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  1. Ah I got that wrong, I was thinking of the flux in glassmaking but that's actually just sodium carbonate and sodium oxide is formed in situe. As has been said before your best bet is to decompose carbonate. Can I ask what you need it for? There might be something else you could do to avoid Na2O Hucksonn
  2. Just buy it, it's a pretty common chemical.
  3. So you've got a container and you don't want to use carbon to mark the sides?
  4. It's called being critical, if you put forward an idea we'll be critical and so we should in a community like this.
  5. That's a good point, maybe we could flag some variable to be associated with another that bypasses the locality program we've created.
  6. Wouldn't any simulation have to be at its roots numerical as we cant store or manipulate infinite data? Every single process of modern computers is reducible to some finite string, are you saying that to have a working simulation we'd have to discover some new tech? Modern day simulations are numerical and they function within their bounds perfectly fine.
  7. Are you talking about the degree of accuracy in the information stored for the magnitude of fields in each quanta? Are you saying that any slight error in accuracy would add up and ruin the sim? Is there any way we can carry out an experiment to prove that our universe is analytical?
  8. I'm not really saying that quanta are separated by the planck length, but rather that if we quantize space itself then it'd make sense to do so as a cube with sides equal to the planck length. I'm not so much talking about the real world but how I imagine a computer simulation might mirror reality as best as possible without hardware limitations ect. I'm mostly going off the idea in my head that if you'd need to express the smallest possible "bit" of information in a computer simulation as a space of volume (planck length)^3 with the variables of every single field and a magnitude associated in order to most accurately simulate reality. Obviously this is the speculation subforum it's just fun to think about how you might try to simulate a universe given limitless technology and knowledge
  9. If they wrote the program so that each individual quanta could only influence adjacent quanta then the fastest travelling information would be the size of the smallest quanta divided by the smallest time to calculate the influence. (Think sort of like conway's game of life) In our universe that fastest travelling information is obviously the speed of light, so a quanta (we'll say that in our universe that's the planc length), influences another quanta every 10^-43 seconds (The planc time). From this we can deduce that if we used this method, where information is communicated by adjacent sections. The processor can calculate everything about a single interaction with a frequency of10^31 Terrahertz, that's not a single calculation that's every single calculation about a single quanta.
  10. You can pair every number between each set with a single number from the other set, I wouldn't say they have the same amount of numbers in each set but they certainly have the same cardinality.
  11. There's a difference between entertainment and reality why does that annoy you
  12. You don't need to be a professional to make interactive web applets anymore, js will probably be the most useful but to be honest other people have made such good embeds nowadays you can learn just about any language with a similar paradigm and somebody will have embedded it in a browser. But JS can be fun and it certainly encourages you to learn. To be honest you probably don't even need to learn or even fully understand PHP or SQL if you're not doing any backend management.
  13. Then don't post that in a thread about a test for anions. Because as someone already pointed out its off topic and annoying
  14. Yeah you should learn Virtual Basic, a quick bit of googling will find you learning resources etc. I can't recommend a good VB online course unfortunately. You should try to just program a solution for any problem you have, academic or personal if it's a real solution to a problem you'll enjoy it more. As for your website you should be fine just learning PHP, CSS, HTML. You don't even really need to be very good to make a good looking website nowadays anyway, you should just be able to make an alright one whilst learning.
  15. In this scenario the ammonium ions go into solution and interact with with hydronium ions already in solution due to the spontaneous dissociation of water. It's an equilibrium remember. H2O + NH3 <----> OH- + NH4+ So when that goes into solution it reduces the concentration of OH- ions. (Le chatiers' principle) Then because of the recuced OH- concentration the dissosciation of H3O changes and more are left in solution for your pH indicator to detect. All of that was stupid by the way as you'd be detecting a Cation which wasn't what the OP asked about. How do you suggest detecting NaCl with a pH indicator.
  16. They change the pH because they form hydronium ions just like any other acid. You're still only measuring the acidity of solution with any PH indicator, if you put an indicator into any of those solutions you're still only detecting hydronium/hydroxide molecules, it's not like you're detecting the Na+ or Sulphide ions. For the OP, unless you give more info we just cant help you with the Anions part.
  17. I mean I guess you could say its imagined, I haven't done any independent research it's just based off of anecdotal evidence and shit I've read. Like I said I can't talk about the states but I think there's certainly evidence to point that way. You should stop bumping your thread like that by the way, an interview thread isn't good content, talk about your own opinions too.
  18. I just think about it in the same way I think about women in STEM and the disproportions there. It's not that women are inherently worse at things, just like ethnic minorities aren't, its just that through upbringing (on average) they're slightly more discouraged to get into STEM or university as a whole. I tried to find some data on the % accepted for specific ethnicities. I know that over here for example you're a fair bit more likely to be accepted if you're a woman into a STEM field due to positive discrimination quotas.
  19. I don't know about in the states but during the enrolment stages in the UK universities make an effort to be proportional so they don't get called out. There's still a gap though and I think that's almost entirely down to factors earlier on in their life, if you want to get into who is really under-represented in the states its American Indians.
  20. What negative ion are you testing for? Just any anion? Also the sodium hydroxide test for metal ions will produce different coloured solutions or precipitates with different transition metals. You'll have to look those up.
  21. Do you really feel like insulting people is any way to make yourself come across as anything apart from autistic and angry? I'm an atheist myself, but in the past despite "hurr durr galen XD" ect. the Christian church (as just one example) was a unifying force across europe. They didn't provide much scientific enlightenment (funnily enough there's more to society than that), but without Catholicism europe would've been even more splintered than it was already.
  22. oh boy good insult, I like the way you were unnecessarily aggressive and thus look like a cunt for no reason read some history books before you argue that religion was not a positive force for the progression of the human race overall. Nowadays I guess it's different and it inhibits it, but certainly religious institutions in the past were a good thing.
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