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  1. Isn't it something like 1010101010101010101010......101010.0

    With the number of digits in front of the decimal point being being (m x 2) + 1


    Sorry been a really long time since I took math.




    sum of

    n = 0 1

    n = 1 100

    n = 2 10000

    n = 3 1000000


    n = m 1 x 10^(m x 2)

  2. I didn't interpret the original question that way. As I understand it, water takes about 20-30 minutes to be filtered through the body. Given this, why do we often have to urinate immediately after takinga drink? I'm guessing it might be psychological.


    I was under the impression that the question wasn't intended seriously in the first place...

  3. think they refer to it as "Green or Blue Goo". this involves some thing that can reproduce its own kind from any material. the problem in testing, would be where to test since this has not known method to stop, if it indeed did work.


    You know that this stuff is 100% in the relm of science fiction and isn't actually going on?


    Nanotech is have trouble making things like hinges or a single spinning wheel never the less a robots completely able to reproduce themselves. Heck we can't even make a life sized one able to do that.

  4. Can someone top these ones found in a carefully labeled storage cupboard at work.



    "Battery Charges"


    And my personal favourite,






    Not really. That's how I typically spell battery, is it wrong. Or do you mean that they added charges after it??. And accessory? is that right.

    I think there's a c in there somewhere...


    For those of us extreemly spelling challenged, please have some pitty.

  5. Okay time to hijack this thread.


    So why is it then when you wake-up after a night of likely excessive drinking drink a coffee (or not).

    And then perceed to have a "core-dump"?


    I don't get it. The volume of this thing is typically what one expects to accumulate over a few days!!!

    Just too massive to be possible.

  6. in other words, how does natural selection 'see' an individual gene amongst all the others?



    It's see's those most relavent in the Environment the organism experiences to increasing it's chance of survival. Which greatly decrease the total pool of competing influences. Also most genes between individuals are pretty much identical. So selection isn't possible on a gene that is uniform.


    Generally you can consider which genes may be a limiting factor for the ability to reproduce and ensure the survivial of those offspring.

    Now when the best available of that gene becomes overwhelmingly common in a population it is no long very limiting between individuals. This leaves more chance that selection will occur on other less significant traints, or maybe a better version of these genes will emerge and become the most limiting factor for competative survival between individuals.


    Now this is really a theory made up on the spot. But you can see a example of how this total pool can be drastically reduced. Which virtually enables selection on just a few or even one trait well over all others.


    (Of course if a negative mutation occurs for the individual this may drastically effect them. But typically they probably wont spread it, and we don't consider evolution on an individual basis.)

  7. You'll find fish are a better source of Vitamin D. Cheeses are the only dairy product which have a Vitamin D content worth talking about.


    Who says people with little sunlight supplement with a vit D alternate?

    Dairy products (milk) are not intended for human consumption. They contain sugars of which the enzymes are only present in humans for the first 6 months (ie Breast feeding.) So nature had intended us to have fish to supplement the diet. One table spoon of cod liver oil has over 3 days worth of Vitamin D.


    You know I'm going to have to disagree with both those points.


    Sure fish does contain lots of vitamin D. But pretty much every grocery store contains Milk fortified with both vitamin D and A. So while it is not a natural source you can definatley get vitams D, A and calcium from milk. Making it a very healthy choice.


    Secondly How can you make a statement like "not intended for human consumption"? Don't we breast feed? And who exactley decides what's intended for human consumption? That's an incredibly opionated statement. Also the vast majority of Europeans, are not lactose intolerant so they definatley don't loose these enzymes after 6 months. They decrease with age, but this takes fairly long and many elederly can still drink lots of milk.

    What you've stated only applies for lactose intolerant people.


    Most asians might be, but you shouldn't make such an all emcompassing statement. Milk is good for you. Espcially since there are far more incidences of inadequate calcium intake than vitamin D not to mention all these varieties of milk low is saturated fat.

  8. In humans?


    Do you mean on the exteriour of the nucleus? I'd imagine some part of the nuclear pore complex would be a safe bet. And all cells with a nuclues must have this complex for the nuclues to function so it should work for T-cells.




