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  1. That means you are repeating what you heard from other people. Unless you did investigate in person. Let's go further back. The Palestinians moved back from Egypt. They fought some other tribes and took over the land. They were later called Israelites. The history of that part of the world shows so many different peoples conquering and losing the area that it's a lie for any group to claim it as "our" land. Plus the times when all tribes had to abandon the area because of years of drought. I agree. It doesn't have to be binary. The people currently calling themselves "Palestinians" have no more ancestral claim to the territory than the Egyptians or the British. Winners of wars make rules and losers whine. When it comes to nations, "Might makes Right," is definitely a thing. World war 2 changed a lot of countries. The Israelis would have been wiser to refuse to build up the Gaza strip at all. They made it nice so Arafat decided to steal it. If Israel had left it undeveloped and stopped feeding them, the "Palestinians" would have moved away long ago.
  2. When did you personally go investigate Israel's secrets? Are you going by what people say about Israel? Was it Hamas leaders who said that they wanted to nuke Israel and the USA? You're showing off how pathetic your points are by ignoring my points in favor of changing the subject. Are you admitting now that you support killing Jews and Americans along with uninvolved civilian bystanders in every country around the world? Hamas has a good chance to buy nukes from Iran or Russian thieves. Hamas would immediately use nukes. It's a lucky thing for civilization that tyrants and terrorists tend to be incompetent blusterers. Have you decided to stop supporting every government that goes to war yet? Or are you going to keep propagandizing for your favorite liars?
  3. An optimistic cynic is someone who believes it is possible for things to be better, but it's practically guaranteed things won't get better. Don't you hate it when you play with an old, unsolved science question and solve it quickly? It's true, your solution is probably wrong, but now you have to dig into it seriously. This was supposed to be for fun! When your solution looks more solid, predictive and useful every time you try to prove it wrong, you have to work on it more. Then you have to improve your understanding enough to explain it to others. If they think it might be useful, you have to write a paper, find a publisher, and defend your thesis. Don't you hate it when a lazy entertainment turns into a serious and important job?
  4. I'm not taking your word for any of that. The only thing you can be sure of is that someone told you what you think you know. You should NOT take my word. I'm a total stranger. Nor should you accept what someone tells you just because you know that person. Check against other sources. Deliberately search for evidence to prove your beliefs wrong. Finding support for your beliefs is usually very easy. Reality is not balanced. Reality is rarely one sided. Act like a scientist, do your research and test your hypotheses. While we're at it, we should Free Palestine From Hamas ! Why is it? The words and actions of Hamas match, but you won't admit they might really mean what they say? As I said before, I'm supporting the side that is not threatening to kill me and everyone I know.
  5. Sound waves are not just longitudinal. They move out spherically from the source. Plus, when you have multiple sound sources, they get really mixed up in three dimensions. In the simplest mechanism, a circular diaphragm has a needle mounted at its center. This center mounting on a diaphragm fixed around the circumference constrains the needle to move (almost, some very limited material flexing) only perpendicular to the plane of the diaphragm. For a gramophone, the precursor to the spinning disc record player you're probably familiar with, the diaphragm was mounted edge vertical. The needle had a bend so the tip, bouncing transverse to the spin, would touch the disc. Edison's original phonograph made indentations of varying depth in a foil. Many different configurations of mounting the diaphragm, bending the needle, and moving the recording surface are possible. The gramophone design was more practical. The same song could be recorded simultaneously on multiple configurations and at multiple speeds. As long as the direction and speed were repeated correctly for each, the playback would be effectively identical. If you didn't already know the correct direction and speed to play the record, is there a way to calculate it from examining the track?
  6. In a mechanical memory system, such as a tape recorder or gramophone, the input movements of sound waves are constrained by the mechanism to motions back and forth along a single line. A separate mechanism(s) adds motion along a different line to stretch the needle marks far enough that they don't overlap at frequencies within the design range. The question is, how can the speed and direction of the added movement(s) be calculated from the recording needle track? With a needle bouncing perpendicular to the length of a recording tape, if the tape moves in a straight line past the moving needle there are only two directions to choose from. Can we tell if the tape speed changes at some point? With a gramophone, the needle bounces perpendicular to the arm it is mounted on. The spin of the disc and the slide of the needle toward or away from the disc center combine to make a spiral track. Can the length of the arm which slides the needle along an arc be determined from the track on the disc? How can the speed of the spin be determined? Near the outer edge of the disc, the speed of the needle relative to the disc surface is faster. What is a method for mathematical transformation of the recorded sound pattern at the faster speed to the same sound pattern at the slower speed near the disc center? When the needle mount is moved in a straight line at an angle not perpendicular to the bouncing, how would you calculate the difference in shapes of the sound waves vs that recorded on a perpendicular? This puzzle is presented for the entertainment of better educated mathematicians than me.
