solution, and the S will be given off as H2S.
  2. Ok, so If i dissolve the flint in water, can I react that with the oxalic acid, or should I dissolve it in nitric or something along that road?
  3. If I recall correctly, if C electrodes are used, then NaCN is produced, not exactly a fun compound to be working with
  4. Ok, most everybody knows that the cheap mischmetal used in firestarters is pretty much an alloy of Ce and Fe, along with trace amounts of Mg, Mn, etc. My goal is to extract the Cerium in a salt for from this. I have looked around, and found that Cerium Oxalate is not water soluble. I know that Iron Oxalate is quite water soluble from my mineral-collecting hobby (oxalic acid is used to turn ferroferrous dirt deposits in quarts in to iron oxalate, which then goes into solution, leaving the quartz spotless). Therefore, I should be able to have Cerium Oxalate precipitate out of a solution of the dissolved mischmetal by the addition of oxalic acid. My question is, should I just dissolve the mischmetal directly in oxalic acid, or should I dissolve it in something else, and react that with oxalic acid? If so which acid should I dissolve the mischmetal in? I will try to post pictures with my results (if my results end up positive).
  5. Uranium dust is possible? I thought it was pyrophoric...
  6. There is a biology forum right below the chemistry forum.
  7. Wouldn't a very dilute soln of Nitric Acid color it yellow?
  8. Show the exothermic reaction of anhydrous CuSO4 and H2O, and the endothermic reaction of NH4NO3 and H2O.
  9. You could always use the search tool
  10. As many of you may know, I collect minerals. Recently, I bought a book that describes mineral tests with Cobalt Nitrate. Any ideas of how I could make it?
  11. Why not make nylon, that is quite fun.
  12. Urine is brilliantly fluorescent (i found this out when I used the restroom at a party, scared the heck out of me!). For a more practical approach, take the felt cartrige out of a highlighter, and stir it in water until it has changed the color of the highlighter. You could also squeeze the felt tube, and let the ink drip into the water below.
  13. Yep, learning is fun. Realgar is one of those minerals that fools a lot of people. Orpiment and Realgar almost always occur together so the formulas are often confused.
  14. YAAAY 20,001 post. Anyway, I typed this up the other day but I wanted to make sure that everything was accurate, is it? As Extraction From Realgar David Aldridge Arsenic can be won from realgar by reacting the powdered mineral with Fe filings. The result will be solid As, and solid FeS. This needs to be done under a hood, as some of the As is vaporised into Arsine. Fe: 1 Mole is equal to 55.847 g As: 1 Mole is equal to 74.92159g S : 1 Mole is equal to 32.066 g If we break up everything into 1/10th of a mole for each of the elements (The As and the S are still attatched, we are just figuring out how much of each element is present), we would find that 1/10th of a mole of each would equal... 55.847g Fe = 5.6g Fe 74.921g As = 7.5g As 32.066g S = 3.1g S Thus, the approxamite amount of each chemical that woud be needed it as follows... 10.8g AsS 05.6g Fe In The End, we would obtain... 8.9g FeS 5.6g As The equation for this reaction would be as follows... AsS(s) + Fe(s) --> FeS(s) + As(s) ©2006 by David Aldridge
  15. I would agree with YT and the ricin
  16. YT, back onto your expidetion for Sulfur, go to mindat.org, i post stuff there a lot, just go to the LOCALITY SEARCH and type in UK. That will give you a lot of localities, or search for sulfur under the MINERAL SEARCH, and when you get to the page on sulfur, click on "view all localities"
  17. actually (seeing as you want bp) you want the KNO3
  18. You would probably need a very brittle plastic
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