    Good guess on my part. I found a company selling antibodies for detection of the nucleus by porins in the nuclear pore complex in humans.




    Found another one here as well, uhhh this one is for yeast, so it might not work for humans. Says not tested in humans.




    Hope that helps.


  9. nanotech, has many on going experiments with catastrophic possibilities, but i have no idea what limits are place on them. self reproduction from any matter the villain.


    Oh yeah and what experiments are those pray tell?

  10. However, consider the following: Plagiarist students are attempting to steal their degree. If they succeed, they will be unqualified to hold that degree. When they are subsequently employed and their employer finds out how crap they are, they will blame the instition that awarded the degree. Thus, all those students who earned their degree will have their qualification devalued.


    In the long term, academic plagiarism is not a victimless crime, it is theft (of previous work and of the resulting qualification if they get away with it). So, don't look at it as being nasty to one student, look at it as protecting the interests of all those students who are working for their qualification. That is a part of your job.


    Well I think that settle my mind a little. I guess it's not just this one student it effects. Thanks.

  11. What's the problem with bananas?


    Lol their not so bad. They just don't satisfy for very long for the amount of calories they have. They're very healthy though. I probably should have just kept my mouth shut lol.


    It's just that for a peice of fruit they're incredibly high in calories and most of that is in rather quick acting sugars. Kinda like a candy bar to be frank.

    On the other hand they do contain lots of other healthy nutrients. They're just not what you're looking for when you're on a diet.

  12. Right on!! I love wasaga beach I used to go there every summer when I was a kid!!


    Umm not quite lipogenesis is the creation of fat.

    Glycogen is an energy storage method for carbs. Glycogen is stored in the the liver and can be quickly converted to glucose when needed. It's not very significant when It comes to most weightloss. It's more of a bodily mechanism to maintain a proper glucose balance in the blood and for short term glucose storage.


    Yes whole wheat pasta has alot of fibre in it, and is excellent for you. Sorry my bad. Very few people eat it, so I made the natural assumption that you didn't.


    I'd guess that you likely require 2000-2300 calories. The lower if your femal and higher if your male. Sorry I can't tell by your name... But this can still vary greatly depending on your activity level, metabolism, body frame (slim, medium, large).


    The diet you describe sounds very optimal for weight loss. Actually you might be consuming to few calories. If you don't eat enough your body will compensate by slowing your metabolism. Which is very harmfull to weightloss as that will greatly decrease the amount of calories you burn. Plus eating to little doesn't reinforce balanced eating and you'll likely have a hard time keeping off any weight lost. Weight loss typically has to be gradual to have a chance of keeping it off, and to do it healthy. 1-2 pounds a week is the max typically recomended. A helpfull method to keep metabolism up is to have light snacs between meals. Like an apple lets say.


    I'd suggest making sure you are eating at the very least 1700 calories a day. Plus eat fruit like apples is great at controlling food cravings and the sugar in them is used very slowly by your body, so you don't get cravings as easily. Many starchy foods will cause a quick influx of glucose into the blood. This ups insulin levels drastically resulting in a quick removal of the glucose. So while they provide a very instant satisfaction, this quickly fades and you are hungry again very quickly. It can be hard to tell which foods do what. But typically fruits and veggies are a safe bet. Not bananas though.


    To tell you the truth You don't sound like you have much to loose. 19 5,5" 145 you'd do much better with regular exercise than a serious diet. Plus just having muscle burns more calories just by being there, even when you don't use it, so you can eat more.


    Here you should probably try a website such as http://www.calorie-count.com/

    to calculate your expenditure, how much to consume etc...


    I've about said all I really know on the subject.

  13. I began dieting last week, but I feel as though if I were to be more educated in the area of biochemistry than perhaps I would know the proper foods to consume in order to achieve a great diet. My concerns are mostly of what calories, which I know doesn't necessarily fit under biochemistry, but my following questions will. Anyways, I understand that calories is food energy, which creates my state of confusion, for I'm under the impression that energy is good for us, which without it we would die. How by reducing food energy am I to lose weight? What would be considered a healthy level of calories?


