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  1. Hmm it has to be functional heh, not everyone's brains are connected together, so it has to be functional. P.S. No it's a voltage output with different timing from the functional inputs
  2. Well then, how would you distinguish the function of the brain from that of a computer? I'll take structural difference for an answer, I'll leave it at this
  3. Well, for the term "property" of the function, you should break it down in terms of current, voltage, or hardware. That's what I'm asking myself when I think of consciousness, am I the output current, the output voltage, or hardware(hardware can't think).
  4. Well, how else can you describe consciousness?
  5. My bad dude, no hard feelings, I'm attempting to verify that consciousness is an analogue circuit, but whether it is voltage or water dipole I am still unsure of. If you are looking into this feel free to let me know
  6. Right, it is the biochemical interactions we are looking into where we are tracing the sodium and potassium ions flow within the brain. Supposedly you heard a piece of music. How do you know which part of your brain is activated in listening to this piece of music? It could be the right brain, the left brain, or both. The only way to verify this is by tracing the ions flow within the neuron so we know which sensory neurons are being activated
  7. Right my focus is more on digital creation. Technically if you create a digital system it never dies. Only if the power stops running and the software terminates. So who is to say you have the right to end its life?
  8. I'm saying you simulate a current on the screen and you can light up a physical light bulb P.S. Right well, if you do simulate real consciousness in a computer let me know, I'll be counting on you P.S. I think it's possible, can you light up a light bulb with the current simulated in a computer?
  9. Yes, a computer can do complicated things including generating consciousness using a software, hardware by itself, no matter how many transistors you throw at it, cannot make a computer conscious. You can have consciousness by just not thinking about anything. Yes the state changes, but that doesn't mean it's binary, it's analogue Yes, analogue circuit have infinite states, mistake on my part Yes you can probably simulate consciousness using a software or simulate analogue circuits, but how do you simulate current and voltage, as electrons running through transistors to generate vo
  10. Alright Strange, the consciousness cannot be digital circuit because digital circuit only has two states, 0 or 1. If you do believe consciousness to be digital circuit then you will have to agree that the state will change, For instance I got a current(1) and no current(0) passing through an AND gate and you get no current(0) out, then a clock cycle later I got current(1) current(1) and get a current(1) out. You have to agree that for a digital circuit, after running for every clock cycle you perform an operation with the CPU either reading in bits or writing bits. If you want to check how cpu
  11. You might be able to program consciousness, but logic gates are not conscious. I don't see how consciousness could be functional. Like after a billion logic gates the computer suddenly become conscious. I still respect your views
  12. Something like a conch shell resonance effect?
  13. Hmm, technically what I mean by life is the creation of a nervous system. You can feel and have a sense of being alive with a nervous system, whereas bacteria and similar organisms that does not have a nervous system does not have a sense of self or awareness. So if digital immortality is real and you create life in a computer, who is to decide when to terminate their lives? Keep in mind that they could be immortals
  14. Well hmm, knowing that they are ions I probably wouldn't care as much because they are the same. Chemical synapse shouldn't matter much either. The flow is important because you need to know which function is activated, let it be hearing, visual, or other sense, each activates a different flow of the ions. Well, if you know circuitry better than me then you can tell me if the circuits exist in the brain is analogue of digital, last time I read somewhere both type of circuits exist in the brain. So to understand the flow you understand the functions of the circuits
  15. Although I'm really stuck on the idea about voltage though, can voltage give rise to life? This animation really helps me understand nerve impulse a lot and here is an explanation on voltage gated ion channel. P.S The reason I believe consciousness is not function is because consciousness cannot change state. If you assume a logic gate for consciousness, both current and voltage will have to change. If you assume your consciousness to be in state 1, once it pass through the logic gate it would be in state 2 and your voltage and current changes and you no longer have consciousness. Tha
  16. Care to elaborate on that? I sent you a mail too D:
  17. Well then strange, explain this to me, if I swap the ions in the brain with water molecules, are we still conscious? I am not being sarcastic here, but clearly there is an electrical property at work in the brain. I have to agree that computer also gives a functional perspective, as well as the current generates a magnetic field, but computer is not conscious. You are arguing that the functional perspective of the circuit gives rise to consciousness, well the circuit only generates current and voltage. And neither of that gives rise to consciousness, you'll have to elaborate on the functional
  18. Looks like you solved the last piece of this puzzle, hmm, but why is electromagnetic field important? Can you elaborate on electrochemical exchanges? The ions as a current does not explain enough about how it gives rise to consciousness This is taken from Wikipedia: "McFadden has proposed that the brain's electromagnetic field creates a representation of the information in the neurons." How does electromagnetic field do that?
  19. Alright, so I'm speculating that consciousness arise from electromagnetic field that has previously been theorized here. The thing is electromagnetic field itself is not consciousness and how consciousness arise inside the brain with electromagnetic field is never explained. Electromagnetic field itself is not conscious, its interaction with water molecule as theorized elsewhere that I ruled out to be conscious(ruled out = it is not conscious). Consciousness occurs in the brain, so it could be the brain's structure or material composition give rise to consciousness. I'd like to see if electrom
  20. Well, now I need to find a way to simulate electromagnetic field in the computer, you think you can simulate it Strange? They are technically photons
  21. So a moving charge creates an electromagnetic field?
  22. Hmm, it needs to be ions, but why? Moving electric charge creates electromagnetic field?
  23. Alright, but it emerges based on what property? It has to be some type of electrical property, simply water flowing in the nerve won't work, although I've never seen such a complex water system myself
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