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Ohm Law again


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I asked several times to cite the facts. I don't know you and don't accept "wrong" by default unless it's supported.


If that's to much to ask on a science board, then you're even a bigger dick than first thought.

OK, I will cite it.

Ypor post, the text of which says this

An ohm meter uses an internal battery to measure resistance.


If you put it across a power source it's no wonder the reading is all over the place, it's modulating according to the power used in the circuit.


Ohms law doesn't work that way. It's used to calculate a missing variable of either volts, amps or ohms (resistance)


E = Volts (volume)

I = Amps (pressure)

R = Ohms (resistance)



Also says *as a graphic,so it's not quoted that


which shows that E is proportional to R

Which is the opposite of what you kept on saying.


Now, if I can cite you as a source to show that you are wrong, what did that citation achieve?

You already knew the facts- you just refused to listen.

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One contributor posted an incorrect assumption about editing after he posted, which if you look at the post times is clearly not true. I didn't read any admonishment there.


I am sorry if I made a mistake about your edit time, my apologies. I myself like to venture out onto the thin ice, it's exhilarating. Actually though the ice is the same thickness for all of us, it's just the weight of my ignorance that makes me so afraid of falling through. That's why I flap my arms.

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Moderator Note


Split from main topic


Please try to stick to the topic - or at least answer the question of the OP with accepted physics. Can we also have a complete cessation of name-calling - if you get a basic law back-assward you must expect to be told so in no uncertain terms.


No replying to mod notes please. report this post if you must.



Joatmon - long time no post :) nice to see you back

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