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making KNO3


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sweeeet, i've looked all over but i can't find sodium nitrate or muriate of potash. I saw these and thought i could use em instead and i can! Only downside is that the magnesium nitrate looked fairly old and was the 2nd last one there and i doubt that they will get more in cos you might not be able to anymore.


So i just use the same method described in threads before?


And would the other end product be magnesium phosphate?

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Just under half of the magnesium nitrate is wet. This wouldn't matter because its going in a solution anyway?

Also what would the ratios be in mixing them please?


ive got some left if you want some?


heh, send it by mail? I don't think it would make it here without being stopped and people shouting bomb!

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you could always burn some wood to ash, add water and stir well, then filter the liquid, add the liquid to the Magnessium Nitrate and stir, you`ll see a white precipitate of Magnesium hydroxide and magnesium carbonate, let it settle and filter it, the liquid will KNO3 soln :)

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YT, back onto your expidetion for Sulfur, go to mindat.org, i post stuff there a lot, just go to the LOCALITY SEARCH and type in UK. That will give you a lot of localities, or search for sulfur under the MINERAL SEARCH, and when you get to the page on sulfur, click on "view all localities"

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i am a new member.

earlier member YT2095 asked how to get sulphur. caveman chemistry pg 219

"sulphur ore is sulphur mixed with any rock it happens to be with. sulphur can be sepurated on account of its lower melting temprature. heat it up and the molten sulphur" need i say more

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the problem is that I live in the UK, and there`s not too many deposits of sulpher bearing rock that I`ve encountered here.

there`s plenty old coal seams that have been mined, so it may be possible to find little bits around there I would imagine.

I`m in no hurry with this anyway and I`m sure I`ll come across some eventually.


the goal I`v set myself isn`t to make BP, I could do that anytime, the goal is that it MUST be made from stuff found naturally and made/extracted by me, Caveman chemistry sounds like a good name for it :)

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or you can get the stuff from Pottery Glase suppliers, Sr, Na and Ba are great color providers, use a neutral color base like Potassium as that`s easily overriden by the others :)


btw, I`m having a go at making my own gunpowder the OLD way!!!!


I have a a 45 gallon plastic drum, with about 30 kilo of ash (from burnt weeds) and about half a ton of well rotted horse manure for the Nitrate part, I`ll take some pics as I progress, and post them on my website as and when :)


{edit} I`m even using Rain water for the mix, but I need to know WHERE in the UK I can find or Extract Supher from, I`m NOT buying ANYTHING!

Ideas welcome :)


hey YT2095 did you ever get your sulphur? and if you have any pics they would be greatly appreciated.

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ok now i really need some help here

you see im in egypt and i found easily sulphur ,of course coal and potassium hydoxide

but what i cant get my hands on is any thing containing nitrogen it is all banned but i do have HNO3 but i almost killed my self and i made a huge mess adding KOH aq of course to the HNO3

is the any way for me to get kno3

i have looked for cooler packs containing ammounium nitrate they are al gel

and fertilizers here i dont know whats inside of them and they are too expensive for me to just buy it whats the easiest way and fastest way

to get KNO3 without costing an arm and a leg

there are plenty of horses cows and donkeys around how long would it take for that bactiera to kick in

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