    When your body gets more energy or calories than it needs it stores these as fat. The accumulation of fat is what makes you gain weight.

    The reverse is true as well. When you take in less calories than you need you're body converts the fat into energy that it needs to function and you loose weight.


    Now, to biochemistry. Obviously, I want to cut down own my carbohydrates (lipids, starches, sugars, and proteins), but what areas does one reduce most. What is necessary in order to achieve the diet I desire. As for now, my diet consist of a lot of cellulose such as salads, bran cereal, and vegeatable soups, and I'm eating pasta's (another source of fibre), and chicken for my source of protein, which I hear much healthier than pork and beef.


    Only starches and sugars are carbohydrates. Lipids are fats, and proteins are well proteins. All are a source of calories however.


    Fat contains the most calories per gram. And tends to be denser as well. So eating what appears to be a little fat adds far more calories than an amount of protein or typical carbohydrates that would produce the same filling effect.


    However you must intake all 3 sources of calories to be healthy as they are used by your body for other unique purposes independant of energy.


    Actually pasta doesn't really contain much fibre. However cellulose is fibre, so you are probably getting alot in your vegies and cereal. Fibre is very useful for weight loss as it provides almost no energy, and is very filling.


    None of the foods that you mentioned contain any significant fat. That is very unhealthy, and can cause serious food cravings. I recomend cooking your chicken or veggeis with at least a little fat (olive/veg oils).


    Pasta is extreemly high in carbohydrates and calories, it is very easy to eat to much of it and get fat. You might want to try substituting it with something else, like a couple slices of whole grain bread. Or try measuring out your pasta so you don't consume to much. Aim for maybe 300 - 500 calories worth.


    I'd recomend counting your calories for a few days it will really help you understand how much you're consuming.


    I can't tell you what you're calorie requirements are as I would have to know your age, sex, weight and height to give a good estimate.

    however a typical range is 1500 - 2500. A petite female would be ~1500 and a large male would be ~2500.

  14. As an alternative, can you give the assignment back to the student without reporting it and say, "I need *your* work by tomorrow. Whoever wrote *this* is trying to get you into trouble for plagiarism"? Implying that someone else wrote the assignment lets the student save face and reminds him you're on top of things and won't tolerate copying the work of others.


    I think you want to be liked AND you want to be a good teacher. Doing what will make you popular isn't always what a good teacher would do.


    Be the good teacher and the right ones will like you. And they'll ALL respect you.


    That's an excellent idea!! I'll definatley do that next time.

    But unfortunatley for this assingment they had to submit both hardcopies and an electronic version and they have to be identical so it's not really possible. Plus I just informed my supervisor like 20 mintues ago...


    Dammit Phi!! Where were you 20 minutes ago????

  15. Well having recently started my academic career, I have a tonne of marking to do recently. (By far the worst part about it...)

    And having my first big batch of important assingments infront of me I've found my first case of obvious plagerism. multiple lines in a row copied word for word from an on-line source.


    Now for some reason I feel like I'm in a moral dilema. I know I should report it. It'd be the right thing to do. But just the idea of do so makes me feel... ...well like a sack of shit. I feel guilty having to do so, eventhough I've never commited the same act. So it's not some sort of guilt for being a hypocrite. I just feel like I'd be an extree jerk for doing so. However I'd still feel guilty if I didn't report it.


    It is a first year class so some might say "give them some slack". However, personally I see that as even more reason to report it. Since getting caught this early really wont result in much more than lost marks on the assingment and a slap on the wrist. However if this same student gets caught say 3 years from now, well they'll likely get expelled. So by far they could stand to use this as a lesson right now. (plus I've already had suspisions about other work from them, it just wansn't worth marks so I didn't bother to investigate) It may save them some serious greif later...


    To top it off once a long time ago I had work stolen from me. And I got accused for it. Eventually it became obvious what actually happened and everything was fine for me. So I should have some huge grudge against people who plagerise right??? should I???


    But I still feel like a big ol sack of shit for having to do so!!! Why?? what the hell is wrong with me?

    Don't tell me that I'm some lame bleeding heart. I don't think I could bear to hear that.

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