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  1. So I had too many pages open in my computer. I do this often but sometimes it gets to the point where it freezes and I have to reboot. So that is exactly what I did. However this time when I did it all I got was a black screen. Since I have very little actually on my computer anyways I just hit reset. I figured things would be just as easy the second time around but its not. Before it said I could not install windows defender and when I deleted Norton it let me install windows Defender. However now the only thing on it that will work is "Microsoft security". I went into Microsoft security and put it to Off mode but it still wont let me add WindowsDeffender. I am currently in Administration mode. As well at this it wont let me go back to edit the setting of my user either. I fear maybe I erased something I wont be able to get back anymore but I don't know how to repair it now. Could someone please help me?
  2. I heard of special containers and bags you can get to dispose of hazard material. You are suppose to get these special containers to toss things like batteries as well but most people simply toss them in the trash. I seen container with lockable lids that are suppose to keep everything in. http://www.denios.co.uk/shop/container-with-plastic-pallet-800l-hazmat.html Here is a link that sells hazard material containers.
  3. You have to have so many posts before you can vote up and Down. I have the ability to vote up and down but I don't really use the down function that much. You might not have reached your post count yet.
  4. Narcissists must get narcissistic supply which is "Attention" however if you think about it all people desire some amount of attention. If a person has all the Symptoms of a narcissists other than stuff which is outwardly harmful such as self entitlement, or purposely abusing others, lack of responsibility, can they still be classified as one? Or would they be classified as something else entirely? http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/evolution-the-self/201311/6-signs-narcissism-you-may-not-know-about The symptoms listed here don't really list that. Also how does one know when they are unique? A person can be told they are stupid by society but are really the next genius. Every great inventor or genius was probably told they were stupid or crazy at one point but they just saw things a lot more clearly than most people. So how do you differentiate between if they are really grand or they are just over inflating themselves? People with various disorders cant communicate well either. So if someone cant communicate well they might have a symptom but does that mean they are narcissistic? Since Narcissism is a type of Defense mechanism wouldn't it be possible for someone to develop some of the coping mechanisms and not act like a full narcissist would?
  5. I like leather and goth apparel and suits but I think anyone looks good in it.
  6. Not an assumption. Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with them. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims,
  7. You asked how long. I was saying these cases are generally months to years. So I think its probably going to develop over months to years vs a couple of days.
  8. There could be several different possibilities to a single action. So saying "There is always only one right answer" is not always right. a person can leave the house at 8 AM every morning to go to school so people might assume she is going to school but she can one day not go to school but based on what always happens you will assume its that. When people are working on a problem people guess which possibility is going to happen. Lets say there is 100 horses running a race. Everyone bets on which horse is going to win. Now even if you go by statistics there is still a possibility that horse you bet on might lose for whatever reason. So its not like things are absolutely certain. Multiple people might be guessing of different possibility's to the same outcome and they might all be accurate in which of those conclusions are possible but not all of those conclusions are going to necessarily happen at that point. You can say A, B, D, C, E, or F might happen and you even if they are all equally possible outcomes only ONE is going to happen at a time. So NO simply choosing B in a list of probable outcomes does not make you a moron. Even if B does not necessarily happen.
  9. Well generally these type of kidnapping cases last months to years. In fact some of these cases happen when the child is in the early pubescent stages of development and are trained to be perfect wives for the captures. So they might kidnap a 13 year old and keep her to age 19 and by 19 she is not going to leave if there is other people around that could help her escape or not. There has even been cases of women staying with the captures when they have wives and no one questioning it but not realizing why the girl is really even there. However the victem wont auctully speak about why she is there to begin with.
  10. 1.They developed a psychological need for the person since they make the victim dependent on them 2.Culture shock (They been in the new environment so long they are not necessarily sure they can function in another one) Culture shock actually happens with troops as well. They are in the new environment so long that when they get out of the service its sometimes very difficult for them to function. Despite the fact they came from the outside world they adapted to military life and when the world isnt like the military it sometimes become very difficult for them to re adapt.
  11. Now I see this a lot and I can identify the cause but I don't understand why this happens. You also cant always predict what person is going to become bad after something changes. Now I don't mean stuff like "Oh my grandfather died" since yes I can understand how that can have a DRASTIC change on your personality. Not that it will in every case. What I mean is things like "Got a Girl/Boyfriend for the first time" or "Won the lottery" stuff like that. Than the person becomes intolerable and impossible to deal with after that. It can happen to both men and women and I don't completely understand why this happens or what it means about the person. I know that some people when good things happen to them do not become jerks but this does seem to happen with a number of people and whats disappointing is initially these people will seem like some of the greatest people around. They could be gift giving, remember everyone's birthday, Always their for everyone and than get a date for the first time and start treating everyone like trash. At which point a lot of people try to put up with it believing they will do better but eventually just end up leaving the person since they can no longer take the abuse. This means they lose the partner than originally likes them because they thought they were sweet, they lose their best friends and pretty much anyone else who had faith in them.
  12. Yes they do all have side effect but if a drug has side effects of something as serious suicide or depression should we allow it to be prescribed to teenagers and children?
