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  1. Posted at the wrong place : withdrawn !

    God Bless you : This for swanont Thank you for your KIND WORDS ! : This for studiot
  2. Posted at the wrong place : withdrawn !

    It's Alright
  3. Master of the Magic Squares !

    Hello All ! Now that sufficient time has passed can I give the Solutions ?
  4. If we can drink a drink why can't we food a food?

    It should be EAT SOME EATS !
  5. The Overcrowded Prison

    Hello Studiot ! TY Sorry I did not read all the spinoff Qs I am sure you had derived the same Solution & Congrats ! I had solved this puzzle years back when a contemporary proposed this when we were all competing to get selected into the Air Force. He said 3 White Caps & 2 Reds & it doesn't matter as it has to be 3 of one Color and 2 of the other. The one answering third need not be Blind if the three are made to stand in a file and in any case he can not see anyone's hat/cap and that is the point. He has to derive his answer only from what he hears & he can always decide on his own hat color whether the First and Second responders can decide or not. If the First says Yes he knows then third has a Red Hat & if the Second says he knows then too the third has a Red hat or else he has a Black Hat. To escape Prison for sure the third has to jump in and interject that he has such and such Hat as soon as the First or Second Prisoner mentions Yes & before telling the Color. That is possible as nowadays it is Common on TV Debates never to allow anyone else to complete a Sentence !
  6. The Overcrowded Prison

    Any comments on my solution ? Has it been understood ?
  7. The Overcrowded Prison

    I read the Puzzle but pardon me I have not read all the other posts ! I am giving the answer in the Spoiler !
  8. The Magic of Magic Squares !

    I am giving the Solution to this Magic Square Puzzle in the Spoiler !
  9. Find the Magic Square !

    I give below the Solution for 5x5 MS with 3x3 MS within with random numbers out of 1-25 and also another Solution with Sequential numbers 9-17 in the 3x3 MS Core as suggested by Tar ! This will help in finding Solutions to the 3 other Magic Square Puzzles still outstanding & might be solved easily with these clues !
  10. Solve this if you can !

    I found the solution .jpg file posted by me is missing Might have been deleted by mistake. Please let me know if someone needs it !
  11. The Magic of Magic Squares !

    I am placing this on Twitter & Facebook too ! Be the FIRST in the UNIVERSE to Solve it !
  12. Find the Magic Square !

    I am placing this on Twitter & Facebook too ! Be the FIRST in the UNIVERSE to Solve it !