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  1. I saw something today as I was at the bp gas station in reno a pendulum, made of metal, swinging back and forth by the force of magnitism one under, two on the sides of the pendulum could this be an example of perpetual energy?
  2. Well I mean doing it backwards because I'm stupid
  3. I think it should exclude all but itself also do you happen to know how to do Relativizing in python? i think it’s map() but yeah all but itself excluded
  4. It’s more like a warning about the equation not being complete
  5. Also I sense an all() in the midst
  6. Hi I’m crack with something simple https://mathworld.wolfram.com/CantorsEquation.html w^e=e obviously this is the relativity you were talking about they attribute it to ordinal and cardinal numbers but I want to see if it works with w being an undefined set Of course it’s not programmable without the lack of the opposite of itself included so I have all the time I’m the world
  7. If I were any smarter, it would probably be cuz of the progeam good talk my friend. With many more to come.
  8. Well when I use .index() a syntax error occurs same with the compliment operator ~ Although I’m not sure how reversing binary code means to be everything except the variable before it i just wanted you to know I will be holding onto the answers you gave me. And I will (eventually) go through them thoroughly
  9. Hi I’m back again what does the superscript and subscript mean in set theory? i mean I understand relativization but what are they individually I know this question has already been answered I just need more clarification please use high level language
  10. I found the formula for a a = set(Va) is set(set()) rank() < a. I have to do some python stuff now ttyl
  11. wikipedia: For each ordinal , the set is defined to consist of all pure sets with rank less than .. what does this look like in set theory?
  12. What are all the qualities of a It’s an ordinal number but what else im sure one of the webpages yiou gave me has the answer I’m just not sure which one
  13. Sorry I was using it for alpha what is it called, ordinalizing? like beta is bounding, alpha is ordinalizing
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