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  1. Is there a age limit to when you can start teaching? Like if you got a job you did for say 20 years and retired and wanted to be a teacher in your late 40s or early 50s would that be possible? or is there a cut off age? I know there is a cut off age for other things like being a cop or Military but I have seen a lot of older teachers. So could you start teaching at an older age or do you have to be Young?
  2. No I never said I have a bad relationship with all my teachers and I dont see how its my fault the school has such strict policy's and does not want to let graduates near the premises. I simply cant speak with any of the teachers so I cant get in the school. I tried emailing one of the teachers but she did not mail back. No one picks up the phone ever and I have tried calling many times. I also think some of the teachers I knew no longer work there. Im sure the school had these policy's BEFORE I attended it and it was a closed campus since I attended. I also was the student that always did try in school so I dont think most teachers hated me unless they were bad teachers like my abusive computer teacher who use to parade the kids doing poor in class in front of the class to mock them and than told the TA to mock them but I dont think that's my fault. I dont think its ever appropriate for a teacher to openly mock a student for struggling and refuse to help when they request it. I need to speak with the teacher and staff in school but I cant get in school. I did call teachers a number of times.
  3. My school does not have Email either but I guess I will try a Letter see if that does anything. The issue is they wont let me anywhere near the school its even technically against the rule to sit in the parking lot. I left awhile ago but I tried going back a year after graduation to do this kind of stuff and they still wont let me in. They dont let me on campus unless I call a teacher and the teacher lets me in. If not I have to wait outside and the guards never let me in. Actually I have to wait nearly on street. I cant even wait in the parking lot. Last time I ask someone drop me off in the morning and I had to wait all day to get a ride and I barely out of the way of traffic.
  4. I been looking for colleges that start later than January with a education class. I found one that has the right date and right classes. However I cant go. They require a letter of recommendation and transcripts straight from my high-school. However my old High-school is really strict about doing anything or letting graduates near or in the school. To get in or to talk to anyone I have to call a teacher inside the school and have them call the front office and tell them to let me in. Since I dont have a good relationship with my HS I cant get my transcripts transferred or ask a teacher for recommendation letter. So what am I suppose to? Does that mean I cant go since my HS is unreasonable. How do I deal with this? The next option would be sneaking into the school but I might get arrested for trespassing and I dont understand why students should have to go to these lengths just to go to attempt to sign up for college. It has nothing to do with how well I did as a student the school just seems to no longer value anyone who graduated as any-longer associated with them.
  5. Loyalty is an important thing. It means that your friend/family/coworker has your back and wont throw you under the bus for any little thing. Now there is something on the other end of the spectrum which is known as Narcissistic personality disorder which his characterized by doing stuff like abusing others to make yourself look good. No one wants to be around someone who does this stuff since they are terrible people. People who are codependent need another person to cling to in order to mentally well. However traits which a codependent are suppose to have are really very selfless. Now disloyalty is not GOOD since trust is what creates bonds. From an evolutionary stand point isnt it actually a good thing? At what point is caring about others considered unhealthy? and when is it just being responsible? If humans have evolved to be social wouldn't being codependent work to an advantage? Thier is a third result which is stuff like completely avoiding people such as Aviodent personality disorder.
  6. Is it possible to have Hypoglycemia and not realize it? I think I might as I have most of the symptoms. I also always been rather slim for most of my life. I was told its not possible as I would have had some severe signs like seizures and stuff at this point if I did have it and it was never diagnosed. Though from what I read most of the symptoms include cravings, sweating, vision issues such as blurry vision, passing out, sensitivity to sunlight. Is it possible to have it and never have it diagnosed during Childhood?
  7. When you sleep you can dream and see pictures playing in your head. However your eyes are shut. Now there has been the discussion brought up before can blind people dream if they have no concept of what anything looks like to begin with? So I had an idea could you make blind people see if you hooked something up to their head that would rely pictures straight to their brain? Isnt that kind of what we do now with our eyes? We are simply relying information and our brain is processing what we see. You can see when your eyes are closed such as dreams too.
  8. At 17/18 most people are ready to go off to college. However for people like me I never had enough money to attend one and at 18 my parents did not want to fill out fasfa either so it took awhile for them to even say it was okay. I thought I would get a job at 18 and than go to college but that did not really work even now that I have training I cant find anything in that field. I was going to join service since they pay your college but at the same time it takes 4 years before you can get out so if I start college it will be at age 25/26. I really dont have enough money to attend school and I have no financial support from my parents. Whats it like going to college at 25? I know your probably not going to have the same fun experience you might get when your going to school at 17 since your going to be older than most of the class. I know there is a lot of colleges that expect 17 year old freshmen.
  9. Country:USA Status:Four year college The state testing is based on academic knowledge.
  10. In a class room they judge you by grades. Such as A. 90% and above, B.80% C.70% D60% F Less than 60%. They have proficient, Advanced, Above advanced and one above that. Below Proficient they have average, below average, way below average. I was told that if you get proficient or just proficient below that means your behind and all students are suppose to get Advanced to be considered up to par with overall mainstream classes. Otherwise its considered struggling. I know it might not exactly the same as A, B, C, D, E, F but if you took a test and got proficient and you were trying to apply to school how valuable would they view you as a candidate?
  11. Well dogs kind of work like Darwin's evolution theory. Dogs were one thing and people started breeding dogs with different abnormalities to get desired traits. This includes size, weight, ear shape, tail shape and length, nose length, body length, bigger head(some to the point they cant reproduce naturally as in bulldogs), So if you wanted to argue this is an example of "Artificial evolution" you might be able to go for that. If you wanted to prove it with some type of experiment.
