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I don't think it works on non-Christians. A church would be a better place. It's not like he should get credit for it, it's really God doing the healing.


Really, only christians? Why do other religions claim the same level of healing? why do atheists under go spontaneous healing at the same rate of christian healers? Why can't John of god or anyone else heal amputees?


Really? Alright, but I'd prefer you to show me places that you think fit the purpose best. I watch 'em when I have time. Why didn't you tell me that the whole series was nonsense?


I thought I did but to be honest i am sure you don't care that they are nonsense... Seriously njaohnt, if you never watch anything else watch this series, yes it's long but it is well supported and shows why the idea that you can't be religious and scientific at the same time is false. I watched yours not watch this series...



Yes, same with science. Sorry if that doesn't answer your question. It's worded oddly.

Really? Why? Of the thousands that God has healed through John of God, they're all biased, and unusable for comparison? Do you even know what he has done?


I do know that a great many "healers" have been tested and all or them, and I do mean all, were found to be charlatans, many of them actually fake the healing, the people who are healed lie and are paid to lie, I've actually seen it myself, people who claim to be healed and a few hours or days later are just as bad off if not worse than they were before. people told not to take their medications and died as a result. At best Faith healers are at best placebo and at worst fake.





Skeptics of faith healers point to fraudulent practices either in the healings themselves (such as plants in the audience with fake illnesses), or concurrent with the healing work supposedly taking place and claim that faith healing is a quack practice in which the "healers" use well known non-supernatural illusions to exploit credulous people in order to obtain their gratitude, confidence and money.[20] James Randi's The Faith Healers investigates Christian evangelists such as Peter Popoff, who claimed to heal sick people and to give personal details about their lives, but was receiving radio transmissions from his wife, Elizabeth, who was off-stage reading information that she and her aides had gathered from earlier conversations with members of the audience.[20] The book also questioned how faith healers use funds that were sent to them for specific purposes.[67] Physicist Robert L. Park[45] and doctor and consumer advocate Stephen Barrett[60] have called into question the ethicality of some exorbitant fees.

There have also been legal controversies. For example, in 1955 at a Jack Coe revival service in Miami, Florida, Coe told the parents of a three year old boy that he healed their son who had polio.[68] Coe then told the parents to remove the boy's leg braces.[68] However, their son was not cured of polio and removing the braces left the boy in constant pain.[68] As a result, Coe was arrested and charged on February 6, 1956 with practicing medicine without a license, a felony in the state of Florida. A Florida Justice of the Peace dismissed the case on grounds that Florida exempts divine healing from the law.[69][70][71] Later that year Coe was diagnosed with bulbar polio, and died a few weeks later at Dallas' Parkland Hospital on December 17, 1956.[72][73][74]

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