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    If you're not a supporter of GR, don't ever use a GPS navigating system; because GPS-monitoring satellites routinely use GR in order to find your location. And they seem to do a good job of it. You see, "supporting" a theory (your words) is not like supporting a football team. You need to go back to page one on the book of science and start all over again. There's something very basic you haven't understood. https://www.physicscentral.com/explore/writers/will.cfm#:~:text=GPS accounts for relativity by,functions within about 2 minutes.
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    Run current through a fruit it makes sodium. Serious. Okay so I haven’t tested it out, but it’s a damn good guess
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    Hello Everybody, I have smoked marijuana in the past and have noticed a few aftereffects. Very terrible after effects, such as problems with my eyes getting too dry. Another after effect that I noticed was feeling pain. The good news is that I noticed those effects getting almost eliminated after doing a memory exercise. The memory exercise I practice is just writing down some numbers and reading them, then I try to read it from memory until I become successful. Thank you.
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