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  1. The end of the quantum vacuum catastrophe ?

    Eh eh. not bad pages 1,2,3,4 .... starting with page 1 I may be able to get there for [latex] a [/latex] and [latex] z [/latex]
  2. The end of the quantum vacuum catastrophe ?

    Where can we find one or more examples of numerical computations with [latex] a [/latex] , [latex] \dot{a} [/latex] , and [latex] \ddot{a} [/latex] please ? I think it will help me a lot to understand [latex] a [/latex] . I unterstand the text (end of page 5 and page 6) but I haven't the maths keys to demonstrate w=-1 for now
  3. VIXRA paper on Newtonian G

    We circle around the constants. I practiced a lot
  4. The end of the quantum vacuum catastrophe ?

    Well , I still do not master [latex]a[/latex] and [latex]z[/latex] of this document (, even if I have a little advanced and revised my maths (including integrales). I stopped my study just before the end of Chapter 1. Question: Will the rest be useful to me for this document ? I will continue to review the rest of the submitted documents and revise or learn the maths needed but it will take time for this question of w = -1. If anyone wants to give the answer, I would be very happy. I have, however, turned my attention to the equalities (1.41) page 26. Indeed they resume almost my approach with the pulsations but allow an additional hypothesis on the topology of the universe, always trying to solve the vacuum catastrophe : "...For ultra–relativistic matter like photons, the energy of each-particule is not given by the rest mass but by the frequency [latex]\nu[/latex] or the wavelength [latex] \lambda [/latex] [latex] E = h \nu = h c / \lambda [/latex] (1.41)..." Novelty : by necessity we will consider a topology of the universe of spherical 3D space, or another topology that needs to transform [latex]h[/latex] into [latex]h / (2 \pi) = \hbar[/latex] for the "wavelength of the cosmological constant" [latex] \lambda_ \Lambda=1/ \Lambda^{1/2} [/latex]. We will use the same method as for the pulsation. So the average energy densities per unit volume for Planck's and then for the "quantum cosmic constant" are : [latex]m_pc/l_p^3[/latex] Joules per m^3 and [latex] \hbar c \Lambda^{1/2} /l_p^3 [/latex] Joules per m^3 (a) We have we want find [latex]\Lambda[/latex] with (a) : [latex] ( \frac{ \hbar c \Lambda^{1/2} ) }{ l_p^3 } ) ^2/\frac{ m_p c^2 }{ l_p^3 } / 8 \pi=\rho_\Lambda c^2=\frac{ F_p \Lambda}{8 \pi} [/latex] = value of average energy density per unit volume of cosmological constant in [latex]\Lambda CDM[/latex] model so [latex] \frac{ \hbar^2 c^2 \Lambda }{ l_p^3 m_p c^2 }= F_p \Lambda [/latex] as [latex] F_p=c^4/G[/latex], [latex]l_p= (\hbar G /c^3)^{1/2}[/latex] and [latex]m_p=(\hbar c/ G)^{1/2}[/latex], we have : [latex] l_p^3 m_p = G \hbar^2 / c^4[/latex] and this equality is true. I leave you to check it. Keep in mind that this presentation seems to constrain the possibilities of topology of 3D spaces because the geodesic of the straight line "of a dark energy photon" describes a circle if we do not take into account the time Now, I'm going back to my hard studies
  5. The end of the quantum vacuum catastrophe ?

    I feel like going back to school lol question: in, page 16 and page 17, what is the unity of [latex]\theta[/latex] and [latex]\phi[/latex] please ? what its that function of time a(t) also ? Edit: uh, if the two previous questions are only moderately useful I start to understand again from (1.15) sorry I need an answer for : what its that function of time a²(t) also ? please
  6. The end of the quantum vacuum catastrophe ?

    You are right and that's the problem : I know nothing of this. That's why I tried a Boolean approach with already written relationships.
  7. The end of the quantum vacuum catastrophe ?

    ooops : read [latex]w[/latex] and no [latex]\omega[/latex] sorry
  8. The end of the quantum vacuum catastrophe ?

    thank you very much for the link I'm not abble to understand most of the page but I try something . You'll say me where I'm wrong.... [latex]\omega=p/ \rho[/latex] [under eq(7) ] so if [latex]\omega_{\Lambda}=-1[/latex] then [latex]p_{\Lambda}=- \rho_{\Lambda}[/latex] so [latex]\rho_{\Lambda}+3p_{\Lambda}=-2\rho_{\Lambda}[/latex] and" in deriving Eq. (11)" ... [find under eq (12)], so " cosmological constant has " [latex]\omega_{\Lambda}=-1[/latex] is true but it really seems too simple for me to be the solution. I would be surprised if it was enough ...
  9. The end of the quantum vacuum catastrophe ?

    when you can
  10. The end of the quantum vacuum catastrophe ?

    oh my god, I didn't see that: of course my last thread have not matter... did you progress, Mordred ?
  11. My english is much worse than yours
  12. Hard to find a place in consensual physics when new ideas emerge. Full of articles were peer-reviewed and applauded for being "burned" There is a good chance that relativity is complete. There is too much proof of its validity: especially the recent proof of gravitational waves. There may be something to do on the side of quantum mechanics to bring determinism to it. Even if the Copenhagen school has proven itself. I do not see how we can marry determinism with indeterminism .... But here it is a beginning of off topic ....
  13. I am not able to develop or argue. I just note the resemblance. Thank you for the link.
  14. it's look like the Zitterbewegung for [latex] \omega [/latex] in quantum mechanics relativistic no ? (I give the french link because the formula don't appear on English version of wikipedia)
  15. The end of the quantum vacuum catastrophe ?

    I begin to think that the way by the pulsation no need more proof to be validate than I have already said before with this : [latex]\omega_\text{planck}=\frac{m_\text{Planck}*c^2}{\hbar}\text{ in } s^{-1}[/latex] [latex]\omega_\Lambda= \Lambda^{1/2}\text{ in } s^{-1}[/latex] [latex](\omega_\text{planck}/\omega_\Lambda)^2*(8\pi)=[/latex] [latex]\omega_\text{planck}^2/\Lambda*(8\pi)[/latex]= exact value of vacuum catastrophe in 10^122 from this presentation : and for [latex] \Lambda = 10^{-36}s^{-2}[/latex] , even if it's not the exact value of [latex]\Lambda[/latex] [latex]\omega_\text{planck}[/latex] : pulsation of Planck. [latex]\Lambda[/latex] : cosmological constant What is your opinion Mordred (and of course someone else) please ?