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  1. Much greater speed than c is required to freeze the time V=s/t , so smaller time, bigger distance. When t is near 0, s is close to infinity It takes some 8 minutes to get from sun to earth. I time stopped for photons, there would be no delay. simple
  2. You're right, but gravity field exist even when its not attracting objects. Put ball made of iron in isolated space. It will send gravitons, but there will be no other object to send gravitons to the ball.
  3. well, if they carrying some energy / to prevent things from flying/ and e=mc2 this energy is mass. If gravitons exist, object isolated from everthing in time should disappear.
  4. sounds good, but i don't think they exist. it can be checked one day. If earth emits gravitons, and they are able to move objects, like me when im jumping, they must have some energy. In time earth should became lighter and lighter, couse of emmision of gravitons. earth mass is changed to energy which makes me unable to fly. what do you think of my proof?
  5. In some 5 bln years sun will be a red giant and eat earth 4 breakfast. But sun won't 'be' a supernova, couse it's weight its too little.
  6. Noone can give You the answer untill we will know what space is. If it's some form of energy it can't go faster than c. But if its made of sth we don't even how to name yet, who knows...
  7. Heh, every theory is theoretical. There is an interesting thing, known as the Cassimir effect. When you put some very special plates into the vacuum, an unknown force will make them stick together. That force is supposed to be the Zero Point Energy. No matter Cassimir, I still don't believe that vacuum is full of Energy. What will left from vacuum if you drain all that energy? If E=mc2 it means that vacuum is full of material / so it’s not vacuum!/
  8. Syd


    Methanol and ethanol are really similar, smells and taste the same. You don't need much methanol to make You're world spin /I've checked that on myself, oh my sacrifice in the name of science.../ Books always says it's impossible to say where is methanol and where ethanol without a lab full of funky stuff, but that's a lie. There's an easy way to check that, I don’t remember exactly how, but when using sth. with Iodium methanol change color to yellow
  9. I like the idea of everything locked inside black holes. But i think it will be just another phase of the Big Freeze, couse after some time black hole will also disappear. Universe will be full of radiation, entrophy will be the highest/ or lowest, i cant remember how it goes/ Anyway, life will be impossible
  10. Ok, i guess You're right. But theres one more thought i have left. What if theres 1000 diffrent Universes, all in a infinite space/or sth like that/, just like a bubles in the air. Observer placed in that 'space', lets call him God, can see them all/all univ./. He see what shape they are, so he can tell where center of single Universe is. Without full knowledge about Universe and things beyond it, we cannot be certain about anything. we can only guess
  11. Hey, geometrical center is not the place from which the BB started. No matter what the Univ. looks like, it must have a center. Sphere got a center, banana got a center, so why univ can't have it? Think of the U as a baloon. Let's say that the space is only the rubber. Little beeings living on the rubber can say that theres no center of the Rubber Univers. But You can see that it is beyond the rubber, inside the baloon. The same thing is with our non-rubber Universe
  12. Why the Universe cannot have a center? Is it flat or is it round, it must have a geometrical center. Big Bang couldn't happend everywhere, couse there was no "everywhere", no space. Space came out of the BB. I dont think we can expalin the BB only in 4D, with geometry we know, it needs something more
  13. Hawking Radiaton doesn't come from the black hole itself, but from the Horyzont Zdarzeń (don't know how it is in english but it's a distance from black hole from were You can still escape, one more step and Your trapped). Hawking theory also says that consequence of radiaton is that black hole disappears after some 1000... years. So existance of hawking rad. can be easyli check(if You've got 10000000 years free time ps. soon i'll finish my theory connected with black holes.I hope that it will be quite interestin for You
  14. Not so long ago i also read about flat universe. Not totally flat, it supposted to look like a pancake. It's caused by arrangemet of mass all over the Universe, which curves space
  15. yea, but using a magical mirror to see the future You'd see how we changed. Funny, couse the way we describe Universe depends so much on what we see.
  16. It's interesting, expansion of the universe. Space is not like a rubber, couse after 1000 years we'd be much taller. If it's beeing created more and more of it, to keep all sizes normal, what is it made of? I think both my suggestions are wrong, and there's some other way to explain it, but how??
  17. I wouldn't be suprised is there's water on Mars, Moon or Titan or anywhere else. H2O is a simple compound,so I belive that it's quite common in the universe. But its a long way from water to life. Who knows, maybe life can exist without water?
  18. Nice. Who knows, maybe a supernova blast is comming to destroy whole solarsystem? I'd prefer that way of dying, couse nobody even know that we'r in danger, it cannot be detected. and just think of all the panic caused by meteors. few years of dreading of unstoppable meteors, or a second of suprised(?) coused by the shockwave. What would You choose?
  19. Id say that Earth stand's still, and all the other things move round our planet. Copernicus was right, but so as I
  20. Im not sure if I understand correctly what You mean (my English is not good enough). Object is not 3D itself. Its a shade of 2D object, this is how 2D object would like if it be 3D. You can't see 2D circle, but reflection of 2D circle in 4D space. I dont know how to explain it better so i hope You get what i mean
  21. imagine stanging on a circle in a space which has no thickness. You see nothing. If You draw a circle You're looking on it from 4D space, not 1D.
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