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  1. Sounds pretty subjective. Sure seems as a leap - a federal law requiring Ken's imagined and tbd "HSDS"? I doubt this will enjoy fed legislative priority.
  2. Does your HSDS and it's grading algorithm exist at this point?
  3. I don't think MSDS sheets are relevant. They largely and briefly report specific data with some very limited stuff on disposal and safety. You need more for a protocl.
  4. Don't think the public would comprehend such protocols. Relevant articles:, latter cites ASHRAE standards. https://www.achrnews.com/articles/105354-a-guide-to-best-practices-in-hospital-iaq and https://www.csemag.com/articles/indoor-air-quality-in-hospitals/
  5. Perhaps hospitals have established relevant protocols. HSDS is your term.
  6. https://www.mintie.com/assets/img/resources/ASHRAE_Article-on-VentilationChanges.pdf https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/rr5210a1.htm
  7. btw - Pasteurization does not replace hydrogen peroxide in WHO recipe and isopropanol not propanol is the alternative sanitizing agent. FDA and WHO recommend against additions irrelevant to sanitizer objective - perfume, aloe, essential oils etc..
  8. "Research" is an activity and goat "example" is speculation. What is your hypothesis?
  9. James - again what is hypothesis and exp. design, simply stated, without reference or discussion.
  10. James - numbers aside, what is your hypothesis and ho would you test?
  11. Charon's cite - https://academic.oup.com/cid/article/60/8/e36/2462908 Water quality is critical in any context - even 70% alcohol. https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/infection-control-and-hospital-epidemiology/article/outbreak-of-burkholderia-cepacia-bacteremia-traced-to-contaminated-hospital-water-used-for-dilution-of-an-alcohol-skin-antiseptic/15AAB3A9306E02D9DE9B2434EDDEA5CD
  12. Microbiome is more than fecal transplant,and only the last link is from a peer-reviewed source of data. The 1st announces FDA review - can you provide relevant citation?. The second is here say citing https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30775438 that does indicate at least temporary effect of fecal transplant to germ free mice.
  13. As with all the biased claims of Trump and therapy/vaccine. This too is BS. Who cares what allegedly angers Germans?
  14. As a German you should know Robert Koch, a contemporary of Pasteur, was much more the founder of medical microbiology both in describing the agents of disease and the accomplishments of his laboratory and students. See Koch's postulates. As you're interested in pathology, I'd not start with molecular biology but disease and their agents. See latest ed. of Topley and Wilson's Microbiology and Microbial Diseases
  15. No John. Although treated water is not sterile, bacteria in drinking water are large from the distribution system.
  16. Think one must take China stats with a grain of salt. WSJ reports China ended Wuhan lockdown - allowing both inbound and outbound traffic. However some housing complexes are still restricted. Worrisome - one state news outlet reported 20.000-30.000 new asymptomatic cases - a report that has been deleted.
  17. Good grief - as ill informed on science and policy as many of you are - you sure are experts re. your bias.
  18. Another facebook-style childish comment. Works for the ignorant. Perhaps you might offer a scenario by which anyone else profits from chlorquine. Suggest you review ANDA submissions for this generic drug.
  19. Suggesting that Pres Trump profits from these the pharmaceutical is facebookian hateful bias. Perhaps you should invest a tiny amount of time to consider the facts. Chlroquine has been off patent for decades and its two primary large company suppliers - Teva and Bayer -_ are both publically-held companies. Both have donated millions of doses. Typical hateful bias. Suggest you folks stick to the ill-informed technical and policy discussions.
  20. tap water always includes pseudomonads - burden being a function of residual chlorine.
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