  7. Okay, which pile of dead bodies do you want to count first? The dead residents of the Gaza strip, men, women and children that were directly killed by Hamas members since they seized power? The Gaza residents who died from lack of resources because Hamas seized the resources for themselves? The residents who died from Israeli fire because Hamas forced them to stay put in the line of fire or be killed by Hamas immediately? The Israel residents who were killed by Hamas on October 7? The Israeli soldiers killed by Hamas? The Hamas fighters who were killed by IDF attacks? The Israelites killed by Hamas launched rockets over the last thirty years? Pick one and we can start counting.
  8. I deduce or infer (I'm not sure which is correct usage here), from your addressing only one side in your reply, that you either believe that Hamas is lying or you support world wide killing of Jews and Americans. Which is it?
  9. In chronological order: Hamas said, "We will eliminate all Jews from the planet. Then we will destroy the U.S.A.." Israel said, "We will eliminate Hamas from Gaza." Which side is lying? If they are both telling the truth as they see it, do you support world wide killing of Jews and Americans, or do you support killing Hamas members in Gaza? I believe both sides fully intend to do exactly what they say. I support the side that plans to leave me alive.
  10. I was replying to jeff einstein. The original post author.
  11. You are wrong. What you missed is the shapes of the masses and the initial and changing angles of the forces. From the start, your masses m1, m2, and E are all pulling towards each other's center of mass in straight lines. From center to center to center the lines form a triangle. As m1 moves towards m2, the direction of the pull of E changes. The angle between the two lines of force from the center of E to m1 and m2 reduces. The linear distance from m1 to center of E, and from m2 to center of E remains equal as they accelerate. The line from m1 to m2 remains tangential to sphere E throughout. Watching the triangle, on the plane of the triangle, as the masses move, the triangle tilts and grows narrower while remaining isosceles. Both m1 and m2 are always the same distance from the center of E at every moment of falling no matter how disproportionately they accelerate towards each other. Their paths on the plane will be different in length, but as long as m1 and m2 are equal diameter spheres, they will always reach a spherical E simultaneously. If E was flat, they would reach the surface at different times. Are you living on a flat Earth? 🤔
  12. We, consciousnesses, cannot understand our own thinking in real time. You could figure out all of the details producing a single thought that you had. It would take a very long time to do. For a starting point, take the millions of inputs from your sensory nerve endings just before and during the length of the thought. Your mind has to reduce that amount of input through multiple iterations of reducing processes. Then every memory accessed to add to the immediate inputs, plus any loops involved. It's all just TMI. (Too Much Information) Eventually the brain which evolved to reduce from TMI to decision points saves the condensed meanings to memory. After it is saved you can become consciously aware of having had that thought. To watch the change patterns of a thought while they are happening requires an outside observer. That outside observer might be thinking other thoughts while observing yours. This explanation comes from my personal theory of how minds work. Working title: TMI Theory. It's fun to play with.
  13. Threshold values. Perhaps your synapses are firing at lower levels of stimuli than is ordinary. This would lead to more frequent firing and spread further within the brain. Because the threshold levels are lower, the more frequent firing is maybe not doing the damage it would at higher levels. Another possibility is that your body's electrical flow is off center. If you constantly have more electrical charge in one area of your body, that polarization could be messing with the electrodes measurements. There are places with machines where you can get a picture taken of your aura. If the aura picture shows a marked distortion, you could follow up with a voltmeter across different sections of your body. These are just wags (wild a** guesses).
