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  1. What part of C02 dissolved in seawater creating carbonic acid don't you understand?
  2. Climate change denial kills jobs. My industry is a fraction of what it used to be, largely because of climate change. Replacing aquaculture with coal mining in the name of jobs is absurd.
  3. Nonsense. The premise climate change is a gravy train is bogus. They are political assertions from a non-scientists with chips on their shoulders and axes to grind. The problem is C02. I work with shellfish and see the effects of ocean acidification every day and nobody pays me a nickel to say so.
  4. Bummer Good episode. I'll not spoil it for those haven't seen it yet.
  5. Yes. They respond to well reasoned responses with hyper partisan rhetoric and abusive comments at every turn. Evidence enough of trolling, but dismissed as though I or we have stopped learning. Ironically, that's broadly more dismissive than any assumption I've drawn.
  6. Perhaps, but a cursory glance at other threads leaves the impression they're just trolling. Every post is radically more dismissive than the consideration granted them by others.
  7. Because the OP is a anti-intellectually conservative and little else.
  8. Being branded a combatant and sent to Gitmo isn't in the Charter. That was deemed illegal by the SCC. He didn't have a trial, I cannot say he did or didn't do it. Neither can you. And yes, he certainly can be extradited and charged with murder, but Harper declined to do that, instead consented him to be tortured and detained without due process. Unless you think draconian punishment and retributive feudalism are acceptable practices in today's society, the rights of Speer and his family don't provide them the entitlement to deny the constitutional rights of anyone in the absence of a fair trial. If it were my family, I would expect my PM to bring them to trial, promptly and if found guilty to impose the maximum penalties applicable. Harper undermined their rights, not Trudeau as you would have everyone believe. I read the SCC case. It stands as fact, so to suggest I have a false narrative is odious and outright ludicrous. Fail. As to narrative, yours (and pretty much every other conservative) is to defame our PM in a hyper partisan manner without even reading the order. Fake news at it's height. You're outraged. I get it. To be honest, I don't like it either, but my outrage is no excuse to ignore the law. You do realize, if Harper won the last election, he'd be compelled to apologize and order the coffers compensate him too, right? The only difference is Harper caused it, and Trudeau had to fix it. Trudeau has no choice in the matter, but apologize and pay out on behalf of Canada, yet you'd lay it at his feet to blame him for Harper's bad deeds. So typical. IV. Conclusion [48] The appeal is allowed in part. Mr. Khadr’s application for judicial review is allowed in part. This Court declares that through the conduct of Canadian officials in the course of interrogations in 2003-2004, as established on the evidence before us, Canada actively participated in a process contrary to Canada’s international human rights obligations and contributed to Mr. Khadr’s ongoing detention so as to deprive him of his right to liberty and security of the person guaranteed by s. 7 of the Charter , contrary to the principles of fundamental justice. Costs are awarded to Mr. Khadr.
  9. I could not agree more. He was a child captive of al Qaeda. He never got a trial, no less one afforded to him as a juvenile Canadian citizen or petitioned to be tried as an adult. We have no idea if was cajoled, under duress, of his own volition, or even the one who actually did it. The charges against him were leveled by the same people who claimed there were WMDs in Iraq. Instead of fighting to have him returned to Canada for trial, Harper let him be tortured instead, no less set before an illegal tribunal, without council. I do care what he's accused of and the plight of the victims, but he's innocent until proven otherwise. Period. It's not even debatable, after all it's entrenched in the constitutional law of a civilized country. Like Nice Guy Eddie said in Reservoir Dogs, torture any person enough times, no less a 15 year old captive, they'll tell you they started the Chicago Fire.
  10. Here, read this. It's called... the law. https://scc-csc.lexum.com/scc-csc/scc-csc/en/item/7842/index.do Then quote me the part where Trudeau is supposed to ignore the law to uphold your false narrative.
  11. The fact is you don't know and are the hysterical one. I'm a pearl farmer and worked with shellfish every day for nearly five decades. I never received a nickel of funding from anyone, ever. Unreasonable, politically driven agendas like yours put industries like mine out of business as the ecology declines. Ocean acidification, the term for the decline in pH of ocean water resulting from increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, causes severe potential threats to marine environments, not least because of the rapid rate at which it is progressing compared with anything organisms have faced in the past. This makes adaptation difficult, even impossible in estuaries and other low salinity areas during heavy rainfall and runoff. The unique characteristics of the oceans suggest that ocean acidification will have its greatest initial impacts therein the waters surrounding biomasses, decreasing towards the center if greenhouse gas emissions continue to occur at present rates. The critical compound to a pearl farmer is Aragonite, a calcium carbonate derivative essential to shell forming organisms such as the pteropods that are important to the ocean food chain, will be undersaturated, or present at low levels, throughout the oceans by 2100 under the IPCC IS92a “business as usual” emissions scenario. The Southern Ocean is already relatively undersaturated with respect to calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Even under the more conservative IPCC S650 scenario, which assumes that atmospheric CO2 will only reach 563 ppm by 2100, the aragonite saturation horizon is likely to have shrunk from its present depth of 730 to 60 m by 2100, with the entire Weddell Sea undersaturated with respect to aragonite. Under these conditions, some organisms are having difficulty forming shells, with possibly serious impacts on the food web. It is imperative that more research programs be undertaken to fill current knowledge gaps on ocean acidification and its impacts as soon as possible. Long-term studies of acidification for the entire life cycle of important species are needed, including implications for non-calcifying organisms and impacts of ocean acidification on other biological processes besides calcification in invertebrates and vertebrates. Acidification occurs because CO2 in the air dissolves into ocean water, creating carbonic acid. Increasing amounts of dissolved CO2 in ocean water lead to chemical reactions that decrease the availability of carbonate ions.
