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  1. 3 Choices, pick one:

    I mentioned this is my replies above. Assume all solutions applied have no negative consequences.
  2. 3 Choices, pick one:

    How would moving Earth's population to Mars end disease? What about genetic drift? Bacteria would be mutating as well to different virulent strains. The questions is geared towards the justification of the choice, for the benefit of the population, not the mechanism by which it operates. Assume each choice has no negative consequences in it's implementation (i.e. reduce global warming by executing 90% of the population). This comment is too edgy for me. Seriously, let's have a conversation on the choices, and which (you, us, and I) think would benefit humanity the best.
  3. 3 Choices, pick one:

    An advanced alien species visits Earth. Upon examination of our species and speaking with world leaders, they say they will offer Earth one of three choices to which they will help, and make our request a reality. The choices: 1.) -End Global Warming 2.) -Colonize Mars with 1 week transport, full living facilities, food, etc. 3.) -Cure all diseases on Earth choose one and explain why for your choice
  4. Yes this is what I was trying to ask.
  5. Psychological trauma. The patient is no longer the gender they identified with at birth.
  6. Doesn't have to be PSA. Let's say the doctor has evidence of prostate cancer. What direction does the doctor take?
  7. Discussion came up at work. If a man to woman transgender presents PSA in a urine sample, is the doctor obligated to notify the patient? I'm not sure, because in one sense the doctor could be causing psychological trauma to the patient, while in the other case, the patient has a high chance of prostate cancer.
  8. Now that I know it exists, yes. Thanks
  9. Give me a handful of variables. I'm not trying to test the effectiveness of a seat belt. Just trying to get a "close" average of the forces applied to the passenger
  10. What about a simple physics diagram, with vectors, mass, velocity? Won't be the EXACT data, but can get close I imagine.
  11. I'm trying to illustrate the importance of wearing a seat belt properly, specifically when people wear seat belts over their mid stomach, instead of their pelvic girdle. In figuring out the force applied to a passengers abdomen when the car hits an object and the person's inertia drives them into the seat belt, is it necessary to the factor in the area of the seat belt? I'd think it would be important because of P = F/A. Hence the seat belt is maybe 2 inches in width, so it's going to produce way more damage that if it were 20 inches in width. Also, how would you calculate the force of the person moving forward? Just a standard momentum calculation? ~ee
  12. Is the Human Genome shrinking, expanding or staying the same?

    Well if we're talking about shear physical size of the genome, couldn't we assume it increases via viral insertion, after every generation? Now relative to the functioning/usefull gene sequences, that number could go up or down.?... Or stay the same?
  13. Just wondering today. As we evolved into higher beings..from archea, to fungi, to homosapiens, our genome grew due to new requirements and survival. Is our genome at this time expanding at all. I would think it has to, as there's a flux in certain genes favored by natural selection. Some simply die off (tail) some increase (brain size?). Is there any reason as to why it would shrink? ~ee
  14. Ignition via water (not working)

    I did about 3lbs AN online, for about $12...no problem. I'd imagine I'm on some sort of watchlist.. I have so much I don't even know what to do with it. Guess I'll start gardening then.
  15. Ignition via water (not working)

    UPDATE: I got the reaction to work, and thought I'd share the results for anyone else trying to get this to work: I purchased ammonium nitrate online, and then mixed the components together (salt + NH4NO3). Added the zinc, added a few drops of water and NOTHING! I made two more preps and still crap. Finally, I'd had it. I bought industry grade zinc dust. The zinc I had before was ground up by me with a dremmel tool, so it was fairly flaky and solid still, but nonetheless very small, so I didn't think twice about it. The new purchased zinc dust was as soft as talcum powder...VERY VERY FINE texture. I mix the reagents once more, add a drop of water and boom it ignites. hope this helps anyone in the future.