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  1. Great, great argumentation Sensei... +1... (I myself have a simple stance that we can have morality issues when switching off an AI only if that AI has a will to live.)
  2. Ha :)... 400 posts and counting... Tremble Swansont, tremble.

  3. Thank you guys for your helpful comments. I solved the problem within 24h by buying a second-hand laptop similar to the one I had (Lenovo; similar specifications; similar age; the dead laptop was 'L' line, the current laptop is 'T' line) and migrating the hard drive into it. Finished successfully, after some manual driver installations. Windows is working good; all other important licenses also seem to work. Prior to this, I bought external HD enclosure and made backup (as StringJunky suggested) just in case something goes wrong. I also tried to boot my HD from a newer (more recently manufactured) laptop, but this did not finish good as this newer laptop model required something called UEFI boot. I see now that this second-hand laptop that I obtained has a very poor battery... nevertheless, my software is running and I am as happy as a pig
  4. I hope my software licenses (rockwell automation, for example) are tied to hard drve. At least some od them. Replacing the motherboard may cause windows license problem then, if i underatood correctly? I still have to confirm that i can find mb replacement. I was trying to find the same laptop. No success for the moment.
  5. Yes, this is my secondary option. My prmary is to boot from my old disk as i have some hard to replace software licenses on it.
  6. Motherboard died on my laptop (lenovo think pad). If I buy new laptop and replace its hard drive with the one from my old laptop, is there a chance that it will boot? Is it worth a try? How to increase my chances?
  7. Maybe... when it asks you not to do it (or shows other signs that it does not want to be switched off, like fighting for its 'life').
  8. Not bad... I am reading this on a big screen - a design is a bit too wide for my taste. I am missing side content (list of new posts and user feeds) - is there any way to have them again? Where can I read user feeds? Also, I look a bit too pale on my avatar picture. I actually have a bit grayish complexion.
  9. Just some ideas: - you might 'invent' a new type of battery that is extensively used in electric cars. The new battery has all the benefits (gasoline cars being quickly replaced, even banned for years) but also one drawback - sensitiveness to EMP (military should avoid its use in military vehicles). - you might consider that smaller batteries of that type (cell phones) are less sensitive to EMP. Or maybe, it is still possible to find and use classic-type batteries for replacement in cell phones (no such replacements for electric cars). - There could exist microwave (or whatever) energy links between Moon and Earth (sort of power lines) that actually directed and maybe amplified the effect of the Moon-originated EMP. - Flying a space shuttle becomes a heroic mission due to all the debris (satellite network being all crushed generating lots of space garbage).
  10. I also don't analyse the show while I am watching it. It is only after the show that I enjoy thinking about 'how would I do it'. If ever the actual way is revealed to me, I sometimes get impressed by how much simpler it is than I was thinking. However, I strongly dislike if it is revealed that the actual show involves fake neutral audience.
  11. This thread is a stub. You can help SFN by expanding it This is definitely not my field, but as far as I understand, various 'germs' have various means to extract benefits from our body. For most of them, human body is the natural environment where they develop. Intestine parasites and bacteria, I guess, take advantage of already half-processed food, moisture and temperature regulation provided by human body. Most intestine bacteria are 'not evil' and will not kill the host. Some other bacteria and parasites might tend to live inside human tissues (I don't know if any nasty bacteria tend to live inside a living cell?). I guess they are feeding on inter-cellular fluids - taking out energy (sugars?) and proteins. But I am purely guessing and hope that someone else will give more precise answer. Viruses "live" inside human cells. They are very dependent as they don't have complete reproduction means. For their reproduction viruses must use our cell infrastructure and energy. You might also read more about mitochondria. They live inside human cell and are very welcome there. Parasites often can be simpler organisms than non-parasites as they don't need to have all organs (systems) developed - instead they are using their host infrastructure. This is one biological (or evolutionary) benefit of being a parasite, I guess. In a way, living inside host is an easier way to live. Host body being a simpler (more steady) environment. You asked how come that germs might kill their host. This happens, sure... My view is that such 'germs' often cannot be called a perfect fit. Note that beings are not always perfect fit - just good enough fit. Many animals (locust, humans...), not only germs, can overcrowd their environment causing harm to themselves. I hope some other poster will expand on it.
  12. BTW, we already had a somewhat similar thread: http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/83094-the-ethics-of-de-extinction/
  13. So, why can this extracellular toxin removal process only happen during unconscious state? Accidental evolutionary path or deeper reasons?
  14. [ Off-topic, but because you are the original poster: When I have an opportunity, I like to read mythology. I am mostly familiar with Croatian and Serbian mythology, much less so Russian (yesterday I read a synopsis of the "Tsarevitch Ivan, the firebird and the gray wolf" which is a pale example, but still contains motives of revenge). A hero is often on a revenge mission, although sometimes the act of revenge can be executed by nature or super-nature. The revenge is often bloody and can be worse than the original sin... There are many other motives, including forgiveness, in mythological stories, but somehow I noticed this revenge. This got me thinking if revenge is regarded in higher esteem in some cultures than in others... If one would need to estimate how high the revenge (or forgiveness) is regarded in a certain culture, I think that analyzing myths and legends of that culture would be a good way to go.]
  15. Sorry, maybe it is better if I refrain for commenting it further. I can easily be wrong as so many times before. (I was thinking on some folk tales, myths and legends spoken in Slavic culture where revenge is a common motivator, but I cannot compare them to other groups so these might be nothing special. I was also under personal experience of the recent war in my country.)