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  1. Does anybody know how to oxidise ammonia? I need nitric acid very badly. Thanks!
  2. The meteorite @ the bottom of the page in this auction is what it looks like when etched, when not etched, it looks like iron... http://i16.ebayimg.com/01/i/04/01/1f/f5_12_sb.JPG
  3. Alpha and gamma irons are just another way of saying kamacite and taenite.
  4. Yes, It HAS been confirmed. there are a type of meteorites that are called Chondrites, and they are made up of chondrules. They tell us that there is proof of the big bang (you need to read about them to know why)... I recommend the book "Rocks From Space" by O. Richard Norton. We can also track back to the time of the extinction of dinosaurs by looking at Iridium in KT boundry clay.
  5. Only corrode the kamacite, if the others corrode, ill run the windmanstatten pattern
  6. Hi! Does anybody know what a good etchant for a meteorite would be. They are iron meteorites, and are composed of the following Nickel Iron Kamacite (Alpha Iron) Taenite (Gamma Iron) I Need To Etch out the Kamacite so that i can show the windstatten figures
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