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  1. Another Question if anyone's reading this... Would it be wise to learn C++ as my first programming language or should I pick an easier one to start with (python or java), so I can have a better foundation in programming?
  2. Whenever I finish my school work, I just head to our the library. Lately, I haven't been able to find any book that interests me or rather, having to read books with no supervision/direction from an experienced person is kind of...in-efficient?, confusing, and makes my head hurt a lot whenever I'm given a wide slection of books to pick from. I tried to looking for a mentor/instructor to no avail since everyone's busy. Enter online - I tried looking for mediums similar to youtube "how-to"/"tutorial" videos and stumbled upon Online courses, OERs, OpenCourseWare various other things. So far I've picked the Saylor foundation and Rice's OpenStaxCollege since they seem to fit my needs however, I still lack a mentor/instructor or a knowledgable person willing to guide me. Now my questions are: 1. I'm kind of worried about the quality provided by OERs since...they are Open (similar to wikias; are they prone to vandalism?) hence, will do you think the ones I picked are nice? (not lacking in quality; similar or equal to published books) 2. I love forums. Can I somehow ask people here to guide me or is this just a forum for discussion (just making sure since I don't want to be a bother) 3. What do you think about the future of Education? Though I haven't researched a lot yet, I can see (based on my initial readings) that there is a possibility that OpenEd may be the main source of Education in the Future. [if that happens, wouldn't R&D be faster since everyone who wants to learn (provided that govts. will lead the initiative to make OER available) may be able to learn? and the more educated people the better right? also, wouldn't research be in a huge collective venue? (If the masses support it then it will progress right? linux, wikipedia, creativecommons, democracy...)] Also, if you have better OER alternatives please do tell. Sorry if I rambled with the brackets, it just kind of...flowed out? Note: Summer, no school, really bored, finished my school books, games, activities etc... (I even got a little-tiny-bit bored with minecraft) Thanks!
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