  12. Fifteen episodes split between two years. I think seven this year, eight next. There's talk of spin off series.
  13. I wonder if the story lines will merge in the end. After all, the Azor Ahai prophecy is undoubtedly foreshadowed in many events during the previous seasons and throughout the books. There's still plenty of questions which appear to be red herrings, but I'm sure they'll have an impact on the finale. For example: What's with the sorcerer in the box? Varys promised Tyrion's revenge would be his because of it. Varys admits hearing a voice in the flames. Kinvara reminded him, alluding she knows what was said. Did Cerio Forel pick up a sword from a fallen Lannister guard? Ned foresaw Arya fighting during her training with clashing steel in the audio. When Arya fled their confrontation with Meryn Trant, there was also audio of clashing steel, even though his wooden practice sword was in fragments? He is from Braavos, as is Jacn H'gar. One in the same? Jac'n was in Kings Landing at the time and a captive to the Night's Watch on her escort to Winterfell. Why did Joffrey threaten to bed Sansa on her wedding night with Tyrion, merely because the Mad King did so? In the books, Aerys had a thing for Joanna Targareyn. Likewise, one of the first things Cersei said to Ned Stark was the Targareyns married brothers and sisters to keep bloodlines pure. Jamie and Cersei are incestuous lovers and parents, born within a year of Joanna's marriage to Tywin. Could they be Targaryens? Widow's Wail (Valerian sword forged from Ice, Ned Starks longsword) and (Mad) Queen/Lover slayer? Jamie Azor Ahai? Bran has greensight and is a powerful warg. John Snow wargs Ghost. Arya warg'd birds at Ned's execution in the Sept of Baylor She also alluded to seeing Ned die to Yoren at the Crossroads, even though he covered her eyes. Rikkon said he saw Ned die from his bed in Winterfell. Sansa has not warg'd. Sansa and Jon never saw eye to eye, as children or after the Battle of the Bastards. Why? Why does Gendry not have a bastard surname, when clearly every other bastard does? Is he Cersei's "black of hair" son that she alluded to in Bran's room in Season 1, yet Maggie the Frog's prophecy claims she would have three children, but the king twenty? She never returned to the crypt and even morbidly pondered Myrcella decomposing after internment. In an interview, GRRM was asked if Dany and Jon Snow were the same age. He replied she's "about nine months younger". After the Howland Reed killed Arthur Dayne, Ned Stark returned his sword to it's rightful house in Starfall. Ashara Dayne (Quaithe?) purportedly cast herself from the tower after miscarrying her child. Dany is Ned Stark's daughter? The Daynes have Targaryn blood. Did she also flee to Essos after Roberts Rebellion knowing he marked Targareyns for death? Though honor bound and loyal to the king, Ned openly defied Robert assassinating Dany. Quaithe certainly has an interest (albeit riddled) in Dany's well being. John Arryn's quote, "the seed is strong" has not borne out. Sweet Robin is neither strong, nor blond of hair. Littlefinger's son, perhaps? Gilly's baby? Born of salt and smoke, under a bleeding star? A prince promised to the Night's King? Stannis still alive? Melissandra might have been right all along. Before Brienne swung her sword, Stannis said "Do your duty". Her duty is to Starks, not Renly, yet she failed both. Why is Beric Dondarian resurrectable, six times? Thoros of Myr and Melissandra have no idea why. No other red priests/esses mention him either. He was loyal to Ned Stark. Why is Bron's house mentioned but not named? Every other noble house is introduced and identified as such. He sang the Rains of Castamere before the Battle of the Blackwater. House Reyne, perhaps? What did Podrick do to those whores, that he was refunded?
  14. Best television series, ever. IMHO.
  15. Time. The longer the wave, the greater the time between cycles. Long wave AM (RTTY for example) carry perhaps 300 baud of data (at best), whereas shorter waves carry much more data (gigs) in a shorter time span. A cyclic redundancy check (CRC) is an error-detecting code commonly used in digital networks and storage devices to detect accidental changes to raw data. Packets of data may be re-interpreted if they're incomplete, but if the spaces are too long or broadly distorted due to Doppler shift, auroras, storms etc., they're dropped altogether. In AM networks, solar/terrestrial conditions provide only small windows of opportunity. Sometimes not at all, whereas FM is constant. Even if AM could be crammed with data reliably, the overall bandwidth in any given day would be much less.