  13. I cant pick a major I want to go to school and I am interested in many subjects. Most of them involving science. I have slimmed it down to four but I don't know if that is too many. Accounting: Taxes, dealing with money and credit scores Psychology:Sociology, abnormal psychology and dealing with children and dealing with coworkers and presenting yourself. Parsitology: covers chemistry, microbiology, and computer knowledge. physics: Psychology and accounting will help you at life and help you get a job. Everyone needs to deal with money and taxes everyday and psychology helps you understand how to deal with people. You also need to have good social skills if you are going to work in the medical field. Accountants are also required to have good presentation skills and how to communicate well with others. Psychology also gives you the means and ability to deal with a variety of people in the correct way. Psychology, biology and Chemistry says how the body works and how the body and various things react to certain chemicals and how people react to each other. So they all fall into the medical field. What should I do? people keeps saying things will be easier if I get a degree, that I can get a better jobs with a degree and I need to pick one and go to college but I cant pick one even if I want to go. Most of the sciences are connected in some way. world is connected and everything is effected by everything else. People are effected by life stock and the eviorment and people behavior is effected by chemicals in their body's, This effects psychology and sociology which is also effected by the government and social standards, than one day we can all be blown up because something like our sun died and killed us all or our galaxy collided with another one and messed up earths orbit.
  14. Should drugs which cause people to become suicidal be allowed to be prescribed to teen or Children? ADD and many depression medication is said to have side effects of suicidal thoughts and behavior as well as worsening depression. Now teen and children are going to be more depressed naturally. If a child has to go through stuff like divorce or just neglectful parents they are not going to be very happy. Teens are often depressed since they are hitting puberty and don't always know how to handle it and often this results in them picking on other innocent teens who never did anything. Now instead of dealing with kids social problems and teaching everyone HOW to handle stress they simply drug them. However when these type of drugs cause suicidal thoughts, behavior and depression should we really risk it? OR should it be reserved for adults who have a choice to determine to risk their sanity and health? Some people have gone to the mental ward for suicide issues. Now if someone takes medication that makes them suicidal and is than drugged with medication that turns them into a zombie is it really fair to put them their when they were forced to take medication that made them that way? A lot of times ADD is misdiagnosed or mistaken for things like OCD. So there is also the added result of giving it to a child that doesn't even have that disorder and so you are just giving the child unnecessary medication.
  15. Some people don't believe in god. So if they don't believe why would they pray? If there would be anything to pray for it would be that deformed and retarded babies were never born and that all children would be born into families that could afford taking care of them and sincerely wanted them. Now this is not saying I hate children with deformities or these type of developmental problems but everything is so difficult for these people and its often very difficult on their parents having to keep up with the additional costs and care for these children. As well as often bullying from other children which I personally have witnessed and have defended some of these people against. Its so sad watching a group of children picking on a retarded child because he is too retarded to realize that they are mocking them.
  16. In schools when a students have good grade and doesn't have a lot of friends they complain they are not social enough. If you are too social and don't pay attention in class than they say you have to focus more and stop socializing. Children end up bullying each other since they don't know how to handle stress or puberty. We force them to work in teams but we don't assign a leader and expect them to just figure it out. There is also always the issue of one kid taking over all the work of the group and the rest of the group doing nothing. We also don't teach children how to interview or even do taxes or handle money. Of all the things they teach why is this never stressed in school? If you cant present yourself and there is 100 other people with the same credentials the better presentation probably has better chances. Some people don't have good social skills but its not like anyone teaches it either. We have people growing up not ready to work, not ready to pay taxes, Not ready to interview and lacking proper socialization skills. The best GPA in the world doesn't matter if you don't have basic living skills.
  17. There is computer engineering. Where you literally build the parts for the computers as well as designing the programs and things that go into the computers. It combines engineering and computer knowledge.
  18. Why didn't you just do a major in business and a minor in Science? I think Business is something that is very good to learn. You need to know this kind of stuff to do taxes, balance check book and basic things you NEED to know When you deal with money. So I don't think business is ever a bad thing to learn. Schools before university never teach us how to do taxes or any basic skills like that so if you don't have someone who already knows and not everyone knows you have to pay someone else to do it for you. Along with this business is a very broad category. You can have a business in anything such as ice cream, bars, restaurant, technology, toys or simply management. So often business will require you know multiple subjects anyways.
  19. So you are saying to have kids that they would first have to qualify with a simulation? Well yeah I agree with that idea.
  20. Which do you agree with? Please state why.
  21. This is often a disorder associated with people who have suffered rape, or witnessed a murder, have been abused or have come back from war. Not something you think about when you think about a Teenage girl breaking up with her infatuation. I was discussing this with someone about the movie "Twilight". She starts getting severe nightmares and starts waking screaming and its due to the fact her boyfriend dumped her and moved away. Now as someone who has had some very horrible breaks up in the past myself I dont really see how this would give you nightmares but I wanted to discuss it. Do you believe its possible to get PTSD from someone simply breaking up?
  22. First off I would like to thank everyone who commented on this post answering my question. Second most of the posts I see with negative points seem to have negatives for a legitimate reason. So I don't really see the voting system being abused much on this site. Though I understand where Dekan is coming from saying it should be based on what they wrote not who they are. Since often voting systems will be abused to attack people that are generally disliked vs those who are more likable in a community. Regardless of how good a comment is or what it was about.
  23. Everyone would still die out since you are not allowing them to have real children. Teaching better parenting doesn't matter if everyone is dead.
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