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  1. There was never regret stated that we have laws but really there is nothing saying we need laws. The laws are there and everything seems to regulate itself. We have predators to balance prey and prey to balance out predators, we have disease, natural disasters, and creatures die after a certain amount of time. However that means that the cycle is justifying itself. creatures live to pass on offspring, and they die so there do not overpopulate but if you think about it what is the justification here? Nothing. It justifies its own cause. Reality forces us to follow rules if we want anything to get done but why is there a self regulating system? Everything seems to regulate itself naturally an saying "Just because" is not really scientific either. Saying "Just because" is accepting everything as it is and never questioning anything ever. Its being a blind sheep that follows anything they are told without thinking it through for themselves. Person A:"All black people are evil and so we will shun them." Person B:Why are they evil? Person A:They are evil because I said so. Now shun them!" Now you see how fallacious that is. If no one questioned anything and simply accepted everything "Just because" we would never get anywhere.
  2. Your saying its a flawed premise with logical reasoning? Yes basically. which = I am older or bigger/smarter/more accomplished and so that gives me the right to belittle, demean, pick on you. You cant argue this because you are worth less than me and so that gives me authority over you and right to do whatever I wish to you and you must sit and suffer.
  3. There is so many different variations that all say something different. How do you know which one to follow?
  4. Person A has a list of things they accomplished before person B. So they say that Person B is automatically worthless and must admit defeat because person A accomplished all these things before Person B. Person B can not defend themselves and stop the bullying because what A says is factually true. However A says this is justification to attack B and call them worthless. Person B trys desperately to try to find things they can prove or worth it or more valuable than the things A has listed. If they can not the constant harassment and short comings of person B will be pointed out and constantly paraded by person A because Person A is a more valuable a person since they accomplished more.
  5. So could you possibly take these together or one after the other?
  6. Would taking physics and Mechanics together make sense? and would taking physics and transitioning to mechanics a good thing and which one would be more reasonable for finding a job afterwards? I decided to either go to school for mechanics or to go to school to become a professor. There is not a lot of schools with in my city and I don't have decent transportation to be traveling past multiple cities so decided to try to find something local because of Ill be using the bus system to get to school. There is no mechanic schools in my city but there is a psychics degree at my local school but at the same time I know teachers have been getting laid off.
  7. No not really but I do not think being socially acceptable is really what determines if they are allowed on this website. Also how does not realizing that cuss words are not appropriate show you are "A visionary and smart"? All though most of the words are legitimate words that were just overused as insults and so were considered cuss words. The BI Word=a female dog, The BA word=a child who does not know one of its parents. However the BA is overused to someone you just think is a jerk but being a BA is going to probably damage a persons self esteem a bit and calling a female a Bi is the same as calling her a whore.
  8. You realize they have juvenile prisons for children and teens only. Its rare that they actually send kids under 17 to an adult prison but they will depending on severity of crime and motive of crime. (recognise that sending a kid to an adult jail) Is not really an issue there.
  9. That is a misconception since no teenagers and children are not all incapable of controlling their own behavior. Also under the idea that some people simply cant control themselves we should just allow rapists to go free since clearly they cant stop them selves from raping people does that make the act of rape ok? As well as that children do not always do this stuff on a whim. Sometimes this stuff is planned. I was a very angry child but I knew to behave myself and I would never hit anyone unless they hit me first. I knew I had to behave and despite the fact I generally wanted to hurt people I didn't. Rapists didn't use very good self control either did they, a drunk man beating the crap out of someone at the bar didn't either but I bet you that man will still go to jail for assault. You could argue that beer lowers peoples ability to think and control themselves but does that mean someone committing crimes when drunk is excusable? Also 2 year olds fighting each other is not as bad as what some middle and highschoolers have done to each other.. Though even if a 2 year old is not behaving and lashing out at other children they are in fact disciplined so no its not excused with small children either. In fact rape does happen in high-school too, Even if an adult failed it does not change that these children are being forced to suffer for those adults mistakes.
  10. Should there be serious penalty's for assault cases in school? Adults beating each other is assault UNLESS its in the name of self defense. However students are often allowed to be beaten with no real justice and are not allowed to defend either with these black and white rulings. Should we give children a right to defend themselves and actually punish children with actual penalty's for bullying? A few days off of school doesn't seem to be teaching anything.
