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  1. Must you really cross-post everything you post on sciencemadness here as well? Half of what you say is completely unsupported drivel, though you have gotten somewhat better following your ban on scimad.
  2. There were compounds that I had to leave on a high vac line for 2 weeks before they would give up enough EtOAc to decide to crystallize.
  3. Try protonating one of the double bonds to start. It's not an aromatic system (yet) so this is a reasonable starting place.
    1. Xittenn


      Well there goes my imagined UC voice .... I will miss you punisher UC, lol. Don't hurt me ..

    2. A Tripolation

      A Tripolation

      I, as well, thought his voice would be quite a bit deeper. :P

    3. Xittenn


      I wonder what yoda sounds like and what they would both sound like together in a verbal sparring match!

  4. Dunk it in sulfuric acid? That would certainly do something to it, but dessicate it properly is not one of them. Personally, I'd store the food item under a good vacuum over P2O5 until the weight stopped going down. Gentle warming may also help drive off the last of it without causing degradation.
  5. As defined by wikipedia, "Anime is commonly defined as animation originating in Japan." Anime generally utilizes a specific style of drawing, which is poked fun at in this bit of internet pop culture: http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail57.html. Many examples of actual anime cartoons with which to satisfy your curiosity are available online, through a simple google search. An amine refers to some derivative of ammonia and takes into account the entire structure. For example, it would be possible to call the amino acid glycine "carboxymethylamine." You treat the basic structure of the molecule as being an ammonia derivative and list the "added" carboxymethyl substituent. When speaking of a part of a molecule (referred to as a moiety), the term amino is used instead. Using the same example, you could call glycine aminoacetic acid. When using this naming convention, the base structure is the acetic acid skeleton and the amino group is the "added" part. This wikipedia excerpt should clear up up confusion: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Functional_group#Groups_containing_nitrogen As for more examples, you could rename trimethylamine as N,N-dimethylaminomethane. Your confusion is largely just a nomenclature issue.
  6. The same exact amount. Except the process used to split the water in the first place is inefficient, so the energy "used" and the energy that actually goes into splitting the water are different numbers.
  7. Look at the choice of reagents and then go looking for a named organic reaction that uses them. For example, DIAD is diisopropyl azodicarboxylate, the wikipedia page of which lists it as being used for the Mitsunobu reaction, which surprise, surprise, also uses PPh3.
  8. If you read carefully, they used an HD camcorder. The iphone was merely there for the GPS tracking capability. Aditionally, I'm surprised that the handwarmers actually did anything given that they require oxygen to get hot and the atmosphere gets thin, quick. While the thinner atmosphere is more insulating,the 100mph winds certainly would help rob the container of it's warmth.
  9. Fish is fish. My only real objection to it initially was the chance for it to destroy native fish populations, should any escape into the wild. On the whole, that's my only real objection to GE. The females only and triploid information is new news to me and resolves the issue. You'll notice that nobody makes any fuss about GE e. coli used to manufacture human insulin for use by diabetics. Or if there was, I haven't heard it.
  10. troll harder.

    1. Leader Bee

      Leader Bee

      Science is a lie - My God says so???

    2. UC


      not bad, but you chose to respond to my status, which lets me know that it's trolling. Now write it up as a 5000 word post full of circular logic and opinions treated as fact, then post in the religion forum. Ignore responses that attempt to be logical and just repeat yourself with insistence that it somehow proves your point.

    3. Leader Bee

      Leader Bee

      God doesnt need proof. A strong belief is all a real religious nut needs.

  11. UC

    Water electrolysis?

    Epsom salt is Magnesium Sulfate heptahydrate.
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