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  1. :)


    No I think we misunderstand eachother.


    I am not saying either or is the cause.


    Allow me to cut and paste a previous post of mine to save some time:



    ~~~~I think when you break it down to the absolute basics between the two sides of subconscious and conscious being the ruler, we get this decision, or these choices:



    In terms of the subconscious ruling the human, the part of the mind that goes unoticed to the conscious self-ware part (me, us);


    In this we have the universe being a fundamental thing, a real thing, and our consciousness and everything attributed to it is considered an illusion that infact is ruled and controlled by long built of mechanisms in the brain via evolution. In that when we die, its forever gone like a long sleep.



    In terms of the conscious mind, the self aware self, ruling the human body / having control over reality, we tend to consider the only thing that is truly real is the mind, the awareness, the conscious. And the universe and everything material in it, both mass, and energy, is a grand illusion.



    So in each case we determin one factor as reality, and the other as illusionary.


    We do so equally and oppositely, but which one do we decide? For each reality has something attributed to it that apparently isnt real, or doesnt exist.


    This developes a bit of a logical conundrum, in that, how can something that is an illusion in a reality system, (ie; the illusion of a mind in a ever lasting real universe) exist if it is considered not to exist?


    Where if you decide the universe is the only thing real and you accept yourself as aware, you've just claimed the universe has the ability to create things that a) dont exist b) illusions and c) follows a design.


    And vice versa,


    If you think that it is only your mind that is real and the whole human experience and the universe itself is a grand illusion for the entertainment of the conciousness, than you have claimed the consciousness has the amazing ability to act as the medium in which reality plays through, in other words, creates amazing virtual experiences.




    Now to get to summing this up, after alot of considerations on this type of subject, mathamatically, logically, and experimentally I conclude that It is not about making a choice between the two.


    Each option of what is 'fundamnetally real' contains the same flaw that something illusionary is happening along with it.


    Because of this, I tend to conclude that you can not have one with out the other. You can not have a universe without a consciousness. You can not have an awareness without some kind of universe.


    This can be shown in many forms. A value of 1 simply can not exist. You always need a set, or pair of 1's in order to have reality.


    Its a 1:1 relationship. The universe is a singular system, and the consciousnes is a singular phenomina. These two interact to self proclaim one another.


    In the same way gravity does not exist unless there is a minimum of two objects to attract eachother. Motion can not exist without a reference point to compare with.


    There must always be a minimum of two things, an equal opposite counterpart relationship in order to have something happen, in complete respect to this reality.


    Hmmm I have to say that I disagree with what you're say virtually 100% on every item.

    We're just going to have to agree to disagree as I don't see us coming to any consensus on even the fundamentals that the arguement you're proposing is based on.

    I think I'm just to hard science, and you're to philosophical for us to find any common ground on the subject.

    Though I respect your point of view I just completely disagree with it.

  2. I doubt you'd be capable of experiencing anything. You're brain would likely be 100% non-functional.



    To put this in context, a cocaine overdose is simular to this but only works on a small fraction of neuro transmitters (Dopamine) and that's not even 100%.


    It would be like over dosing on as many drugs that releases a neurotransmitter for ever possible neuro transmitter there is, simultaniously...


    You'd likley have an instand heart attack, and die from that. If it wasn't for your heart going, you're body would likley overheat and fry itself. If that didn't happen and something simular didn't kill you, you'd probably be brain dead following that. Or the most traumatized individual alive.





    I just thought of a great analogy.


    You know what happens to a computer in an EMP pulse? I think it would be about the same idea for your mind.

  3. Let me introduce you to the Asshole Principle.


    It is a law of human nature that 10% of EVERY population is composed of assholes.


    Asshole is defined as anyone whose behaviour is restrained only by self interest, and the fear of getting caught and punished. ie. they have no conscience.


    An asshole will do absolutely anything that benefits themselves, if they think they can get away with it. Since 10% of every human population is composed of assholes, that means that 10% of all doctors are assholes also. These doctors will happily prescribe drugs for reasons related to ther own income, regardless of the impact on their patients, if they think they can get away with it.