  14. There are different kinds of pimples. 1. Blackheads 2. Whiteheads 3. Pimples 4. Boils or cysts. 1. Blackheads are gunk that has accumulated in a pore or a hair follicle. Do Not Squeeze! Squeezing or pinching will damage the skin and leave a mark. Use a cleanser such as hot water, soap that doesn't leave a residue, or alcohol. A soft brush or cloth may help. Remember the motto, "First, do no harm." 2. Whiteheads are infections at the surface of your skin. Your white blood cells, 'macrophages', are doing their jobs of eating invading bacteria and walling off the infected area(s). You can drain these CAREFULLY. There is some risk of making a hole through the wall that the white cells have made, allowing the bacteria to spread deeper inside of you. Disinfect and allow the wound to dry. These will often break open and dry out on their own when the surface layer gets stretched thinner and/or something bumps the bubble. Failure to disinfect may result in more infections near the first. 3. Pimples are slightly deeper infections than whiteheads. You will probably notice them first as a red and possibly painful swelling. Your white cells are trying to push the infection out. It is best to leave them alone when the core is near the surface and the inflamed, swollen area is painful and red. This inflamed skin is easier to damage than healthy skin. Squeezing too early and too hard may make a bigger, longer lasting (days longer) swelling or wound. Left alone, your immune system will most often push the infection closer to the surface of your skin within a day. When it gets close enough, the outer layer of skin will stretch. The pressure will reduce. The pain, caused by the pressure, will lessen. You will be able to see where the core is just under the surface. At this point I will diverge from the doctor's advice and say drain carefully. A pimple left too long undrained may become fully enclosed by the macrophages' wall building and remain as a permanent lump. Again, swollen skin is fragile! Squeezing risks popping the pimple bubble on the inside and spreading the infection inside of you. To keep the scar tiny, let your immune system work alone for a while even when it hurts. 4. Boils are infections that are too deep and/or large for your immune system to push out through your skin. If your macrophages eventually defeat the invaders on their own, you will have a permanent lump. (Most likely) If they lose, you will die. (Less likely) Get that bubble safely drained. It will hurt to have it cut open. It will hurt for days or weeks longer if you don't drain it. Give your immune system a nutrition boost for faster healing. My best advice is to avoid this subject entirely by keeping clean on the outside and on the inside. Drink enough water, avoid eating too much at one time, and dump your s*** frequently. Get enough sleep. In short, live healthy.
  15. I am not presuming classical physics when dealing with QM. I am pointing out a factor common to the measurement of oscillating systems. I am using your example of the electron spin-flip and my pendulum example as extremes. To illustrate how, in both systems, there comes a point where something, which is described mathematically as an approach to a limit, becomes an actual change. This flip from "approaching" to "moving away from" is precisely the point where classical physics gives way to quantum mechanics. Where "many" particles reduces to "one" particle. from Wikipedia --Introduction to quantum mechanics"In this sense, the word quantum means the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction. Certain characteristics of matter can take only discrete values." The electronic oscillator measures the microwave wavelength. from Wikipedia --"The actual time-reference of an atomic clock consists of an electronic oscillator operating at microwave frequency. The oscillator is arranged so that its frequency-determining components include an element that can be controlled by a feedback signal. The feedback signal keeps the oscillator tuned in resonance with the frequency of the electronic transition of caesium or rubidium."
  16. So let's change ONE thing; teach everyone HOW TO deal with their own reality. Most people are detached from "reality" because they do not know how to deal with it. The technique that works has been learned from people who succeeded in figuring it out on their own. It is now being taught to more and more people around the world. It would be nice if it spread faster. Commercial website removed per rule 2.7
  17. Thanks for the forum use tip. Given the electron as a point particle, I see your valid point. (all puns intended) As a counter argument; from my point of view, something moves within the mechanism of that clock as a result of the spin-flip. Thus, distance is measured. To show that we are both right, I'll use a pendulum clock for an example. When the pendulum reaches the top of its arc, it has no motion. Then its vector flips and it is in motion again. There is nothing moving at the peak of a pendulum's arc or an electron's spin-flip. The same combination of motion and change without motion could be said to exist in most oscillating systems. Which is being measured can be spun either way -ask any politician-.
  18. What is "clean" air? There is dust everywhere. There are volatile organic compounds in the air anywhere there are plants. "Clean" water? Rain drops frequently form around dust particles. Even the carbon dioxide from the air dissolves into the rain to make it acidic. If you only want to count free from bacteria, you can't put it in your mouth. Life is a leaky bag of dirty water that smells. Purity in life exists only in fantasy. The closest you will come to the clean air, clean water, and comfortable temperatures and sunshine year round that you seek is inside of a modern residential building. If the sunshine seems lacking, it is probably because you are afraid the neighbors might see you enjoying it so you keep the curtains closed all of the time.
  19. So what brings similar non-standard genotype / phenotype individuals close enough together for them to reproduce in your model?
  20. A radiator 'radiates' infra red, which heats things on the side facing the radiator. It also heats the air touching it, which then circulates around the room. The wall, floor, and ceiling are also heated by the infra red and reradiate that heat back into the room, and you. This is a big reason why you do not usually feel excessively hot on your side facing the radiator and cold on the side away from it.
