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  1. I'll take your word on that, but all I have seen from him is attempts to pick fights by picking apart every little thing you say in an overly pedantic and insulting manner. He did nothing but derail threads and frustrate people, and you did a good thing by banning him. We are all happy, so don't feel bad.
  2. Well, we won't be hearing any more pedantic drivel from revprez anymore. Truely, a glorious day for SFN.
  3. Hellbender

    Under God

    You wouldn't happen to be another syntax252 incarnation, would you?
  4. Hellbender

    Under God

    Thats the thing- I do like it here, very much. Vigilance is everyone's duty. The day I lose the right to critique the government and its policies, is the day I stop liking this country, and leave. I have no problem saying the pledge. But state endorsement of a particular religion goes against what I believe in.
  5. first of all, I would hardly call metaphysics a study. Second, I don't think humans will ever unlock every secret of the earth and universe as long as we around as a species.
  6. I say legalize it. My theory is that it won't be "cool" anymore, so everyone will stop doing it as much. Another fact is that if it was regulated, it would be harder for kids to get. When I was in high school, it was much, much easier to get a bag of that crap than a bottle of liquor.
  7. It wasn't a bad book. I don't know why it makes everyone so hot under the collar. It had some good points, but also a disappointing ending, and wierd logic. Still, it was a pretty good conspiracy book. Reminded me of playing Metal Gear games.
  8. Hellbender

    Under God

    In other words, Christians get their way no matter what, everyone else, well who cares about them, right? Thats real insensitive, not caring about kids who feel left out so you all can say "under god" every morning. Give me a break.
  9. Wait a second. LOL, Is British vernacular that much different than plain English?
  10. I have read pretty much all his books, so I have to find my horror somewhere else. I really enjoyed "It", "Pet Sematary" and "Salem's Lot". I sped through the "Dark Tower" series, up to the 4th book, then I just got bored of it. I understand he finished that series though. I liked the "Riftwar Saga" by Raymond Feist, and most of the "Lord of the Rings" books. Now I am mostly reading biology-related books and textbooks.
  11. And if it is not, then it is more profitable to be a batesian mimic. This is the conundrum.
  12. Hellbender

    Under God

    And making students pledge allegiance to a god they may not believe in is being intolerant towards atheists.
  13. Now there's an idea I can work with.
  14. Then explain these assumptions and biases to us. No one is going to take you seriously if all you provide is simple statements. Again, show us why. Low, if you assume that chemical reactions are random, which they are not. Not on this basis alone, but it certainly helps your credibility (a lot) if your theory can survive peer-review. What has this got to do with anything? How is this even possible? First, evolution is not a belief. Second, you are referring to antiquated notions that tried to find scientific evidence for racism. Biologists have known for a while that there is no scientific basis for racism.
  15. LOL! My girlfriend gets mad about wedding stuff too. I want camo tuxes at our wedding, and she will have none of that. I think it would look pretty good, personally.
  16. true, but think of the example with bees, hornets a yellowjackets; all have stingers, and all evolved similar patterns. There is obviously a selective advantage to having similar patterns and retaining venomous stingers. The question is why doesn't one or more simply display batesian mimicry?
  17. Its all about the short, controlled bursts.
  18. Cool. I'll have to ask around about this too, and maybe do some library research to see if anything has been published about it recently. Thanks for the help.
  19. Exactly, thats the question I stayed up all night thinking about. Hmm. Maybe they all benefit from potential predators learning to recognize their coloration better? I don't know.
  20. In the parlance of the "Favorite movie genre" thread, what is your favorite type of book?
  21. I'll not take apart in it anymore either. However, I would hate to see more flame wars here. This is a fine site which I joined one lonely night this winter to discuss science and possibly, philosophy with like-minded people. I didn't join to be insulted and engage in mud-slinging. I guess this is why I tend to get angry and defensive sometimes.
  22. Also, Star Wars characters usually have some unique quality that makes them memorable, probably done on purpose by the producers to add to the popularity of the film. Think about it; would Yoda be as much of a cultural icon if he was just a plain sagely Jedi, or a 2ft. green alien with verbal dyslexia?
  23. IDK about his art. Its ok, but I am more of a fan of classical, Rubens and stuff like that. Pics of tomata cans don't make much sense to me. . Anyways, thanks for allaying my curiosity.
  24. This was brought up in a recent thread and got me thinking: Have there been any studies attempting to figure out just what the long-term consequences are?
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