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  1. this type of questions generally don't have any "real" answers. But having tried both languages I will give my opinion: -PHP is more popular so you will find plenty of tutorials and documentation along with a lot of ready to use scripts. -there are a lot of cheap hosting that offers PHP as opposed to RoR. -RoR is more elegant than PHP in term of syntax and how you write your whole web application. -PHP seems like a bunch of functions mixed together with OOP support added later to make it "modern". But as I said you wont really find any definite answer to your question so just try both and pick anyone that you feel comfortable with.
  2. I will write this post after spending some time on Facebook.
  3. If you want a software to let you know of the temp of your CPU then I suggest this and I think modern computer will turn of your PC if the CPU gets too hot. Also consult your CPU spec as it should have the max temp your CPU can support.
  4. So, I am working as an Embedded software Engineer. Embedded systems typically are seen as a small computer that can programmed to do a specific task just like a router for example or a smart phone but many universities put Embedded systems under Electrical Engineering because of the hardware part. What do you think?
  5. Thanks! just installed StayFocused in Chrome and gave my self "just" one hour of Facebook daily! Your are correct about different methods for different contexts. And multi-tasking is a nightmare and for it is a sort of procrastination most of the time and I end up doing poor jobs... But I think there are some general rules that really help you stay productive for example being healthy and doing some sports is helpful too. I think those evolution deniers are doing it by purpose to keep you away from work. Illuminati confirmed.
  6. How do you do it? What are the things you think reduce your productivity? For me basically two things: Social Networks where I have to check them every 10 minutes thus losing focus on what I was doing. Bad breakfast that includes a lot of calories and then after two hours I become really lazy and can't do anything.
  7. In my experience in my school we started with Pascal since it is fairly simple and then in the university we studied C which by far is more difficult but more rewarding in the end. My advice is just learn and learn and everything will turn out to be good at the end. Also if you have a specific orientation like web dev for example you may want to learn PHP for back-end for example since C and C++ would be useless for web dev/
  8. Isn't it similar to using a testing lab? like Metasploitable for example?
  9. Every programming language is good in a specific context. For example for doing Embedded programming, C is the dominant language because it offers a lot of flexibility and control over the machine along with speed and performance. C++ is not used too much for Embedded systems but it is still used for OSs development for example and scientific research (with C). Java is oriented towards business where performance is a not a crucial factor in most cases but rather the fast dev cycle it offers. For scripting languages like Python and Perl they are mostly used for light operations and quick scripting like for example manipulation text files and some calculations(it would be really useless to use C in this contexts) and they generally can be combined with C to get the best results (take for example LUA for scripting game addons while the whole game is done in C/C++). Web development PHP is the dominant language for back-end along with Rails and Jee while for Front-end you will mostly use JS with HTML and CSS for styling (HTML is not a programming language but a Markup language as the name tells).
  10. Hi, I am new here and I tried validating my Gmail account but didnt not receive the email even whete resending the validation multiple times. With Outlook it works perfectly though. Any ideas?
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