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The Great Waves of Change


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I need to share a message of vital importance with you. The e-book attached here is about our world, our environment and climate, our future, and our security as a civilization here on Earth.

The Great Waves of Change speaks of the biggest problems facing our planet:

  • the growing environmental and economic instability,
  • the rising shortages of food, water, and energy, and
  • the growing risk of widespread war and upheaval.

Perhaps more importantly, this book has shown me how to respond to the changing world without fear or desire, but from the deeper wisdom that lives in the heart of every person.

The Great Waves of Change will save lives as the world becomes more unstable. The publisher is sharing this book for free because of the great urgency of our
time. You're welcome to forward it to anyone who might be interested.




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Moderator Note

You're preaching, which is against the rules. You've posted links to the book, so until someone comments, there's nothing else to do here.


For you, at least. Mods can lock or delete the thread. If that's what you want, you should respond. If you want it to remain as is, then you should not post anything.

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