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  1. Is there a mathematical way to represent the formula itself? i.e. this sentence is about itself being informative
  2. Could an artificial womb be used to regrow limbs?
  3. no I'm looking for my original interpretation of the formula not the usage stated It was just so similar it inspired me
  4. You know what it also looks like? biochemistry the outcome of a catalyst being the catalyst itself
  5. Yep i think it's something like e of w replaces w
  6. Oh it was different than I thought it was its funny because I see this and I think self become entity and cantors opinion was that of God so I got confused anyway im trying something that looks the same but using empty sets instead of numbers and using relativization instead of exponentialism what a confidence i added "and not all(not e)"
  7. So i have cantors equation doing the same thing w^e=e i added "and not all(not e)" obviously is the relativization you were talking about, not a powerset are there any other terms for relativization that might point me in the right direction to program it?
  8. I saw something today as I was at the bp gas station in reno a pendulum, made of metal, swinging back and forth by the force of magnitism one under, two on the sides of the pendulum could this be an example of perpetual energy?
  9. Well I mean doing it backwards because I'm stupid
  10. I think it should exclude all but itself also do you happen to know how to do Relativizing in python? i think it’s map() but yeah all but itself excluded
  11. It’s more like a warning about the equation not being complete
  12. Also I sense an all() in the midst
  13. Hi I’m crack with something simple https://mathworld.wolfram.com/CantorsEquation.html w^e=e obviously this is the relativity you were talking about they attribute it to ordinal and cardinal numbers but I want to see if it works with w being an undefined set Of course it’s not programmable without the lack of the opposite of itself included so I have all the time I’m the world
  14. If I were any smarter, it would probably be cuz of the progeam good talk my friend. With many more to come.
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