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Quark > Posts = 0

Lepton > Posts = 10

Meson > Posts = 50

Baryon > Posts = 100

Atom > Posts = 200

Molecule > Posts = 400

Protist > Posts = 750

Organism > Posts = 1000

Primate > Posts = 1500

Scientist > Posts = 3000

Genius > Posts = 5000


it is how many posts you have. quarks, leptons, mesons, and baryons are types of particles.

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okay thanks. I knew it was a post-ranking thing, but I didn't know what they meant, and I just wanted to be in the know. (wow its like a video game!)


I also noticed that some people have custom (like Sayonara3's Futurama Nixon quote, lol) ranks. Do you get these by having over 5000 posts?

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