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Some twit may come along, for example, and witter on about the interesting similarity between 'platonic' a deep seated love. And 'plutonic', relating to deep seated igneous rocks.

We could then diverge to discuss the etymological origins of the two words.

This could turn out to be the longest thread ever. (Unless some sensible moderator locks it at this point.)

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Before seeing your second explanatory post, and knowing you to be indigent, I had deduced the humour. Will some other moron now declare that platonic, relating to love, and plutonic relating, indirectly to lava, would give us, were we to follow the practice in written Hebrew of omitting vowels (or so I understand) the words lv and lv. Spooky.

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Gneiss. Really gneiss.


In a plutonic relationship, I guess you don't get your rocks off, even when discussing thrusts, cleavage or orogenous zones, even if one of you is an intrusive dike. You aren't as likely to find fault with the other person. You might get taken for granite, but they won't make you feel like schist. The relationship won't get rocky, and you won't lose your apatite. Things start with a clean slate.

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