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  1. Here's a tag that no one ever desiced to learn: <hr noshade> It creates a line but without the shading.
  2. The only thing that I know of that reacts with epsom salt is ammonia.
  3. I heard rumour today that PS3 will be delayed until 2007.
  4. Phospholipid

    Video games

    Video games by no means causes aggression and violence. Pretty much every male youth (in my experience) has owned a violent video game at one time or another. Yet, none of these people (that I know of) are aggressive/violent people in any way. In fact, the violent people I grew up with weren't exposed to violence through video games, but through broken homes, bad neighbourhoods and such. On a large scale, video might aid to a residue of violence, but if somebody acts out a violent scene or is influenced by a game then that person had something wrong with him in the first place.
  5. I'm not the most knowledge about this sort of stuff. But as far as I know, electrons and such are made up of hardons, bosons, leptons, mesons etc. And somehow, quarks fit into the picture.
  6. I 'think' the answer is no to both questions.
  7. A kiwi. Simple at first glance but in its depths, a much more fascinating substance.
  8. How many names for a hick? redneck What are the equivalent of chav's called in your town / city? I'm still not quite sure what a chav is, but I can assume we call them 'wiggers' What do you ask for when getting a ride on the back of someones bike ? Can I ride on the back of your bike? What are the different classes referred to e.g toffs for the upper class...toffee nosed...stuck up. snob, rich bitch, prissy boy
  9. I'm not sure which of my western Canadian terms are out of the norm, but I do know I've heard a few words that are never used in Canada..such as: bloke, lad, lass, chav, blimey, fit (when referring to whether or not an individual is attractive... it just means 'athletic' here), and 'you ok?' (meaning "how are you?").
  10. There's nothing wrong with a sperm-count drop if you don't wish to inseminate anybody soon. If anything, that would be like an extremely dilluted form of birth control.
  11. I figure hot water (steam) is beneficial to 'at least' skin. It allows for skin pores to open up and waste removal... which is indeed handy if you aren't a big zit and pimple fan.
  12. Hey folks, I was just wondering if anyone knows of a test one can perform at home in order to determine whether or not a substance is cocaine or Tylenol 3. Thanks for everyones input.
  13. Efficiency = (useful energy output/energy input) x100 Is that 17.5 lumens per watt a give value or an experimental value? If it's experimental then you should have a given value to compare it to. If it's a given value you need to do an experiment (somehow) to determine how many lumens per watt are actually being used.
  14. By looking at all your recent posts, it looks like someone has a huge homework crisis. I suggest googling your questions before you look on a forum. Especially since many responses on forums are opinions.
  15. You only have to throw it a few times for some of its atoms to dislodge.
  16. I've noticed the molar mass of diethyl ether is considerably higher than that of ethyl alcohol.. yet, diethyl ether has a much lower boiling point. Why is this?
  17. There was a girl in the room too. He gave the other dollar to the girl. Oh snap!
  18. Don't try removing the space bar. That's a disaster waiting to happen. I did that once with an old keyboard and the clip underneath broke off. I tried to fix it after, but the button never was the same. All the other buttons should be fine.
  20. Hi, I'm a first year radiology student in Canada. This was a difficult field for me to go in to because I enjoy sciences of all types and limiting myself to one particular field was tough. My favourite sciences are Physics and Astronomy. In my spare time, I play hockey, compose music and look through my telescope almost every clear night.
  21. I'm into rocky stuff, such as Incubus, Thrice, Green Day.
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