    Once you understand the asshole principle, you have an enhanced understanding of how the world works. There is no solution to this problem, but there are ways of reducing the negative impact of all those assholes. The main one is to increase policing of human behaviour, since assholes will modify their actions to avoid getting caught and punished. Perhaps, in this thread, we should talk about how to better police the asshole doctors.


    However, we also need to remember that 90% are NOT assholes, and will do what is decent, professional and right.


    Yeah but who will police the asshole police, policing the asshole doctors?

  4. Well one can always take it into their own hands and sue them whenever possible. After a few secessful lawsuits to tarnish their opinions there likely aren't many hospitals that will rehire them...


    Other than that it is very hard to weed someone out till they've actually done something wrong. Everyone gets at least a chance. So all there is left to do is keep a watchful eye and make people accountable for their actions.

  5. As I say on my blog twimath.blogspot.com, numbers suggest different

    colors to me. I think that these colors may be memories of abstract

    patterns that are embedded in the unconscious. I have tried to produce

    several of these patterns and have posted them on my blog.


    As I understand it that is not really Synesthesia. People who have Synesthesia, actually see colours when say they hear a particular sound, or actually smell a rose when they see a colour. What you seem to be describing is just a typical association.


    Most people I've talked to report this experience of thinking certain letters are a certain colour.


    For example whenever I picture the letter A or the number 3 they are red in my mind. Conversely 2 is blue. G is green. 5 is blue as well. 7 is brown. 6 is purple. Z is usually white. 8 is orange, etc...

    I am incredibly visually oriented, there's always a visual image that goes alot with just about every thought I have.

  6. Hey, that just made me think of how evolution works. Even though snakes aren't built to climb trees, they could do it if they had to (like if the world was suddenly populated by vicious warrior bunnies :D ). Then, eventually, snakes would evolve who are excellent tree climbers. Something similar happened with humans, didn't it? When we left the jungles of Africa for the grass lands, we hand to stand on our hind legs even though we weren't built for it....


    Anyway, it just made me think of this. :P


    Actually I'm pretty sure that because of their ability to wrap around limbs most snakes are excellent tree climbers. Well assuming they're long enough to wrap around a limb a few times.

    Though I maybe wrong. But they're always in trees in the cartoons!!!

  7. Never had that problem before... but i think drinking more water is the best way to go and no feezy drinks like coke, fanta etc. More Salt like YT2095 said


    Ummm nooooooooo

    Drinking excessive water will only help flush electrolytes out of your system. Now I'm not saying do not drink water (as water is good for you), but what you really need is electrolytes, salts, whatever you want to call them.


    And drinking "feezy drinks" means nothing as carbonation has little to nothing to do with this.


    Now caffinate beverages may have an effect being a diaretic causing you to flush out your system and loose salts.


    Geeze why does everyone love to hate on the sodi-pop nowaday???

  8. Okay he's saying that a proton is a neutron with a positron orbiting it at a minimal energy level.

    And that when this positron is excited and falls back to it's minimal energy level radiation of Nuetrons and anti-neutrons is ommited.

    These neutrons dissintigrate to give you a proton an electron and a íåéòðèíî (whatever the hell that is).


    Now hes saying that this is what a star is, and the protons and electrons that are made form a shell around this neutron positron kernel (which may consist of one or many neutron positron pairs).


    And this thermonuclear reaction continues till the components result in the formation of a significant amount of iron at which point it slowly stops.


    He then "proves" this with an equation relating the mass of a proton to a neutron.... (some modification on bhors equation for the calcualtion of energy levels for the hydrogen atom)


    I've been doing alot of marking recently so have gotten well at interpretting gibberish.


    They really pump alot of peseudo science out of Russia don't they?

  9. ^^ I think you're confusing the word universe with the word reality. Or you have multiple definitions for universe.


