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Sodium hydroxide + Acetaminophen= ?


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What functional group is R-NH-C(=O)-R?


It undergoes characteristic reactions with strong bases and acids. Google' date=' grasshopper.[/quote']


Oh damn, no need to google this one. :P


Yeah, now that you think of it that way (the non- idiotic way), I'm guessing my products ought be sodium acetate (What could I use that for I wonder :rolleyes:) and p-aminophenol, which could be rather useful. P- Aminophenol would be insoluble, in water (which would be my solvent of choice for the [ce] NaOH [/ce]) so I can remove that to use in various organic syntheses, and then of course, anyone whose played with hot ice knows that it's properties are just plain fun! :D


Out of interest, are there any particularly interesting uses, whether as a reagent for organic synthesis or whatnot, for p- aminophenol?

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where did you get a supply of pure acetaminophen?


Just a guess-


Cheapo uncoated off-brand acetaminophen tablets are not hard to come by and it's relatively easy to recrystallize. The fillers and binders are only a small portion of the tablet weight and are generally insoluble in most solvents.


Aspirin can be recrystallized in a similar manner, using hot acetone to extract the tablets. Slow evaporation gives large, transparent crystals in my experience.

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Sorry for the late post... but yeah, UC got it right. I'm using tylenol, actually (not the vile suspension, but the tablets), which where I come from is easy to come by, and relatively cheap. Joy.

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