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  1. Only high temperatures is not what causes greater humidity. There are a lot of factors which determine the overall climate of a place.
  2. Oh! Same to you DrP. Happy Easter !!
  3. The pace with which our technology is growing, I believe the age of robots isn't too far.
  4. In India, there are many reasons behind poverty. Firstly, rural areas are more poverty stricken than urban areas. There is better opportunities in cities, and so people migrate to those areas. If you do google a little, you would find that our Government has a policy known as NREGA(National Rural Employment Guarantee Act), which promises to every family below the poverty line a 100 days of work with good wages. However, it hasn't been implemented rightly. Moreover the ill-will of certain officers has caused a decline in the efficiency of the government in spite of having lucrative opportunities. Secondly, people who migrate to urban areas do so in the hope of getting better income. However urban jobs demand qualification, which is lacking in their cases. This drives them to live in shabby areas called slums. They generally get some odd jobs, or do nothing but beggary. Thirdly, if you know the neighbouring countries of India, you would find most of them underdeveloped or in the developing stage( except China). People immigrate from their countries and enter into our nation. This adds up to the net population. Thus, demand for every commodity increases beyond their supply. And the result is price rise. The last point about immigration is nowadays becoming a problem in Europe also, I think. Syrians and the Rohinga tribes of Myanmar needs shelter. They are entering into the European countries. ( I know this only from newspapers. If it's wrong, then please let me know the current situation in Europe or in the West.)
  5. Hi DrP, I haven't meant to hurt by that statement. But, new technology is certainly labour saving. And increased technology had an inverse effect on people's lifestyle. Todays industry is technology driven and not labour intensive. So a good deal of the man power has been thrown out into the streets. That's a factor which has caused unemployment. Moreover, the acute poverty of the underdeveloped countries is what I wanted to highlight. The cause of poverty is price rise, which is mainly due to influx of immigrants and lack of proper education, which decreases a person's scope of employment in today's competitive market.
  6. 1. The world is obviously moving towards a permanent state of peace and cooperation until a severe case creates strong enmity. 2. I can't accept that poverty and hunger are on the decline. If we take the global scenario, there is a rapid rise in immigration. Cause is known to all- Syria and the IS. Moreover, population control is the need of the hour. Most third world nations has no policy of birth regulation. Particularly in the Asian countries, there is very poor supply of proper nutrition. Healthcare is too bad in the underdeveloped countries of Africa and Asia. However there is scope of improvement. But, in my opinion, population explosion is the root cause of everything and we must take stern steps to control it. 3. Problem of environmental degradation is another big issue. The only way to resolve this is to control our birth rate and spread awareness regarding the problem. 4. No one will disagree that we are quite advanced technologically. Today's gadgets have made life too comfortable. However it's side effect is the increasing health problems. People tend to get addicted to their mobiles, forget that physical exercises are necessary. Result is obesity.
  7. I agree with you that people nowadays are more engaged to their social media than they are in their real lives. People have forgotten their real life and has taken virtual life as real. I have seen many young people who walk with their eyes glued to facebook while walking down a shopping mall. It's a nuisance. But, I can't agree that all people, I mean 100% of people whom I meet are so dull. There are quite a lot of youths who have maintained a good balance between the virtual world and the real world. It's hard to believe that none talks with you well. Haven't you got any friends? No good and caring friends?
  8. For numbers like 454647, we are considering three consecutive integers as parts of the number. So 454647 has three consecutive integers- 45,46 and 47. We can represent them as 10n + a, 10n+(a+1) and 10n+(a+2); where n is the tens digit ( here n=4) and a is the ones digit, three consecutive integers, and so a, a+1 and a+2. If we add, then 10n + a 10n + (a+1) 10n + (a+2) _______________ 30n + 3a +3 = 3(10n + a + 1) So its a multiple of 3.
  9. Are you assuming that waves are the consequences of interactions of dark matter with normal matter??
  10. Here I want to bring to your notice two important aspects of your personality. Firstly, you have said that you are depressed. So I assume that when you are typing the posts, you are under a state of depression. However, you have not shown impulsiveness when you are faced with criticisms and arguments. You have not given negative votes to the posters. This shows that you are calm and not irritated with the world to the extreme. Secondly,I want to ask you some straight forward questions. Do you wish to lead a good life with your friends and family? Do you feel lonely and unhappy due to lack of human relations? Do your inner conscience frets against your friends' callous attitude and wish to have a normal life with good people who really care about you? Answer them and judge your answers and let me know what you find.
  11. They must have certain reasons behind their ignorance. It may be that they find your view quite offensive.
  12. You can't change other's views. If your friends post their selfies, instead of scorning at them press the like button. You have got either of the two ways: change your view or fall into unnecessary depressions. You should accept the harsh truth that each person on this world have their unique tastes and individual personality.
  13. Whenever you feel depressed, listen to some music. That will certainly helps.
  14. Depression occurs due to some lack of emotional fulfilment. Statistics show that majority of today's people are prone to depressions. The cause is varied. Some people feel depressed due to some break ups. Some feel a peer pressure due to inability to achieve their goals, or feel ashamed to face the society due to some minor or major issues. Cases also exist where youths go into a state of utter depression and hopelessness due to some of their activities that aren't quite wrong but enkindles dislike towards him from his parents or relatives. Again there are also people who are extremely introvert and doesn't interact well with the community, resulting in a depression. Other reasons include certain phobias, obsessive impulsive disorder or sleeplessness. The immediate step is to understand what causes the depression. Try to understand it, then think of a way to forget it. You must always be optimistic. Remember: Every cloud has a silver lining.
  15. A reflector will do that. I think infrared rays obey the laws of reflection. But, a good deal of the energy will be absorbed, making the system less efficient. Further, if the specific heat capacity of the reflector is high, it will absorb a significant heat without appreciable risk in temperature.
  16. Today I learnt how to find the inverse of a matrix. Interesting!
  17. Our human brains can perceive electromagnetic waves of wavelengths 4000 to 8000 angstroms. That's the visible spectrum. And each particular wavelength has its own unique effect on our visual perception. It is important to understand how our brain sees our world. It is a known fact that the sunlight is polychromatic in nature and is generally a mixture of all colours. When this sunlight is incident on an object of a particular colour, then that object absorbs all other colours but reflects its own colour. As an example, the grass absorbs all colours but reflects green. On the other hand, we perceive darkness due to lack of visible light. Example is a shadow casted by an opaque body. However, it must be kept in mind that what we perceive darkness may not be completely devoid of electromagnetic rays. Visible light may not be present, but infrared rays or rays of higher frequencies like X ray or ultraviolet rays may be present.
  18. There is too much increase of these imaginative thinkers nowadays.
  19. If the apple didn't fall on Newton's head, could mankind ever get his priceless theory? What would have happened to the present world if Pythagoras never discovered the famous theorem? Could modern trigonometry develop without it? Or, is it more probable that some other person would have invented them? Could modern science be developed without Faradays' experiment or Maxwell's explanations about electromagnetism? It seems that if those legends hadn't been born, our world would have never come to this level. What do you think about this? Any thoughts or ideas or imaginations?
  20. I didn't know that the human brain stores information in the form of 0s and 1s.
  21. I though reducing the emission of green house gases is a better option than to move the earth away from it's orbit to reduce global warming. Do you know what will be the consequences of your idea? First, all vehicles working together would produce enough gases, causing more warming of the earth. Second, it can bring a great catastrophe.
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