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  1. You guys spill out alot of contradictions. Some of you say it always works some of you say it never works, and then all sorts of bs in between. It never works for n>=3. Wiles "proof" is some big bs I assure you.
  2. This equation works for a few x,y,z when n=1,2. For n>=3 it simply does not work at all. Trying to prove it ALWAYS works is just ridiculous. One false answer, like x=2 y=3 z=4 n=3, debunks the entire case of both fermat and wile.
  3. They CAN be the same. And then my proof stands firm.
  4. x^n + y^n = z^n x = y x = z x =/ 0 x^n + x^n =/ x^n 2x^n =/ x^n 2 =/ 1 For this case an infinite number of numbers will not work
  5. Big fucking deal.My claims are proovable with a serious computer, for any number.
  6. Special case ? Are we talking mathematics or rubjub ? There are an infinite number of these "Special case"s. It just doesn't work AT ALL, NEVER, EVER, EVER for n > 2. Try it and see. This Wile's "proof" is also some bullshit. Fermat came up with one proof for n=2 and thought he prooved it for the entire equation. This is the so called "Lost solution". He went out and talked about it, and created a big excitement. He later found out it doesn't work always like he thought and destroyed the so called "Lost solution". That is all there is to this story. It is one big Bullshit. This is more a psychological story than a mathematical one. Something is destroyed, erased, lost or forgotten, and it's value and merit get bloated to the heavens. The interesting part of this equation from the mathematical point of view is how it never ever works for n>2. Not that it does.
  7. n = 3 x = 2 y = 3 z = 4 2^3 + 3^3 =/ 4^3 8 + 27 = 35 8 + 27 =/ 64 End of story.
  8. Yes, thank you. x^n + y^n = z^n This equation only works with certain numbers with n = 1 or 2. x^n + y^n =/ z^n For n > 2 That last solution from long ago was simply wrong.
  9. I heard once of an equation that was proved in a simple way and then the solution was lost. This happened some hundreds of years ago, I think. Does anyone know this equation ? I forgot the exact context.
  10. It is CURABLE by these means. And you yourself seem empty. "Living correctly" : Eating and drinking in moderation. Avoiding bickery, avoiding drugs. Refraining from bad habits. Refraining from homosexuality, keeping straight. And refraining from masturbation. Sex with the opposite sex is something very positive, while done in moderation.
  11. Aids is not curable by any physical means. It is curable however by being straight and living correctly.
  12. There is a scientist named Gyorgy Egely, he researched the psi wheel phenomena scientifically, and came up with very interesting results. He invented a special psi wheel that is called the "Egely Wheel", that is very sensitive to the telekinetic force. He concluded that the force is not caused by conventional accurances, and that it is a special force not yet known to science. You can type the word "egely" in google and see his website. There is a wikipedia page about him - https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gy%C3%B6rgy_Egely but it is in a language I do not know, if someone could translate it I would be very thankful.
  13. Oh really ? Want to show us these videos ? Ram your head against the wall more, see if I care.
  14. The difference is that I'm experimenting on this for around a year now, with positive results, even under strict conditions. I do have unedited videos without the bowl, which are proof in some way. And as I said I will try to make a video with the bowl.
  15. This is not serious, this is a joke. Where I am serious and not making a joke.