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  1. This websites has many threads on H2SO4, just use the search engine! It saves you a lot of time.
  2. Although Hard To Find... "The Golden Book Of Chemistry" is a great book. Costly Though
  3. I know that. I have a gieger-counter that measures in mR/hr. I was curious if I could somehow use that to find out CPM.
  4. Not sure if this would go under chem or mat, but here it goes... What is the scale that you use to convert mR/hr to CPM in radioactivity?
  5. The mineral that Plutonium occurs in is called Muromontite. And yes, there is both Uranium and Beryllium present in it.
  6. "noooo. youre wasting it. why in the world would you use potassium Nitrate for something as useless as chilli peppers. Do chilli pepers give you an adrenaline rush like a blackpowder rocket goung 600 feet in the air?....thought not. Wannabe pyros?. ok ill give you that one, but i have made some decent rockets with some nice headings to match them!" Have you ever eaten a chili pepper staight from the bush? Talk about a rush!
  7. Do an electrolysis of potash (potassium carbonate) that has been moistened just enough to let it be electrolysized.
  8. It could be the type of electrodes you are using.
  9. Since CuSO4 is such a common chemical, I thought that this page would be a good one to have posts about things that you can do with it.
  10. I do not think that his/her grandparents would have any radium. Was it a gag (a glow-in-the-dark plastic or zinc-sulfide painted rock?)...
  11. Just put some iron filings into vegetable oil.
  12. That is not entirely true. Yes, people saw them, nut not everyone was amazed by them. In fact, until the 1700's, people were not aware of what a meteorite was. If someone said the rocks were from space, they would usually be charged.
  13. Any element will do... this is a place for everyone to share and/or learn how.
  14. Hi! I created this thread for all of the element collectors out there. If you know how to extract different elements, post the element name, its host material, items needed, and the procedure!
  15. I think it has to be heated to a certain temperature. Although, im pretty sure silver is also helpful instead of copper. again im not fully sure but...
  16. Is it a Longwave or Shortwave UV light?
  17. Put some food coloring into the liquid in a fog machine...
  18. I was just wondering...Since HNO3 is made from KNO3, would it be possible to do the opposite (HNO3 To KNO3)?
  19. a zippo is a type of lighter, the pt and rh is it's catalyst
  20. Sorry, there is no Np in smoke detectors... my bad...lol
  21. This thread is a thread for people to post elements that are in common household items. Here Are A Few To Start Out... Zippo-Pt, Rh Pencil-C Lightbulbs-W Pots And Pans-Fe Fishing Weights-Pb Smoke Detectors-Am, Np Jewelry-Ag
  22. How could I get HNO3 from Ammonium Nitrate (if it is possible).
  23. There are two types of "iron", kamacite and taenite. The goal is to etch out the kamacite to show the winmanstatten patterns.
  24. well, how would i go about making potassium nitrate
  25. i need nitric acid to etch a meteorite (iron)
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