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    Genetic code. Primes numbers. Number theory. Symmetry.
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  1. Certainly, each particle of the Universe contains all the laws governing it as the image of the alive cell containing in its core all genetic information to be it living respective.

    This is what I seek to discover during my different works.

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    2. koti


      A status update is not the place to discuss this, you should set up a thread or discuss in a relevant existing thread. The answer to you question on "how does a particle know" is: The laws of physics. A cell on the other hand contains genetic information because biology and evolution. If you're trying to unify biology and physics you might want to reconsider otherwise we might conclude you have loose screws or missing some even. 

    3. Jean-Yves BOULAY

      Jean-Yves BOULAY

      Matter called living is made up of physical particles, so there is a relationship.

    4. koti


      One could find some kind of a miniscule relationship between everything in the Universe.

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