  12. I dont understand why we need to feel it for everything. In silent hill they killed a little girl since they said she was evil for being a Bastard child. They were than punished for that crime. No one stopped to say "This is wrong". Would you feel bad for people who did that? Oh you poor things you burned a child alive because of your own twisted logic and now your paying for it. Why do they deserve any sympathy? Its not like it was an accident. They knew exactly what they were doing. It does not matter who they thought said to do it. They could have stopped it. No one did. Why are we obligated to care or feel sympathetic towards everything? Some things are irrelevant and so I should not care, some things are just very irrational. Just because you understand does not mean you are going to be on board. You might not care, you might not agree, you might find the fact they insist on doing so to fill you with irritation. Why is it an obligation to feel sympathy for everyone? Also its great you know how to tie your shoes but so can most people. Again why am I obligated to pat everyone on the back for knowing how to do so? Considering how many people know how to tie shoes as adults do you realize how long it would take to praise every single person? Why do I need to waste time? Would you really feel bad for people who did something like this in real life?
  13. What do you mean a firemans hat? I need the formula since I dont remember all the formulas they taught us.
  14. I want to learn formulas for different kinds of math. I know mostly the the ones for Geometry and Algebra. I was going take the SAT and I wanted to review. Is there any books I could buy that are just math formulas for various types of math? Since the formulas are what you need to remember to do the equations. I remember some of them but I want to make sure I know them before I test. I been out of school for awhile now.
  15. Even if you understand why someone does something it does not mean you are going to feel sympathy. What about people who do stupidly evil things because of some backwards logic? Are we suppose to be sympathetic? Even if you understand why they came to this messed up conclusion?
  16. Why would I not disconnect it? If a person does something like cure cancer that is a HUGE accomplishment. Why am I suppose to be as happy about someone beating level 100 in the video-game if that their life goal. Shouldn't they be inspiring to do something grand? How is winning in the video-game as significant as say "Curing cancer"? I dont understand why its matters? If I do something like say "learned to tie my shoe" I dont expect any applause. I am old enough and not mentally/physically handicapped or anything where doing so wouldn't be any sort of challenge for me. So why should people tell me im wonderful for doing something as insignificant as being able to tie my shoe? Now if a dog did something like that we would applaud and think he was amazing but unlike us they are not given thumbs so this is harder for them to do. So why is this such a great feet when humans are capable of so much more? Should we really applaud people for being mediocre or should we encourage them to strive for something better?
  17. I have tested as most schools make us take these to help determine our future goals. That however does not change the fact that schools and society seems to mainly favor the more sociable traits. Regardless of how well your talents may be used in regard to employment. Now it might seem more reasonable to some people to say "lets turn these faults into strengths but generally it just ends with a trip to the psychologist and many trys are medication". The list of jobs it said I was suited for was the following. However if these are the psychological standards of the state that might mean the jobs using the same ones. So I am concerned ill fail the psyche exam. *Military leader *Management(Different type of managers came up often) *Administration work *Science *Mathematician *Teacher/Professor *Dentist *Doctor
  18. I know what is psychologically well according to school. Psychologically well for school means your over zealous, always smiling, when someone hits you that you cry, when someone calls you a mean name you cry, when someone dies in a movie you cry, when someone gets in a fight with you that you are upset about it for a week. If you are able to make a cold calculated decision under a lot of pressure that means something is wrong with you for not letting the pressure get to you. Now I could see where these traits would help in high stress jobs such as military or cop or security. However when you do this in school you are considered a sociopath and a possible threat to other children. So is there a difference in what is considered mentally well for work vs what is mentally well for school? In school they said I was mentally well for not crying over tiny things and not really making a huge deal about things. I was very sympathetic for things like "Oh your dog died? Im so sorry" as I knew that was something major and worth crying over. Since I thought most things were really petty. Such as "I just beat level 100 on dragon master! I am so awesome" and I really wont understand why they care so much. This is considered a sign of a mentally unwell person. Since clearly I should be overly excited about an insignificant achievement that they had when I really dont see the purpose in caring. I was going to take a psyche exam for a job but concerned based on what was considered mentally unstable behavior in the past. Am I going to fail it? I dont know whats considered correct. I just know that its expected you care WAY MORE than I do.
  19. I think I have contracted strep throats. I have the symptoms and been feeling terrible for the past 3 days. It said online that you treat it with Antibiotics but strep throat goes away with or without antibiotics if you get treatment or not in 3-7 days. So does it matter if you treat it or not?
  20. I guess this is more of a math question. I not sure becuase like in school they always made us put the dollars first and add dot and two 00 at the end. I never seen USD put like this. If 17.4024 USD is 13.000 Euro does that mean its equal to 17dollars? or am I doing this totally wrong? I was wondering if it meant 17000.00 but than why would they not just put the 0s in front. I got this off a converting website and this is what it did. I am like super confused... The reason I would be suprised if its in fact 17$ is becuase its a school.
  21. For someone who has not been in school for awhile whats a good way to review before you do the entrance exam and how would you go about transferring to a college in another state or city if you do not have a job in that city/state and dont get much money for schooling but cant find the degree you want at local college?
  22. No being self absorbed, nonempathetic and combative is not abusive it means your Logical.
  23. The why would not be a rule the Why will connect all the rules.
  24. Going to a trade school for a year because they promise to train you and have internships/jobs while learning at the school. If you do not want to do this permanently but you need money to move and pay for more years of schooling somewhere else and you have not been able to find any permanent low paying jobs like flipping burgers even though you been filling out hundreds of applications and been working with a job counselor? Or does it make more sense to just give up what you actually want to do and go for the simply quick fix trade school solution for the rest of your life?
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