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  1. Hello, Im trying to make a ball and socket wheel at the moment as a little project. It might be used to sit on but do not know yet , all i know is that it will need to take quite a bit of weight. What i thought of doing is getting a cup shapes piece of metal with a ball inserted just over half way into the cup and then with ball bearings inside the cup to help the ball move around . The only problem i can think of is that the weight is going to damage the ball bearings and dirt is going to get in from the ball and onto the ball bearings and clog them . I have thought of a solution for the weight problem by simply inserting a larger ball bearing into the top of the cup so the wheel can sit against that. But all the weight against that wouldn't that prevent the ball bearing from working ? I have never looked into this before a bit of advice would be great , Thanks
  2. fluid it is , its just getting the right fluid for the job and the right glass for the job
  3. well i think the only heat transfer im going to get is convection so the tost wil need to be as close and possible ! I doubt i would get much IR of it atall
  4. for the heating eliment im going to use Nichrome and run a current through it. Then i suppose i just simply place that into the liquid and try and get some idea of how much i can heat this stuff
  5. does anyone know of a maybe another type ceramic that would be better to use ? Something that doesnt cost quite so much ?
  6. i think the heatig side of things i got sorted out , im going to use some sort of oil , becuase i do not think the ultra thin wires are possible . Also i do not think the infa red would be feasable , probably expensive and would require protection for the user. So the oil would be good but need a specific oil that would be perfect and could quickly heat up , thanks for the advice from everyone !
  7. I have been lookign at the sort of prices for fused quartz . and it is very expensive a disc of the stuff with a 6cm diamete and jut over 6mm thick is about £250 ! This is from the onlie goodfellow service Here is the link http://www.goodfellow.com/scripts/web.wl?MGWLPN=MNT&PROG=SEARTOW&LAN=A&HEAD=SI61&SPAGE=SI61
  8. maybe a cermanic isnt the best thing to use then ? Im thinking maybe seomthing else ?
  9. oh sorry i was talking about the glass , or plastic that could take the heat:P Thanks
  10. is there anything that can take that heat and be transparent at the same time ? Thanks
  11. i been looking aswel cant seem to find anything ?
  12. well im not really thinking of mass producing it but hey if i get itworkign then why not lol ! I dont think i would be able to use the thin metal anyway becuase of patent protection on it. So the liquid one seems good to me and seems possible. But would the toast need to be virtually touching the glass ? On the users side of the glass it could be heat proof ?
  13. ok suppose that does make sense. I just been looking at the peanut oil just on like google imges and stuff and it is a yellow collour like Olive oil. Im gathering its always this colour , is there anything else that is completely clear that would do the trick ?
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