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While staff appreciates a heads-up via Report Post when you spot a new member who posts like a potential spammer, or like a disruptive member you've encountered on another forum, our rules are designed to keep our standards on a level playing field. We hope you can see why we can't just ban someone on your say-so, and also hope you'll trust that these folks will reveal their agendas, or break enough rules, or otherwise self-limit their involvement on our site. 

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If you must respond to obvious spammers, for the love of Zeus, don’t quote the spam link. You’re helping them by padding the SEO they seek with a second link, and since we’re going to ban them anyway, you’re just creating extra work for the mods because now we have to go and hide your post, too.

So not only aren’t you helping, you’re actively making things worse.

We would rather you just report the post, and beyond that, ignore it. 

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Please don’t respond to obvious spam. You aren’t going to shame them or reason with them.

Use the “report post” function to bring it to the attention if the moderators. 

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