    The universe is a physical thing. It doesn't care whatsoever for our consciousness. (unless you don't believe in a physical universe and you're trying to pull some Descarte "I think therefore I am", arguement that the universe doesn't actually existe, which is completely off topic and you should start a new thread in philosophy)


    Our reality is due to our conscious perception of the universe (as well as ourselves, thoughts, everything)


    Universe does not equal reality.

  10. Nothing will happen period with your design.


    The PEM is what makes a hydrogen fuel cell work. (Well all that I'm aware of there maybe other types)


    It's very simple actually. The hydrogen wants to react with the oxygen, but to do so it must pass through the membrane, however this is a special membrane that does not allow electrons to pass through. Only protons. Thus a seperate path must be provided for the electrons such as a wire. No what happens when electrons pass through a wire? We get an electric current.


    So the protons go through the membrane the electrons through the wire and they combine with Oxygen to make water.

  11. Actually the mutant mosquitoes aren't quite as bad as most people think. Due to their increased size they actually make nice house pests. Also their probiscus are specificly desinged for penetrating feathers thus they tend not to stig people.

    Well good pets as long as you can stand the humming of a 6 inch mosquitoe.

  12. I thought ramen was a single brand "ramen"


    I don't think ramen has any msg as I'm alergic to it and so would be doubled over on the floor with a migraine if the noodles had it.


    No it's not just a single brand. It's a type of noodle (ramen noodles) which is used in a type of soup (ramen noodle soup).


    Maybe the brand you eat is MSG free.

    Here is a brand that does contain MSG.





    Enriched flour (wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), vegetable oil (contains one or more of the following: canola oil, cottonseed oil, palm oil, rice oil), dehydrated vegetables (corn, carrot, green pea), salt, textured soy protein, hydrolyzed soy, corn and wheat protein, onion powder, monosodium glutamate, caramel color, garlic powder, autolyzed yeast extract, potassium carbonate, sodium carbonate, sodium tripolyphosphate, disodium guanylate, disodium inosinate, sodium alginate, natural flavors, tocopherols, soy sauce, powder (wheat, soybeans, maltodextrin, salt), beef powder, hydrolyzed wheat gluten, sugar, T-BHQ.

    Manufactured in a plant that also processes shrimp and milk products. "

  13. I wonder if it's safe to taste ammonium bromide? It seems to be listed as more dangerous than ammonium chloride. Not that its taste probably differs much from NH4Cl.


    I've never understood the obsession some pure chemists have with tasting chemicals.

    Personally I chring even at the thought of tasting the tap water from my lab, eventhough it's obviously fine.

  14. Bluenoise, i took the info. from wikipedia, just the link u gave but it is not clear... What are there regualtory particles?


    Try searching for polyubiquitin regulatory particle.


    As I see it the core of the proteasome is composed of two Alpha and two beta rings. the 19s subunit is the regulatory partcle and forms a cap that feeds the peptide to be degraded into the proteolytic core.

  15. This is a very specific question. You should link to the document that you're getting this information from if you want a resonable response.


    Otherwise I'll just direct you to wikipedia.




    "The outer two rings each contain seven α subunits whose function is to maintain a "gate" through which proteins enter the barrel. These α subunits are controlled by binding to "cap" structures or regulatory particles that recognize polyubiquitin tags attached to protein substrates and initiate the degradation process. The overall system of ubiquitination and proteasomal degradation is known as the ubiquitin-proteasome system."


    Oh btw I believe that the 19S subunit is composed of 7 alpha subunites. But I maybe wrong...

    *EDIT* I'm pretty sure that the above sentence is wrong. WHich is why I've gone and contradicted myself later on.

  16. It really all goes to show how little control over our daily actions the conscious part of our mind has. It's almost as if all it does it chose between a list of A,B,C,D etc.... actions for the subconscious to do and then goes sits in a dark room to think about something else with it's fingers crossed that everything goes according to plan.

  17. attaches?

    Well the detergent tails "attach" to the proteins or tails of the cell membrane lipids.


    While the heads point out into the water as they're hydrophilic.

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