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  1. I am looking into PhD programs in Northern California. There are dozens of schools that offer graduate programs in organic chemistry. Can anyone tell me what north cali universities have good reputations? http://programs.gradschools.com/california/chemistry.html
  2. Does anyone know what the names of these ions would be??? 1. SeO4 with a 2- charge 2. HSe with a 1- charge 3. HSeO3 with a 1- charge
  3. Does this metaphor explain it??? When two atoms come together it is like two magnets coming together. Holding the two magnets just a little bit a part takes energy, because they are really attracted to one another. Then when they come together they release energy, which is in the form of sound (a snap). The reason they release this energy is because now, they don't need the extra energy they used to stay apart.
  4. Um, I am still confused. However, thank you for the reply : ) So, they release heat, because now they move around together instead of independantly? Can you put this in terms of a metaphor that I can relate to?
  5. On an atomic level, what happens to atoms when they form bonds to cause them to release energy?
  6. Hi, I graduated with a BS in chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh last spring. Now, I am working on my masters in education. I am not sure if I want to teach anymore, and the uncertainty of finding a job in education is scaring me. So, I was looking at some other possible career routes that I could take, and I came across pharmaceutical sales. I was wondering if any of you are pharmaceutical sales representatives, and if you wouldn’t mind filling me in what I need to do to prepare for interviews for this position. (The company that I am looking to apply to is Glaxo Smith Kline.) Tha
  7. popjinx


    Thanks! I am a student teacher and I wanted to complete a demonstration using a heterogenous catalyst. I wasn't sure if this would be safe or not.
  8. popjinx


    What would happen if you reacted H2O2 (not very concentrated) with nickel or palladium? Would there be an explosion?
  9. Does anyone know how to make 0.05 M acidified copper (II) nitrate solution from concentrated HCl and Copper (II) Nitrate solution?
  10. Why is water a good material to use in a calorimeter?
  11. I was just wondering because a professor of mine told me that one of his lab students had to get her contacts surgically removed because they became fused to her eyes. To me this really didn't sound plausible, especially since she didn't splash any chemicals in her eyes.
  12. Is there any truth to the statement that some fumes from organic solvents can react with contact lenses causing them to fuse to the eyes? If so, then what are these solvents?
  13. That is a good idea; however, I forgot to mention that, at most, I have 10 minutes to give this demo. I need something really simple.
  14. I am taking an education class in teaching lab science, and I am supposed to give a chemistry demonstration as a requirement for the course. I want to give a demo on something regarding mixtures and pure substances, separation of mixtures, or energy and energy changes. However, I am limited as to what chemicals I can use (I have no acess to lab chemicals) so the simpler the better. Can anyone give me some suggestions???
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