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The Time Machine


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Once there was a man of science. Well trained in the arts of physics and cosmology. He was held in high esteem by pretty much everyone in his field.

One day he decided to have a dinner party for a very special group of people; Time travelers. So he advertised the date of the party and made his intentions well known in hopes that he might find some interesting dinner conversation with those from the future and perhaps even the past, and/or different dimensions all together.

The table was set and the dinner prepared and although many come to eat, there was only one time machine in the room, and it's perspective was not enough to feed them. And so they left him, but not without this little bottle of wine.

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36grit I saw a documentary with Stephen talking about this "experiment" and your text seemed familiar to me as I read it. It would be fair to specify the source next time for better clarity and credits ? :)


The problem, and the true, here doesn't lye in concepts? Time travel is not possible, because there is no future if you don't factor in decisions. My opinion.

So future people wouldn't know about an event until after that event has occurred, and probably consumed, meaning until the moment for another decision. This may seem a paradox or ill advised, to factor in decision, for time-space in respect with events. But the decision to travel back in time is not a decision? So, the future back in time travelers wouldn't know about the event (the party) even if published in a newspaper. Another way to look at it, the future changes with every decision.


Maybe will make more sense if I were to specify (postulate) that an intent is not a decision. If you walk 100 m to a bridge, until that moment you have intent, and in that moment (before crossing) you have a decision. happy.png

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We are the time machines. We are inteligent life expirencing a line of time. If you want to invite a time traveler (one who experiences many time zones through out time and place.) You must open your mind, not your fridge.


It's like he invited an electric car to a gas pump.

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