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Chemical Composition of Common Materials


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What are some common chemical compositions for materials used very commonly. An example would be water is [math]H_2O[/math], salt is [math]NaCl[/math]. I'm not asking things like carbon dioxide ([math]CO_2[/math]) because that's not used by the average person (besides in breathing and photosynthesis).


And obviously not the ones that I said above.

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C6H12O6 is fructose. :) And C12H22O11 is table sugar, which is used in it's plain form. Let's see... gasoline's mostly hydrocarbons with 5 to 12 carbon atoms... and C2H5OH or ethyl alcohol is something especially Finns use very commonly. :))

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CaO is also known as lime which is used to adjust the pH of your lawn.


just to expand, CaO is an alkali which *opposite of acidifies* your soil, it cannot magically vary your lawn it helps it in one direction only on the pH scale.


what is the opposite of acidifying something? alkaly-if-iy-ing something?!?

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oh, and with regard to KNO3, i dislike it. too many kewls are all like "OMGZ IZ GONNA MAKE TEH 1337357 P1P3 B0Mb 3V4!" then they blow up their neighbours' cat or something.


then there are the numbskulls who are like "DUDE I WANNA MAKE NITRIC ACID," then they never do or they kill themselves in the process.


these generally are the people who obsess over organic peroxides and "francium" which doesnt really exist.


to all kewls, i have a few words for you:

-ethyl perchlorate


-perxenic anhydride

-lithium aluminum hydride

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Mg(OH)2 is a magnesium atom with two hydroxide (OH) groups (so two oxygen and two hydrogen overall). MgOH2 would be a magnesium with one oxygen and two hydrogens. When the letters are in parentheses it means that the subscript is applied to both atoms. When there is no subscript, 1 is implied.


Bud, sorry; didn't realize you got THC already since you had the structural formula.

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