  11. While Diversity might be good for things such as knowledge, exposure, problem solving its not necessarily always a good thing. If no one is appreciating each others good qualities that person has no place in that group. So you have to be with people similar enough that they are willing to accept parts of you that are not necessarily the same of that and for this it would require an open mindset and there is a lot of close minded people who are all about ME ME ME and want no one elses opinion ever. So if you put an A with a B and that B says they only like people who agree with B clearly the A is not going to want to be anywhere near that person. That A is going to find other letters maybe C, D or E because the C, D , E character are open minded enough to accept and understand the A for why they are special and the B was just too narrow to do so.
  12. I never wished for more wishes so that would still be allowed. If you want to start a game you are suppose to state all the rules when its start. I don't understand of adding more once it started? Next time you should write a rule stating you can randomly toss wishes you don't like.
  13. You stated no rules when you started this so you cant suddenly add them now. Also simply looking at someone and hoping they dance, skip or do jumping jacks does not make it so so NO its not possible. If you had rules you probably should have thought about that when you wrote the question. Adding it at this point just means you are being a sore loser.
  14. That I was rich and influential That I had the power to make any wish I said come true The power to control people using only my mind
  15. Why is there laws in this universe? This really makes no sense at all. We all know that laws exsist in our universe and in order to make fantasy reality we have to follow these laws. These are the laws of physics, the laws of gravity, the laws of reality, the laws of nature. In nature you see there is a bunch of forces and each one is keeping the other one in check. If there is too many rabbits there will be wolves and the wolf population will grow but if less prey animals start dying out so will the wolf population. Now why is this? We all understand the laws are here but why is there laws to begin with? Why cant we freely do as we wish? Why are we so restricted? Its like there is something that planned this. Why would nature itself work so hard to keep itself in check? Creatures only live so they can pass on genes and die. When they die they make room for new offspring and most creatures die from old age or else being eaten. In government we have laws but man made government and man made government laws. So what exactly made our laws and why is there a need for these laws to even exist to begin with? I mean really if you think about it do we really need laws at all? Why could we not just have magic that does things with no rational reason? Why does nature have to keep everything in check? What made it this way? (BTW I hope I put this in the right section I thought it fit here)
  16. This might very well be the case here. There is so many over/misdiagnoses and the issue just seems to get worse each year. If you're are in US they generally seem to give you medication first and ask questions later. Sometimes you can go in and they talk for you 5 minutes ask you something like Hey how are you today? Did you get here alright? and just give you a prescription. Before giving you medication did they offer you any possible coping skills or other methods for dealing with your issues or did they just give you medication? Depending on your history though(Which you have not really given) you could be resistant to medication. I know my father is resistant to pain killers since other things which happened in his childhood.
  17. You know a lot of women like Gay men for some reason to. Not just dudes and lesbians.
  18. I didn't think this was anything new. We already know how depriving people from vitamins can give them different ailments and have physical effects on bodies. We know some people get very agitated or tired when they do not eat. We know imbalance of hormones change a females mood and cravings on period and that periods as well as pregnancy deprives females of different minerals and vitamins the female needs. We also know that certain foods and certain vitamins influence brain activity like fish for example. So how exactly is this information really that surprising? Hormones and sex drive is also said to be effected by certain foods. Hormones have an influence in digestion and burning calories. We know how drugs effect behavior and brain chemistry as well. Food = vitamins/minerals/calories = health= Psychology/mood/physical wellness. Its a fact people need some sugar to survive as well as other type of minerals. Your mental wellness, your physical wellness, your hormones, your metabolism and your mood and what food you eat all are strung together in this complicated system your body makes up.
  19. I read instructions on canister and it said your not suppose to get on skin or clothes. If I got some on my skin is washing it off sufficient?
  20. How do you differentiate between if something qualify s as a behavioral disorder or a mental one. Also whats a good way to explain this to people that don't understand that there is a difference? Is there a list of criteria?
  21. This reminds me of how my bank works.
  22. If you want to know the disorders you have to either buy the books or go to school. However if you don't necessarily want to have only that as your career it makes no sense to pursue something you are not going to stick with. What are some cheap ways to buy educational material without spending a ton of money? This kind of stuff is so expensive. I found it for 300$-1000s online. You could buy a new computer with that kind of money. Is there a cheaper way to get the DSM 5? If you just want the list of current disorders.
  23. That is like asking why the universe exists. Perhaps how god is possible would be a better question. Asking why to something like this would be very subjective and completely differ on who you ask.
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