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  1. i just just use a few drops of glue and maybe a little water. (teaspoon of glue:teaspoon of water:100 grams of rocket fuel... vary it a little becuase i am not sure if these are correct
  2. i have heard that u actually need an open flame or a red hot metal fuse to start it.....
  3. the color and redness from a flame is from the air becoming so hot that it emits wavelengths in the visible spectrum. air around you has no color becuase it is not hot enough, blue flames are very hot, hence they are higher on the electromagnetic spectrum. its alot like heating steel or iron till its red hot.
  4. ok, according to some references i need 40,000 volts to make a spark plug jump the to electrodes!!!!!!!!! i have heard of some weird thing that converts 12 volts to 40,000 volts but i don't know how, where to find it. is their an alternate way to produce 40,000 volts??? i have heard that lasers need large voltages..... are their batteries that have high voltages.???????????????
  5. using any metal for the casing is really dangerous (i know from experience, one almost blew up.) i would use paper rapped around a 1/4 in dia. rod. and apply white glue between layers. it works pretty good it you have a short burn rocket engine. if it is too long, the case will burn up. so make sure u grind your fuel mix well!
  6. you can get it at home depot. it is labeled as grants stump remover. it is about 5 buck and it is 99% potassium nitrate.
  7. holy shmoly! i made a rocket just like that with the exact same ratio!!!!!!!!! i make a nozzle out of this endcap with a hole in it i filled the pipe with the mixture and i videoed it. it made a huge flame maybe 4-5ft tall and it burned for about 5 seconds. it made a big pop at the end and when i looked at it it had propelled itself a foot into the dirt that i put it in!!!!!!!! (i stood it upright) i think the big pop at the end was some piece of unreacted sugar or potassium nitrate blocking the exit hole. it biult up massive pressure for a fraction of a second and then blew it out.!!!! i was scared crappless!!!!!! i thought i had made a bomb!!!!!!! it was loud as hell!
  8. ............... ............... .............. if the moon orbits faster than the earh spins then you can't make a "bridge".. you would need to make the moon and earth both positively charged so they would repel each other. i'm sure the electrons impacting the moon would accelerate it the other way.... or it would atleast compensate for the magnetic charge thing you talk about
  9. i'm making a jet right now and i am am just using galvinized steel. you can drill through it and the pieces fit together like a dream. i saw some guy make on one out of those insulated coffee mugs.
  10. is there any way i can figure out how to find the expansion ratio of a oxy-propane reaction????? is there an equation????????
  11. dna is pretty damn long i'm sure as they get into the billions of atoms long, they get pretty brittle. and i imagine if they got a few inches long you could snap one.... but could you???????????? that would be breaking a bond with out a chemical...!!!!!!! but wouldn't that cause a big explosion???????????????????????????????????????????
  12. what??????? oxygen cant react with itself!!!!!!!!! it has to react with carbon or hydrogen and all that other stuff
  13. how dan i make phosphorus, the stuff off of matchheads??? i have heard you can make it with urine... anyone else have anying to say??????/
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