  21. My second hypothesis was too vague and wrong in too many different situations. Hypothesis: More diversification of populations occurs in places and times when competitive pressure for resources is lower. The archaeological record supports this. More new species developed soon after major disasters than during the competitive times before the disasters. To extend the hypothesis: the same sort of effect can be seen with reductions in other types of survival pressures upon a species. I still contend that most evolution occurs in places and times of plenty. However, my new basis for that contention is more of a spin on the definition of evolution. Places and times of plenty are defined as, situations in which a population is able to increase for two or more generations without immediately overburdening its habitat. Evolution: Biology. change in the gene pool of a population from generation to generation by such processes as mutation, natural selection, and genetic drift. --from Dictionary.com The absolute number of genetically variant individuals within a population increases when a population increases and the rates of mutation and genetic drift remain steady. Therefore more changes occur in the gene pool of an increasing population than in a steady population. This matters when variant individuals breed to produce more individuals with like variation. There are multiple mechanisms that can raise the odds of like individuals coming together to produce more variant offspring. Migration for preference. Others get killed off faster. Increased density of the population. Variants get expelled by normals. Genetically dominant traits. Inbreeding. Has anybody seen evidence of migration for preference leading to the growth of a new subset of a species? Congratulations to CharonY! -- You killed it for me. SwansonT -- wounded it heavily. Puppypower -- The selection of traits by an outside intelligence is indeed an accelerator of evolution. I am trying to figure out how evolution can happen quickly and even combine several traits that individually reduce the suitability for the original habitat. As overtone mentioned, "Living beings reproduce exponentially." Because of this, the "overbearing selective force" as CharonY described (where weaker individuals get killed off faster) and the other mechanisms that concentrate individuals with like traits become more important. The odds are against a mating pair of individuals with the same mutation being born in the same place and time. Anything that increases the odds of them getting together to reproduce is significant. When they do get together, it can be like the start of a landslide. Boom! a new subspecies takes over. I noticed that in the case of non-mobile species, the alternation of good times and bad times, I.E. weather variations, is what powers the evolution cycle. Expansion of a population into other territories, followed by concentration / isolation of individuals with certain traits.
  22. Human versus equine: proportion of available pushing force to mass is greater for the human. fH/mH > fE/mE Runner versus bicyclist: on the common style bicycle it is very difficult for the rider to apply more force to the pedal than his mass being pulled down by gravity (his weight) whereas the runner is able to push himself forward with a force well in excess of his weight. On a recumbent style cycle, with the proper gearing, the rider may be able to apply more force to moving forward than the runner who also has to continue to lift himself while accelerating forward. But most likely the wheels would slip and the runner would pull ahead.
  23. Delta1212, Nice coverage of how selection pressure works. Now, thanks to the help of all of you, I can see this evolution pressure thing from a different angle. This view is really cool and deals with your questions too. Many variations in genotype occur regularly and repeatedly but only succeed in surviving to reproduce when a selection pressure that previously eliminated them disappears or is greatly reduced. The same or similar variants are widely dispersed in the original population. Variants may self concentrate and then interbreed. This can result in further exaggerating the variation that brought them together. When the pressure returns, the exaggerated variants may now be able to withstand that selection pressure. The less exaggerated variants are eliminated. What we see later, in times of higher pressure, is the originating population and the exaggerated variants in their separate situations. The necessary degree of variation may only arise when the selection pressure(s) that culled the minor variants drops low enough that the minor variants can survive long enough to concentrate and produce the more exaggerated variants. O+O produce offspring O,O,O,A at habitat or food source Q A migrates to a habitat or food source better suited for it or with less competition from the original population. ---ONE--- Pressure P kills A The pattern repeats until... A survives because some external event removed pressure P ---TWO--- O'+O' produce offspring O,A',O,O A' migrates to its preferred habitat or food source, H A meets A' at their favorite place. ---THREE--- A+A' produce offspring A,A',O,A" O migrates to its preferred habitat or food source, Q A,A',A" stay at their preferred habitat or food source, H A,A',A" produce more offspring. A"+A" produce offspring A^ ---FOUR--- P returns A, A',A" and O located at H are eliminated by P A^ survives and reproduces ---FIVE--- One -- migration to preferred situation Two -- reduced or eliminated culling pressure Three -- concentration of variant genotypes Four -- exaggeration (or combination) of characteristics Five -- exaggerated characteristics enable survival of returned (or new) culling pressure
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