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  1. Thanks a lot guys.......actually there maybe a subsurface ocean in mars.......look at google mars.......so, if the temperatures are right, there may be liquid water which may result in life
  2. Hi people, I need to write a paper on the possibility of life on Mars and If yes why and if no why..........I am out of ideas......can a few genius's help me out please??
  3. Get your interest in the subject.......if you are interested you dont have to scout for ideas on studying effectively
  4. well........obviously electro magnetic radiation aint gonna deflect in a mag field. Only particles with charge would deflect..........regardless of whether you call it a ray or beam or particles or whatever.
  5. An egg is placed between 2 boxes of mass m and M (M > m). The 3 objects are in a straight line on a table top. Scenario 1: A force is applied on the larger mass until the whole system starts to move. Scenario 2: A force is applied on the smaller mass until the whole system starts to move. Which scenario will the egg be more likely break? Explain. Assume that the egg and table have negligible friction but the friction on the 2 boxes are not negligible. Friction, Fr >= kN, where k is the coefficient of static friction and N the normal contact force with the table top.
  6. Plasma balls discharge charges of light. Light can be influenced by magnetic fields. Could they be compacted by magnetic fields enough to be able to cut matter. Something like a laser but with a controllable length.
  7. I know that the theory of relativity is E^2 = (mc^2)^2 + (pc)^2 And when a particle is at rest it has no momentum therefore p = 0 and we arrive at E = mc2 But how did Einstein arrive at E^2 = (mc^2)^2 + (pc)^2 first.
  8. so wat is the shape of the graph? atleast a rough sketch
  9. can it be done in this way 0.999999999999999.............. = 0.1111111111111111..... x 9 = 1/9 x 9 ~1
  10. It's not like if an element is radioactive it's gonna constantly emit it's alpha,beta or gamma radiation. Eventually it has to form a stable element.
  11. er...........................
  12. It seems that even a few programs can't plot the curve.( see attachment)
  13. hey it's easy to just say it. try drawing it. For negative powers it gets really confusing
  14. Hi can anyone help me sketch the shape of the graph X^X . Thank you
  15. BTW does any one know the 11 dimensions? (Just interested) I know that there are 10 space dmensions and 1 time dimension. Eventhough superstring says so .....wat's the proof of the existence of so many of em.
  16. A slight doubt here. Schrodinger's cat would be alive or dead but if you believe in half dead half alive thingi then that leads to multiverse theory right?
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