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First thing that came to my head was "material deformation", so perhaps an experiment involving Young's Modulus of the tissue paper - measuring the stress [latex]\frac{F}{A}[/latex] and strain [latex]\frac{\Delta L}{L}[/latex] on the tissue paper? I don't know, maybe that's silly but it's the first thing I thought of, I'm sure someone here can come up with something more interesting/exciting.

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Capillarity is fine.


Take attention that tissue paper is not isotropic. One direction is not the same as the other because the tissue is woven in a certain way. That's why you can tear in two a piece of tissue along one direction without any difficulty, while not along the other. The same happens with newspapers.



that makes me think that you could measure the resistance to traction in one direction and then the other.





put the tissue flat on a table top.

Then blow hard in the direction parallel to the table top.Horizontally, tangent to the surface. If you do it correctly, the tissue will collate to the table instead of fly away as expected. Then find the physical explanation.





Ask how to measure the thickness of a paper tissue with a common wooden ruler or a tape measure.







Ask to fold it in half twelve times. Or 36 times. Then explain why it is not feasible.

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