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  1. Thanks for reply. Do you know something about the solubility of kerosene in ethanol? Ethanol is less dense then water and kerosene is less dense then vegetable oils. I wonder if the density has any influence to whether it stains the glass or not.
  2. I ordered MICR toner powder and want to make a ferromagnetic fluid and keep it in a bottle. -First I need to make the ferrofluid. I mix MICR toner with vegetable oil or kerosene. Which of the two should I use? What's the difference? -I will put the ferrofluid in water. On YouTube I saw a video in which someone used 70% ethanol/30% water. Doesn't the oil of the ferrofluid solve in ethanol? -How can I prevent stains from the ferrofluid on the glass of the bottle? -Can I use iron powder to make ferrofluid? I hope someone can help me, I don't want to mess it up.
  3. I made nitrocellulose several times, I just don't know the quantities anymore. It's the first time I use KNO3. On Youtube I saw a guy making it outside without a cooling bath and it worked.
  4. I ordered MICR toner refill to make ferromagnetic fluid. Can I use the MICR toner refill to make magnetic fieldlines visible like I do with Iron powder? Can I make ferromagnetic fluid with iron powder?
  5. Why do molecules do that? Can I compare it with adverse current at the river banks of a river with a strong current?
  6. True, but measuring or teleporting is the cause... What's classical about the communication? You send classical info but that doesn't make the communication to be classical.
  7. But what makes warmer or colder molecules to move to the edges? Temperature increases pressure. So normally speaking, warm molecules would be moved faster to the silver side of a vane,which would cause the rotation. Why is this wrong?
  8. If I understand it correctly then in thermal creep, gas can move from a cold to a warm side...it doesn't need a pressure difference. But what causes gas to behave like that? And how can that drive the vanes in Crooks Radiometer?
  9. I'm using a red laserpointer with 5mW. I just watched a video in which someone uses the transparant part of a dvd...which contains small slits, separated only a few micrometers. What distance between slits and screen should I take? A couple meters?
  10. ok:) On YouTube I saw a video in which someone used 3 pencil leads as double slit. Isn't a pencil lead a lot wider then the wavelength?
  11. The collapsing of the entanglement goes faster then the speed of light. That imo points to the fact hat entanglement uses a frame that stands outside time and space. I don't know how, but it should influence time if the notion of space time is correct. In Quantum teleportation info is transmitted in the same frame as entangled particles do. If entanglement goes FTL then teleportation should go FTL as well.
  12. I would like to do the double slit experiment. How big can the distance between the two slits maximum be? Can I make the double slit with 3 toothpicks? Can I show the particle behavior using a laserpointer and a self made double slit?
  13. If entanglement goes faster then the speed of light...shouldn't it influence time?
  14. hi, I'm going to make nitrocellulose using 5g cotton, 50g KNO3 and 80ml H2SO4. Will these quantities work? I'll do it outside. Do I have use a cooling bath when it's 5°C outside?
  15. Nitinol is a metal made of nickel and titanium. It has shape memory and superelasticity. How does the shape memory work? How can a change in crystal structure have an impact on the shape?
  16. What do you mean when you use the word 'God'?
  17. That's imo true and not true. The effect is the same, but the system that leads to that effect is not...it's opposite I think. Quantum teleportation works between entangled particles. To teleport a particle (from entangled particle 1 to 2 for example)collapses the entanglement/wave just like measuring does. Basically, in entanglement, the correlation in measurements does not imply causation and teleportation is about causation....while they use the same 'frame'. The reason why it seems that interacting with particle 1 is equivalent to interacting with particle 2 is because you don't in
  18. You can nitrate the sugar molecules from cellulose to make nitrocellulose. Can you also nitrate mono and disaccharides?
  19. Before the measuring, they don't behave as single particles. 2 entangled particles form a single wave. So when you measure an entangled particle, you basically measure a single wave that contains the info about both particles. Measuring collapses the wave, so you measure collapsed superposed info.
  20. Thanks for the advice it works! I just joined another forum where I have the same problem.
  21. I can't copy-paste in this forum:)...
  22. I read an article about a paper in which Juan Maldacena and Leonard Susskind found a link between Wormholes and entanglement.
  23. Yes, but in the physics we know, space time is a fundamental force. A wormhole is a hypothetical feature that basically explains how matter or information can travel seemingly faster then the speed of light with space time as fundamental force/medium. If Hirosi Ooguri is right, then the superposed information between entangled particles does not use space time as fundamental force so there can't be a wormhole or other gravitational forces...yet it goes seemingly a lot faster then the speed of light. Hirosi wrote a paper about entanglement and space time. There is an arXiv preprint of th
  24. Entanglement goes seemingly a lot faster then the speed of light....so that's I suppose why they assume entangled particles are connected with a wormhole. A wormhole is a hole trough space time, caused by the warping of space time. Isn't it more logic to think that a wormhole is not a hole trough space time and it does not bend space time. A wormhole is just a connection between particles that does not use space time as a medium....it uses a privileged frame. Wouldn't that explain why space time is not the medium we live in?
  25. ok I've read several times that space time is built by or emerges from entanglement. I there a simple way of explaining this? Hirosi Ooguri has written a paper about it.
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